A Dog Eat Dog World


so since all of yall luved the last chap and all the dbsk ness and sis kept pressuring me to add in cute junsu moments...this update is in response to that!!!!it was going to be short cuz i was thinking of doing jaejoongs pov...but what do i know about boys and how they spend their time...anywas...just another thing...THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SASAENGS IN THIS FIC!!!!otherwise itd be impossible...anyways...enjoy reading!!!!and the title makes no sense...i was at my wits end...enjoy!!!

While the boys were out, you had managed to, surprisingly, finish all the planning the small party required. You had already decided that you would do all the cooking, so all that was left was for you to pick out the dishes and compile a grocery list for everything needed. Other than food, there really wasn’t much else to think about. It was just a casual get together with your families, where you would just happen to announce your engagement, nothing more nothing less. Is this too simple? But what else can we possibly do? It’s going to be held here and it’s just family, it’s not like we’ve got something to prove to them or something…You pick up Jiji and burrow your face into his fur, looking for comfort. Letting out a meow, he jumped out of your hands and walked away haughtily.

“Sorry Jiji!”, you shout out after him. “But watch you come crawling back when it’s finally time for your meal…”, and once again you are left to your thoughts.

The only thing I’m really worried about is this whole fan dilemma. If only Jae were a normal person like anyone else, out of the spotlight. He’s been able to keep me safe from any intrusions of privacy thus far, but now that we’re getting married, he’s not going to be able to do that, and I’m going to have to get used to all this attention. I don’t want it…but I want Jae…

Getting up, you pace around the living room, your mind troubled. You walk out onto the terrace, hoping that the cool air would help to clear up your mind a little. Now to decide about this whole announcement thing. The easiest way out of this would be to have his company just release a statement, but either way there’ll be a need for some type of press conference. After all, it’s not like questions won’t be raised, and they’ll have to be answered at some point. Doing the press conference would just get all this trouble out of the way won’t it? And it’d mean less time in front of reporters and what not…Nodding your head, you decided on what you two would do, just hoping that you won’t regret any of it.

“I guess I should go eat something…”, and you walk back in, your mind a little less troubled.

Hours passed, and other than one phone call from Jaejoong, you had heard nothing from him. You spent the rest of the time cleaning up, stopping frequently to stare at your hand, the ring capturing your attention at every turn. The blue sapphire was cut into a shape that looked quite like a heart and it was just so eye catching against the silver of the ring that was resting on your pale finger. The two small diamonds by its side sparkling and giving the bigger stone its due attention. I wonder if Min Kyung unnie helped him pick out the ring again because he couldn’t have picked out a more perfect ring than this! Once you were done, you flopped onto the sofa, picking up the remote and flicking through the channels, bored. What to do now? Hmm…

Suddenly the phone rang and you scrambled to get it, picking it up before the 2nd ring had even ended. “Hello?”, you say eagerly into the phone.

“That was quick!”, Jaejoong laughed into the phone. You didn’t say anything, so he just continued. “Anyway, I wanted to tell you I’ll just be a bit longer. We’re taking the dogs down to the Han River and then we’ll grab a bite to eat, so you go ahead and have your dinner alright? And don’t wait up for me.”

“Ah, okay then.” You think for a second, before blurting out, “Wait, do you think I could join you guys? It’ll just take me a second to come down and I’ll bring Jiji! I think he needs some air…”

“Sure! We’ll be somewhere near the bridge. See you soon then!”

“Yup, see you!”

You quickly run to your room and change into something nice, grateful that you had already showered just before the call had come in. Grabbing Jiji’s leash, though why you needed it was a mystery as he preferred being carried while outside, you stuff your cell phone and wallet into your purse and were out of the door within 10 minutes. As you hurried downstairs, you were grateful that you had brought your bike over from your apartment, the walk down to the river would have taken forever. When you reached the bike storage, you quickly put Jiji and your purse into the small basket in front and pedaled out of the building. When you were finally outside, you greeted the cool evening air with a smile. Oh it feels good to be outside rather than cooped up in the apartment! Within 15 minutes you reached the boys, your legs killing you from all the pedalling you had done. Maybe I should have taken my time, I mean it’s not like they’d leave without me, and that way I’d still be able to walk some. You got off the bicycle and walked the rest of the way to them, stretching your legs a bit. You laughed as you saw them playing with all their dogs. All five dogs were chasing after Junsu, Mangdung a bit behind due to his small size, while the other four stood by laughing at the scene in front of them. As the chase continued, Vick increased his speed and Junsu was soon tackled to the ground by the huge dog, the other four clambering around him, him. They crowded around Junsu for a bit, but suddenly Vick lifted his head, smelling at the air, his head turning in your direction, and when he spotted you, he charged at you.

