The Stalker

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This stalker would not leave Tiffany alone. If only she knew the real reason. 

Action and fluff.



Tiffany - The eye smiling mushroom. 

Taeyeon - The weird danshin. 

Jessica - The royal ice princess. 

Yuri - The lovestruck seobang.

Amber - The llama face. 

Krystal - The younger princess. 


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Chapter 13: Omg red code . I smell danger . Hopefully, Tae can protect Fany. Thank you for the hard work ^^ Btw I also like Amber's new mixtape Rogue Rouge . My fav song is Closed Door . Hyoyeon's new solo Sober is totally a lit. They are literally screaming TALENT.
11 streak #2
Chapter 13: my heart be beating fast for the next update
219 streak #3
Chapter 13: Oh taeng better hurry up and protect your fany hehe... Lol good thing that that the ink didn't stick to her forehead hahaha...
Chapter 13: Amber is an idiot..
chyan01 19 streak #5
Chapter 12: How can I just found this story? I read all chaps in a go. nice story, can't wait to read next chaps.
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Chapter 12: Hahaha can't wait for the next chap ^_^
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Chapter 12: intense going on here HAHAHA can’t wait for the next update !
Just_an_hedgehog #8
Chapter 11: I just discover your fic and I love it! Your write is great as the story (my Taeny feels *-*). Can't wait for the next chapter!!
34 streak #9
Chapter 10: Did u watch ranting monkey too author shi ? :)
Chapter 10: I think it's taeyeon xD