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Future Killer
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HI, there!

Sorry for not updating this story lately...

I've been busy with all my other subjects as well as other assignments (apart from the academic essays)...

Plus, I had some family problems...

To sum it all, yes... I had a FREAKIN' writer's block!!!

Actually, I've already planned how the story goes but somehow the linguistic part of my brain seems to be blocked and the words won't come out due to a lot of scientific terms were rammed inside my HEAD!! UGH!!

I'll also be having an exam for a whole week starting next week, so the update will not be done next week...

After the exam, I'll try to update 2/3 chapters in a go.. ^^

Well... Thats all from me... 

Sorry again, dear subscribers...

See you soon ^^

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Chapter 2: I'm really anticipating this story, authornim.. fighting!
vixxcha #2
Chapter 1: woah..what happen to hakyeon?? i hope nobody will get killed in this story T.T..cant wait for the next ^^
nya256 #3
Chapter 1: who is she? she won't control hakyeon, right?

i like it and wait for your update.
rain3396 #4
Chapter 1: Thank you for update, cant wait for the next chaptet ^^
Chapter 1: Wow this is really great and interesting so far~ :)