“Eek! Vick no, stop!”, you yell out as he hurdled toward you, stopping just in the nick of time so that you weren’t tossed to the ground too, but unlike him, the other dogs didn’t follow your command, and they still jumped on you.

With your hold on your bicycle lost, it came crashing to the ground, but thankfully Jiji had the sense to jump out, meowing with annoyance at the disturbance the dogs had caused. The boys quickly ran over, whistling and calling out to the dogs. After getting over the shock, you sit up, still surrounded by the dogs, each pushing their noses into your face trying to familiarize themselves with your scent. Laughing, you give them all a pat, a bit lost at what to do. After watching the spectacle for a bit, Vick came over and joined the pack.

Jaejoong was the first to reach you and he pulled Vick away by the collar. “Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?”, Jaejoong looked down at Vick and scolded him, “Bad Vick!”

One by one the dogs were pulled off you, finally giving you space to get up. Jaejoong offered you his hand and you gladly took it. Once up, you dusted off your clothes and looked at the mess that they were in now. To the choruses of apologies, you just smiled and shook you head, reassuring them that you were okay.

“Stop worrying! I’m not that fragile that I’d break just because a bunch of dogs tackled me! I’m fine! They were just excited and I really didn’t mind!”, crouching onto your hunches, you petted them all.

Mangdung was sitting in front of Jiji, both cat and dog were staring the other down. They looked so cute, both the same size and so tiny it just made a precious picture. All of a sudden, Jiji gave a hiss and Mangdung started barking at him, though both stayed put in their place. After a couple more seconds of staring, they both walked off, still keeping their distance, but staying together. After awhile, the dogs lost interest in you and ran off, chasing each other around. You sat on the grass and watched as the boys played with them, throwing Frisbees and balls and various other things. You were kept company by Mangdung and Jiji, who were slowly inching closer and closer together. We should get together with them more often like this, it’s just so refreshing. As the sun started setting, you six finally made your way over to a restaurant with an outdoor patio so that the dogs could be watched over.

“So how was your day?”, you ask them as you waited for your orders.

“Oh nothing special, just hung out and that’s about it,”, Jaejoong replied.

“What’d you do?”

“Oh, you know, just guy stuff.”, this time Yunho answered.

You stared at the boys. “Really? That’s all you’re going to say? And no Yunho, I do not know, seeing as I’m a girl and all that.”

Changmin gave a small chuckle. “We really did nothing noona, nothing you’d be interested in anyway, but what did you do?”

Tossing him a sweet smile, you say sarcastically, “Oh nothing really, you know, just girl stuff really, you wouldn’t want to hear about it.”

I feel so left out. Maybe I should have called my friends up and hung out with them.

You pout and the boys look at each other awkwardly. With perfect timing, the food decided to show up then, dispelling the weird mood that had set over the table. Everyone had ordered a different type of ramen and the boys immediately dug in, filling their mouths so that they were literally incapable of talking. I guess boys are just as closed off as girls, I never really did expect this. While all of you were still just halfway done with your bowl, Changmin had cleaned his up and was ordering a second bowl. You stared at him incredulously, after all, the portions were quite large too.

“You still have space for more?”

“Of course! This isn’t enough for me noona!”, Changmin replied cheerfully.

The second bowl came and he dug in yet again. Just watching him eat filled your stomach and you pushed the bowl away from you.

Looking up, Jaejoong gave you a concerned look. “You okay?”

Nodding, you reply, “Yeah, I’m just full is all.”

Looking up from his almost finished bowl, Changmin asked after swallowing, “If you aren’t going to finish it, you don’t mind me eating it right?”

