Chocolate Chip Pancakes


so...i might be updating far less than i even do now...cuz im getting sick and ive got exams starting next week...but after my maths one i should be able to update!!!!so yall might not get an update for about a week..ill try to update a couple more times this week!!!!hopefully!!!!anyways...this was more of a filler chap...i tried to include cute moments with the members...but yeah..i dont think it worked all that well...anyways...enjoy reading!!!!

The moment you closed your eyes, the door squeaked open. Ignoring it, you burrowed your head deeper into the pillow.

“I had a nightmare…Can I sleep with you?”, you hear a pitiful voice call out, suspiciously sounding a lot like Junsu.

He’s joking right?

You slowly lift your head up and there, framed by the hall light, stood Junsu, a huge grin on his face, and next to him was Changmin, his expression a mirror image of Junsu.

Laughing, the sleep that had been overwhelming you disappeared. “Sure, come on in!”, you shove Jaejoong over to make room for the two guys.

In a flash they were upon your bed, purposely jostling Jaejoong. Oh, he’s going to be so upset.

“So why aren’t you guys asleep? You looked pretty tired just a while ago!”

“We were, but I guess knowing we’re all together again after the longest time just kind of gave us new energy!”, Changmin explained.

At this point, Jaejoong woke up. “Get out of my room right now”, he growled out. When they didn’t move, he sat up. “Junsu, Changmin, I’m tired…do you want me to hurt you?”

“Jae! Don’t be mean, they’re just happy.”

“I won’t win will I?”, Jaejoong asked looking at you, to which you shook your head no. “But it’s almost 1 in the morning!”, he complained.

Turning to the boys, you gave them a small smile. “How about you guys stay for breakfast tomorrow? Let’s get some sleep so we aren’t all dead tomorrow morning, alright?”

Shooting a look at Jaejoong, they got up and went back to bed. I have to make sure to get up early tomorrow…I guess they really miss hanging out together like this.

“Finally, some peace and quiet!”, Jaejoong exclaimed.

Laughing a little, you hit him lightly, but he just grabbed you by the waist and pulled you down. Settling into the bed again, the two of you fell asleep. Well, I’d rather spend a night sleeping next to Jae then up with anyone else…

The next morning, you woke up at around 8, only to find Jaejoong still deeply asleep. Staring into his face, you smile as you think back to yesterday’s events, your eyes wondering to the ring on your left hand. Carefully unwrapping his arms from around you, you go to wash up. Still in your pyjamas, you walked out and checked in on the other 4. At some point in the night, Junsu and Changmin had decided to relocate from the living room to your old room, so there slept all 4 boys. How they manage to sleep through Changmin’s sleep talking shall forever be a mystery, he talks so loudly! Smiling, you walk into the kitchen. Hmm, what should I make today…Oh, how about chocolate chip pancakes! Trying to be as quiet as possible, you prepare the batter and the chips. Once that was done, you went about waking the boys up, first stop being your bedroom.

Crawling onto the bed, you shake Jaejoong slowly. “Jae, come on, it’s time to get up.”

Grumbling, he pulled the blanket tighter. You keep shaking him, but got no response. Looks like I’ll have to try something else…

You lean down and give him a kiss, whispering against his lips, “Jae, wake up.”

You feel Jaejoong smile and an arm s around you, pulling you to him. “How about we ditch waking up and stay here all day?”, he said with his eyes still closed.

“That sounds like a lovely idea”, you reply, giving him another quick kiss, “But it’s time to get up, come on.” You pull away from him and watch his eyes flutter open.

“Oh how mean my new fiancée is”, Jaejoong teased, finally getting up.

“Oh and I can get so much more meaner”, you smile back. “Come on, I’ve got breakfast all ready to go, but you guys are going to have to get up to eat it.”

As you got off the bed, Jaejoong pulled you back in for one more kiss. “Why does today feel so much more different from yesterday?”

“I don’t know, but I’m loving this feeling.” Smiling at Jaejoong, you push him toward the bathroom. “Go.”

After hearing the water run, you make your way over to the other 4 men. Hmm, who to wake up first? I guess I’ll just start from the closest. Snuggled in his sleeping bag looking like an angel was Junsu, so you went and kneeled down by him first.

Giving him a poke, you say, “Rise and shine Junsu! It’s time to wake up!”

Hearing the noise, rather than Junsu getting up, Yunho lifted himself halfway off of the bed and gave you a curious sleepy eyed stare. Understanding immediately, he slowly pulled the covers aside and made his way to the adjoining bathroom. Hmm, hopefully the rest are as easy to wake as Yunho was! After a bit more nudging, you managed to wake up Junsu and Changmin, both giving you dirty sleepy stares, but Changmin’s hair being adorably messed up from the night’s sleep and Junsu’s cuteness, you just laughed it off. The last one left was Yoochun. I would have thought he would have gotten up after all that noise…hmm…

Walking over, you lean down and give him a shake. “Yoochun, it’s time to get up now”, but no response. You shake him a little harder, and in a louder voice you say, “Come on, it’s time for breakfast! Wake up!”, yet like a log, he still slept.

