Of Fire and Ice

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Bae Irene and Kang Seulgi are the two top agents of SM Agency. Both are known for their quick wit, clever tactics, and goddess-like appearances, but the similarities stop there. If Irene is ice, then Seulgi is fire, and no matter how you look at it, those two don’t mix. But when SM decides to put the two top agents together? All hell breaks loose.


“Great. You know what? Great job, Kang Seulgi. Now we’re all dead,” Joy growled, eyes shooting lasers at the girl crouched beside her.

Seulgi whipped her head around to look at the accusing girl. “Shut up! It wasn’t my fault!”

“Joy? I don’t want to die,” Yeri whimpered, pressing against the older girl.

Wendy looked around at the four other agents around her. “It’s okay, guys. If we think this through, we can - .”

“I fixed it,” Irene said cooley, standing up and brushing away any dust that could have stuck to her black clothing.

“Oh thank god. At least someone has some brains around here.”

“Don’t thank god her!” Seulgi screeched. “Run!”


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