Falling for forbidden


Yunho, a university student, has confessed his feelings to his professor, Jaejoong, quite a few times. At first Jaejoong ignores his student, however Yunho's persistance pays off and before he knows it himself, Jaejoong had already fallen for the other one...


I'm back with another fanfic~

This time is Yunjae and a student x teacher relationship that I love, oh, so much

Enjoy ^^


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Chapter 5: Oh shizz I hope Junsu will be cool with it.
Chapter 2: Damn Yunho that's not the way to do it.
Chapter 1: Gawd Yunho is so cute and spoiled haha patience Yunho.
Demirzeynep #4
Chapter 20: super ff don't lose hope
tsubakisworld #6
Author niiiiim where are you T~T??!! I really miss this story please update super soon T^T
Chapter 19: what's wrong with Yunhos mother? How could she say that to Sungmi? Tsk tsk. I wanna hug Sungmi T_T
tsubakisworld #8
Chapter 19: I feel so Bad for Sungmi T^T I hope Yunjae will Take Care of her and I really wish for her tofind happiness T^T
Btw jealous Yun is so cute lol xD
Cant wait for the next chapter author nim ^^~
jjbrownsugga #9
I enjoyed your update. Thank you.
claire_yj #10
Chapter 19: Aww... yunho is very cute when he is jealous. And young jae seemed to be really adorable.

Poor sungmi, she must be at the end of her wits to think of ending her own life. I really hope that jaejoong manages to convince her not to jump. Yunho's mum sounds absolutely evil. It is not a matter of doing the best for yunho, more a matter of winning. Gosh, just let him live his life in peace. :-/