Guardians of the Children


I am a member of an elite class of warriors who protect the precious children of this land. Every night as they go to sleep, we are tasked with our duty to protect them. No one else can keep them safe from the vast array of monsters who hunt them, who eat them. I have never failed before.


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Chapter 1: I'm just in awe with this story!
The way you describe the fights, Jin's feelings and then that sweet touch of his love for Jinwoo being the reason why he was able to end with the Tan'yami!
And at the finale it all made sense!! I never thought you would end like that! Your imagination is amazing!
I really loved this! <3
Thanks for sharing and keep on the awesome work! ^^ :)
Chapter 1: Oh! I have seen that visualization of the ending there! It's absolutely adorable too! XD Very interesting story. The twist at the end also alleviates the need for me to ask any of the questions that were otherwise tumbling around in my head. haha Nice for you, otherwise I might have wanted a sequel to expand on the world you'd begun to build. lol

Very lovely concept though. It didn't entirely make sense at first, with her choosing him at 3 and the whole traveling in a box thing (nice touch by the way), but by the end, the pieces fit together and it all clicks. Granted, it does make one wonder but no- I suppose that the dark creatures are meant to be nightmares and the True Darkness is a truly terrible one in that sense. Even that too I can reason. It does have very lovely imagery throughout and while I thought the final battle was initially anticlimactic (since it didn't seem or feel as if he'd been fighting it long), it was a nice ending. Very creative and an awesome take on a cute picture/prompt thing. ^_^

Quite a lovely read for sure. <3 Now I'm just curious about who the Protector is supposed to be. Hmm...
Chapter 1: This was so sweet and ... amazing! Thinking of the world like that makes it even more interesting than it is!
Chapter 1: I have never read such a beautiful one shot in all of my whole year here....This is truly amazing from start to end! So much emotion, awe, and thoughts ran through my mind at every word! The revelation at the end got me right in the heart! Amazing~! It's also my first time reading about a MrMr member so God bless you!
Chapter 1: First off, I knew it. There were some hints sprinkled in the beginning and I guessed what he was, plus I had seen this picture before...
But I LOVED this. The fights were awesome and the darkness truly terrifying, and then the last bit where the Protector explained the whys of it all, gosh I teared up. So asdfghjkl sweet!!!! <3
Chapter 1: Which band he comes from or is he imagined? :)
Oh?!?! OH OH?!?!! Are you back?!?!?! *holds breath in excitement*