you know you love me


Good Morning, my oh so lovely Seoul. 

Did you miss me?

I know I've missed you.

You know you love me..

XOXO, Gossip Girl.



There was not much time left.


The longer she stays here in Seoul, the more she will only hurt the people she care about most. It might seem like she is running away just like her sister once did but, there was no other choice but to get away as quickly as possible.


She hesitates at the steps of the private plane she was about to board and turns to take a look at Seoul's horizon from Incheon's terminal. She wouldn't be back for a while and for a good reason. Her mind lingers to Kim Taehyung who, with hands in his pockets and an all knowing smile, came to see her off even though she did not tell a soul about her plans to leave. She could still feel his gaze from all the way inside the airport, waiting for her to finally make the right decision.


Was running away the right decision? Will this be for the better or will it just prolong a tragedy that was still bound to happen?


She won't know the answer to those questions until she actually makes a choice. She turns back and takes another step closer to her escape yet her phone rings in her hands and she immediately picks up.


There was the sound of shuffling first, then the sound of a car engine igniting. "Seungwan…"


Her body froze. Now that she was hearing his voice, there was no way she could turn back time now. She has to face the consequences of what she's done. Her phone vibrates once more, an indication of a text message and she pulls away for a moment to see the notification pop up on her screen.


>> Kim Taehyung


sent 11:59






With heavy hands and a heavy heart, she places the phone back to her ears and she could hear the last bit of what he was saying but she cuts him off before he could say anything else that would drag her down further.


"Goodbye, Jimin."


you know you love me centers around the rich and luxurious life of seoul's elites.

three families reign over the city, becoming the center targets of an anonymous gossip site called 'gossip girl'. 

Kim Family

kim taehyung looking disapprovingly at his older siblings.

kim junmyeon (29) || kim namjoon (26) || kim jisoo (24) || kim taehyung (23) || kim jennie (23) || kim yerim (21) || kim doyoung (23)

Park Family

park jimin (23) || park sooyoung (22) || park chanyeol (24) || park chaeyoung (24)

Son Family

 son seungwan (23) || son naeun (27) || oh sehun (25)


Kang Family - Jeon Family - Min Family

kang seulgi (23) || jeon jungkook (21) || jung jaehyun (22) || min yoongi (24) || jung hoseok (24)

Bae Family - Kim Family

bae joohyun (26) || kim seokjin (26)


Supporting Cast

kim jongin (25) || lalisa manoban (24)



revamped / sept, 2020.

--author's notes--

hello! welcome back! i inititally started this story back in 2016 and got to around 7 chapters before writer's block hit me hard (so hard that it took me 5 years to come back).
i've only come back around to the idea of a gg au with the announcement of the reboot, so, i thought that perhaps i could also continue writng ykylm.
of course, since i wrote the original story 5 years ago,  a rewrite was well over due. i'm still in the process of rewriting, so expect changes in plot, cast, and themes.

please enjoy!  

gossipgirl!au, btsvelvet.
gossipgirl!au that is set in seoul, there will be elements only from the show itself, not the books. 
trigger warnings : profanity and mature scenes (chapters will be marked). crackships ahead! 


[ykylm] chapter 3 is up! thanks for waiting and enjoy the read, xoxo!
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