Frustrated, you start to poke him, even pulling the blanket off of him. All that you got out of Yoochun was him curling up into a ball to make up for the lack of heat. He’s not even mumbling or anything…What is this? You sit down on the empty side of the bed, your brows furrowing. Should I pour cold water onto him? It’ll shock him awake… The moment you get up to go to the kitchen for the glass of cold water, the other four men entered the room together.

“Having trouble waking Yoochun up?”, Jaejoong asked with a smile on his face.

“He’s like a rock! He doesn’t say anything or move! I was thinking of pouring cold water onto his face…”

“Don’t worry, we’ll wake him up!”, Changmin shouted, while leaping onto the bed and right onto Yoochun.

Following Changmin’s lead, all the boys made their way onto the bed. You watched in amazement as they finally roused Yoochun awake. By the time he was fully up, the sheets were in a mess and the pillows had been thrown haphazardly. So boys wake each other up by fighting…that’s interesting…sure wouldn’t have wanted to get in between that.

Clapping your hands together, you say cheerfully, “Well, now that we’re all up, how about we go have some breakfast hmm? We’ll wait for you to get washed up Yoochun.” With another smile, you walk out of the room.

Minutes later, all 5 of the men were seated on the barstools that lined the counter of Jaejoong’s kitchen. In front of them were their plates and utensils, while you stood in front of the stove cooking the pancakes for them. While you cooked, the boys chattered away non-stop. I wonder how long it’s been since they were all together like this? With two pans going at a time, the most you were able to handle, you managed to make sure that their plates weren’t empty for too long. Smiling to yourself, you continue cooking, a weird feeling settling into your stomach. Is this how I’m going to feel when Jae and I finally have kids? Cooking like this and watching them eat away? As you continued cooking, you realized that you were nearly at the end of your batter.

“Um…are you guys still hungry?” All five of them nodded their head. “Uh, okay then! Just give me a minute while I make more batter alright? Jae can you take over for a bit?”

You quickly mixed up some more batter, making the same amount as before. I made triple of what I make usually, and that feeds the two of us, with leftovers. How much do they eat? Finally you finished and you resumed the pancake making. Halfway done the batter, the boys finally had enough, pushing their plates forward signalling that they were full.

“Wow, that was a really good breakfast Noona!”, Changmin exclaimed, having eaten the quickest and the most. “But aren’t you going to eat?”

“Oh, I will! I’ll just finish up the batter then I’ll eat! You guys can take the leftovers home with you! How about you go shower and change? I’ll be done by then!”

The boys left you alone in the kitchen and within a few minutes the batter was done and you finally had the time to sit down and enjoy your breakfast. It seems so weird now, no noise whatsoever. I wonder what we’ll do today? Does Jae want to spend some time with them? It does seem like they all have a free day. You quickly finish the rest of your pancake and start to wash the dishes. As you were soaping, someone came up next to you and started to wash the soap of the dishes.

“You know, you shouldn’t have to wash the dishes after feeding us right? That’s what we had agreed on.”

“Well, you were all showering and stuff, not like there was anything else for me to do!”

“You could have gone and taken a nap on the sofa”, Jaejoong nudged you with his shoulder.

“What? Like 5 minutes? It’s alright, I’d rather be productive.” You resume washing the dishes in silence. “So, what are the plans for today Jae?”

“Nothing really, anything you want to do?”

“Well, I was thinking, if you wanted to spend a day with the guys, then I could get started on getting that engagement party planned.”

“Don’t you want to plan that together?”, Jaejoong cocked an eyebrow at you.

“It’s just a small gathering, how much planning can there be! And…I don’t know…I just feel like you’d really appreciate a day out with the guys. I know you that you haven’t seen Junsu and Yoochun in quite some time since I’ve been monopolising your time, and…well, it’s up to you!”

“Well, it is true that I haven’t hung out with them for some time…You really don’t mind right?” You shake your head in response. “Then, I guess I’ll ask the guys what they think!”

“You’ll ask us what?”, Yunho asked as he entered the kitchen, followed by Junsu.

“If you aren’t too busy, want to spend the day together?”

“But what about ____?”, Junsu asked, grabbing one of the extra pancakes and munching on it.

“Oh, I’m fine! I’ve got a lot to do, so some time alone would help!”

“But you guys did just get engaged yesterday, don’t you want to spend today together?”, Yunho also reached for a pancake.

“Aren’t you guys full?”, you stare at their full mouths, shaking your head in wonder when they shook their heads no in reply, before answering Yunho’s question. “We’ve got our whole lives to spend together! What does one day matter now right?”

Without any further decision, it was decided that you were going to spend the day at home while the 5 went out. Jaejoong also brought Vick with him, seeing as how all the other members also had dogs, Vick would be able to play with them.

“So I guess it’s just you and me then Jiji!”, you pick up the little cat and bring him over to the couch where you had your laptop and everything needed for party planning out. “How about we get some work done huh?”

so how was that????please comment!!!!

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