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Can't Live Without You

You look through old photos of you and Mark. Yes, Mark. Mark Lee from NCT, one of the biggest kpop groups. It's been 2 years since you stopped training at his company, SM Entertainment. You just wanted to quit, because it was too hard and you wanted to focus on your studies. Mark was your best friend. Coming from America, not being Korean, and not knowing any Korean made training so difficult, but thankfully, Mark was always there for you. He was the one who taught you Korean and he also taught you how to rap. Every night during your year of training, you and him would sneak into the company and he would give you lessons while everybody had left already. Yes, he was your best friend, but right as you left SM, you realized that you were in love with him. Now that he's in love with Koeun, another trainee at SM, you don't have a chance. Especially because you and him have lost your connections already. Two years ago, Mark was introduced as an SM Rookie. That was when you left the company, and you were both 14 years old. During the two years that you've been gone, you've just been studying in a high school in Seoul. Your parents moved to Korea as well. Everything is going great. You go to one of Korea's greatest schools, you have many friends, your family is with you, and you're still pursuing your love for music in school. Even though you're happy, there's still a part of you that's missing, and that's Mark. 

"Y/N! It's time for class!" your friend Ju Hyun tells you. You run from the front of the school to your home room with her. You sit down, and you see a picture of NCT on the projector screen. You nearly jump out of your seat. 
"Alright everyone. Tomorrow, we will have these boys here in our school to perform. They will also be giving lessons to 15 of you," your teacher tells everyone. Your heart freezes as you stare at Mark's picture. Despite the fact that NCT has been divided into units these past couple months, all 15 NCT boys, including the ones who haven't debuted, will be at your school. All of your classmates squeal in excitement. 
"Y/N! Don't you know all of the NCT members?" Ju Hyun asks you. 
You nod, "Yeah, they're all really nice." 
Ju Hyun nods and continues to squeal. You're the only one in the whole class who doesn't look excited. You're just so nervous, because after two years, you're seeing Mark again. You're really good friends with the NCT boys, because even they thought that you and Mark were going to date soon.
"Alright, we have an assignment to do. Let's not focus on NCT first and let's focus on school," the teacher tells all of you. You open your textbook and think about what's going to happen tomorrow. 

At last, the day came and your knees shake as you walk to school. You see so many girls from the school waiting outside the front building. 
Ju Hyun runs to you, "Y/N! You're here! Let's go wait for them!" You nod and she grabs your wrist. Finally, two black vans approach the front of the school and the girls start screaming. One by one, they all get out of the car and the screaming gets even louder. Everybody but Mark comes out, so you get really worried. You wonder why he doesn't get out, but Johnny walks over to the first van. 
"Mark, let's go!" Johnny says in English as he opens the door. Mark had fallen asleep and as Johnny opens the door, he almost falls out but thankfully, Johnny caught him. All the girls say "aww". At your school, Mark is the most famous which makes you feel so uncomfortable. Johnny playfully punches Mark and he finally comes to his senses. All 15 members line up side by side and bows to everyone. The principal announces on the speaker that everybody should meet at the gym. You run through a stampede of fangirls and fanboys. You try to get a good seat in the gym, and Ju Hyun is holding your hand so tight due to all of the excitement. 
"Good morning everyone! I am pleased to announce that the boys of NCT are here! As a treat for our performing arts program, they will be teaching 15 very lucky students some lessons about music and life as an idol!" your principal says on the mic. The NCT boys come out and perform all of their songs as units. You watch Mark perform and you feel like crying. He's so talented and you miss him so much. After performing, they all line up side by side again and decide to choose the 15 students. They all choose students by looking at the crowd. Mark is last in line, and you can see that he's closely looking at everyone. Finally, it's Mark's turn. 
He grabs the mic and says, "I need to teach a girl named Y/N." 
You're the only girl in the school by that name, so everybody looks at you in shock. You freeze and your heart beats so hard. Ju Hyun pushes you and smiles. Despite the fact that she didn't get chosen, she still smiles and is so happy for you. You stand up, knees still shaking, and slowly walk up to the gym stage. Mark takes your hand and whispers, "It's been a while, Y/N." 
You're in so much shock that all you can do is smile. It's been two years and you thought that he forgot about you. As the others continue to go to class, you, the other students who got chosen, and the NCT members all walk out of the gym. The NCT members choose different rooms individually, because it was supposed to be a private lesson with a member. Mark, still holding your hand, looks for a good room. He smiles and opens the music room. 
"Sit down," he tells you as he points to a chair. He grabs a guitar from the closet and he smiles. 
"I'm so glad you're here. I was dying trying to find someone to teach," he tells you, tuning the guitar. 
"M-Mark...you still remember me?" you ask, nearly choking. 
He laughs, "Y/N, why would I forget you? I know that we haven't talked or seen each other in a while, but did you really think I would throw away that year full of memories?" 
"Ah...right," you softly reply. 
"There's nothing much to teach you about music, since you know how to do everything basically. You know how to play the guitar, too, but I just want us to go back and remember our time together at SM," he tells you, putting the guitar in your arms. You hold the guitar and freeze. 
"Mark, I forgot how to play," you tell him. 
"What?! Don't tell me you haven't played these past two years!" he exclaims. 
"I don't have a guitar!" you yell. 
He sighs, "Alright, alright. Calm down baby." 
Your heart skips a beat and you say, "Baby?! What the heck?!" 
He shakes his head while laughing and he puts his arms around you. He positions your hands and talks about the different chords. One by one, you're starting to remember. Being in his arms feels so good. It reminds you of the time he kissed you randomly. It was Christmas, and he back hugged you and kissed you right after. That was the time when you thought he loved you, but I guess not. As you try to play, you look to your left and see Mark's face, his arms still around you. You can barely breathe and your heart keeps on beating faster. He slowly leans in and kisses you lightly on the lips. 
"M-Mark, w-what was that for?" you stutter. 
"I know I've never told you this, but I can't live without you. These past two years that you were gone, my life was so incomplete without you and I...I....I love you," he confesses. 
Your heart skips two beats and you just sit there in shock. 
"B-but, you love Koeun! Even you yourself told me that you were going to ask her to be your girlfriend before I left the company!" you tell him. 
"I did. I asked her, and we were together for a couple months. That's when I realized that I love you and you're the one who makes me happy. It felt incomplete without you. You're the reason why I'm here...why we're all here. I begged to visit your school without making it obvious that I was here just for you."
You're speechless and all you can do is hug him. He hugs you back. 
"I love you, too, Mark. I've been loving you all along and I thought that you could never be mine," you whisper, hugging him tighter. He kisses you again and you both smile. You walk out the door and see all of the NCT members smiling. 

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