Till Death Tears Us Apart


Wonshik, a lost soul / ghost, meets a man names Jaehwan, who appears to be happy with Taekwoon, but things aren't as they first seem to be. When Wonshik sees that, he is ready to do everything to make Jaehwan his...


A supernatural Vixx fic... I hope you'll like it? :)


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Chapter 1: This was dark! I'm so sad for Taekwoon. But, given his character here---a jerk--- I somewhat sided with WOnsik. And is actually glad that he and Jaehwan will be together....
meilidwi #2
Chapter 1: Bravo!! unbelievable as a ghost wonshik is seriously being perfectionist to make such a plan haha
KTsuki-chan #3
Chapter 1: Wow, that was intense x)
I loved the creepy feeling about having someone you don't expect as your lover... Angsty and all...
Thanks for this fic, loved it, like always X)
KimHanAh #4
Chapter 1: Great writing :)) everything was just amazing :v i really like how some of the authors just break the rules of Jaehwan being cute and Wonshik loving his 'bf' :v i want something angsty like this!!! You're awesome!!