My all is in you


Hongbin is training hard for their next comeback, but he needs a bit of a help with his singing, which is Hyoshin glad to offer...


Just a short Park Hyoshin x Hongbin fanfiction that was born in the middle of fascinating lectures about the use of Japanese corpus x).  Hopefully, you're going to enjoy it.



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Heck, this is so cute! Thank you for writing it!
Blue82 #2
This has just the right amount or realistic and sweetness. It feels like it really happened and we were peeking in on them =)
Kokechan #3
Chapter 1: Thank you! I'm so glad you wrote a new story focus on this pairing! I love the whole fluffy cheesy thing going on between the two lol Thank you!
Chapter 1: This is so cute, I love it~ it's a good cheesy ^^
Chapter 1: Lmao, it's soooooo cheesy :P