Wincing a bit, you nod back, not able to trust yourself to not be sick if you opened your mouth. Noticing your discomfort, Jaejoong shot Changmin a look.

“Why don’t you take your time maknae? The food’s not going to disappear okay.”

With his mouth full, he gave Jaejoong a confused look, only to be directed to you when Jaejoong darted his eyes toward you. Noticing your somewhat green face, he gave you an apologetic look and commenced eating slowly. I wonder why I didn’t notice how fast he ate in the morning? How does his stomach handle all that food? You avert your eyes to the dogs, unable to stand the sight of the food, your stomach truly upset now.

“I think I’ll take the dogs for a little walk around the block okay?”, you quickly get up and grab all five leashes, leaving Jiji’s alone since he was sitting contently by Jaejoong’s side.

You quickly let the dogs pull you away from the restaurant, Vick making sure the other dogs kept a pace that was just right for you. With the walk, your stomach settled and the nausea disappeared. When you finally arrived back, the boys had finished and they were just getting ready to leave too. They walked out from the patio, Jaejoong rolling your bike along with your things and Jiji in the basket. When they stopped in front of you, you handed them each the appropriate leash. They each bid you farewell, Changmin and Junsu both giving you hugs surprisingly, and you and Jaejoong made your way back home too.

You stopped Jaejoong for a second, hopped onto your bike and grabbed Vick’s leash. “Push me Jae!”, you shout out childishly.

Chuckling, Jaejoong obeyed and grabbed a hold of your seat, pushing you forward slowly, while you pedaled just enough to keep in balance. You two continued like that for some time in silence.

After awhile, Jaejoong called out, “Can we stop this? It’s getting a bit hard to balance and keep up with you at the same time!”

Laughing, you get off, handing the leash to Jaejoong and grabbing the bars of your bike to push it. Walking up to you, Jaejoong wrapped an arm around your shoulders. This feels so cozy.

“You weren’t too upset before were you?”

“Upset? About what?”

“When we wouldn’t tell you what we did?”

“No…I just felt left out, but then again, I’d probably have said the same if I’d been out with my friends. It’s no big deal!” Once again you two lapsed into silence.

“Oh, by the way, are you sure you’re feeling well? You looked like you were about to throw up or something…You’re not getting sick are you?” Jaejoong automatically let go of your shoulders and brought his palm up to your forehead, checking to see if you had a fever.

You push his hand away, laughing slightly. “I’m fine Jae, don’t worry! It was just from watching Changmin eat…he sure does have a big appetite!”

“Yeah, he does, he literally has a never ending pit for his stomach. I should have told him to slow down a bit earlier I guess.”

“Like I said Jae, don’t worry! Let him be, it’s not his fault he can eat so much!”

Jaejoong didn’t say anything in reply, he just wrapped his arm around your shoulder once again. Soon your building came into view and you two quickened up your pace, eager to get home after the long day. Jaejoong took your bike from you and told you to head up first. When you entered the apartment, you quickly took of the leashes from both pets and hurried into your bathroom to change and get ready for bed, sleep seeping throughout your body. When Jaejoong came up, you were just getting out of the shower and he immediately headed in for his. As he got ready, you went into your old bathroom and brushed your teeth and washed your face. You walk into the kitchen and fill up Jiji’s and Vick’s water bowls, watching as they lapped it up thirstily. Once they were done, you filled the bowls up again just in case they needed a drink in the middle of the night and followed them back into your room. Just as you entered, Jaejoong came out of the bathroom, his brush in his mouth. You close the door just enough so that the pets would be able to leave in the night and turned off the light, while the bathroom light flooded the dark room. You hand Jaejoong your brush and you get into bed, turning the lamp by your bed on.

Finally Jaejoong came out, settling into bed too. “You know you could have gone to sleep before me right?”

“I know, I wanted to wait is all.” You give him a kiss, “Goodnight Jae, sweet dreams!”

Both of you lay down and Jaejoong leaned in to give you a peck on the forehead. “You too love.”

forgot to add the pic of the ring before...so...here it is now!!!!its cute isnt it???? http://static.myjewelrybox.com/media/products/7584/08JP50120CSAW_lps.jpg

yay!!!!its a long update right????was it good????please comment!!!!

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