Of Theater Troupes and Bounty Hunters


The SVT Troupe is going broke and their director Lee Jihoon accepted a bounty hunting job to make money. What they thought was an easy job for a group of actors gets them caught up in something much more than a simple bounty hunting job.

(AU Where some members of Seventeen are in a theater troupe and they go on a bounty hunt to find Wonwoo. Lots of random stuff happens along the way)

Pairings: Soonhoon, Jihan, Junhao, Meanie, and Namjin


This fanfic is based off the movie Toei Hero Next 4- We're a Bounty Hunter Team. Some of the members may be a bit OC because I'm basing the personalities off the characters in the movie. Warnings: Genderbent Wonwoo, crossdressing Jeonghan, Drug dealer Mingyu, Gang leader Seungcheol, High School students maknae line, cursing, drug dealing (later in the story), minor character death, ion (later in the story), violence, and among other things. I advice you not to read this if you are uncomfortable with any of these.

I did not abandon Shawty Imma Party Till The Sun Down. The update is slow because I had no idea what to do with Kris' chapter. But I will update within the month.


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