Till Death Tears Us Apart

It all started when a man named Jaehwan moved into a new house. A house that was already a home for a troubled soul, a once living person that went by the name of Wonshik. He didn't remember much from his pathetic life, but that didn't matter to Wonshik. He was cursed to stay trapped in a house, which he assumed that was his home once he was still alive, from which he couldn't escape no matter how hard he tried to.


Wonshik didn't even remember how much time had passed since he had died, after dying time passed much faster or slower to him. He had seen many new people move in and move out, probably because of him. He had a tendency to mess around with people, it was the only thing that had kept him entertained in his afterlife. Wonshik didn't care about living people at all and to be honest, they could all just go in hell. Since he was unable to leave the house, he was able to witness people just wasting their lives with spending their time on worthless things such a fighting and just wasting away. To him, those people didn't deserve to be alive and if it was up to him, he would have killed them all.


When Jaehwan learned that his new house was supposed to be haunted, he almost laughed. There were no such things as ghosts and people who believed in them seemed pathetic to him. He assumed that the rumors spread around because the first owner of the house, a young man, committed suicide in the house because he went bankrupt twenty years ago and since then the house was supposed to be cursed. The house seemed perfect to Jaehwan for him and his lover, Taekwoon, to move in together and he couldn't be happier when they finally moved in together; after a while he was finally able to find someone who loved him... or that was at least what he was hoping for.


Jaehwan caught Wonshik's attention as soon as the other stepped inside of the house; there was just something about him that made him unable to move away and for the first time after a while, Wonshik regretted not being alive. At first, Jaehwan was living alone in the house and Wonshik spent quite some amount of the time just staring at the other. Jaehwan was able to make him feel things and for the first time after passing away, Wonshik felt emotions such as happiness and... Love. It was kind of pathetic to him, but it was a love at first sight. The more time that he had spent observing Jaehwan, the deeper he was falling in love.


The happiness and love turned into jealousy and hatred as soon as an unknown man wrapped his arms around Jaehwan, finally making Wonshik see that Jaehwan already had someone that loved him. They seemed happy together and Wonshik was ready to back away, because watching Jaehwan with the other guy hurt him. The pain clawed into his chest and even though his heart wasn't beating anymore, he could have sworn that he felt it break apart. However, the happiness didn't last long and was soon transformed into screaming, yelling, Taekwoon leaving in the middle of the night, while Jaehwan was left all alone. Wonshik spent countless number of nights lying next to Jaehwan, who was sobbing and begging Taekwoon to return back home, but he didn't.


Wonshik resented Jaehwan's lover and it wasn't just jealousy. How could he cause such pain to someone as Jaehwan? Jaehwan was supposed to be always laughing in Wonshik's opinion and he was ready to do everything that was in his power to soothe the pain, but he didn't know how to. He knew far too well what was the cause behind Taekwoon's and Jaehwan's fights. Just like Jaehwan, he could also smell a woman's perfume on Taekwoon after he returned back home at night. The secret phone calls, lying... Taekwoon had someone else and even though Jaehwan didn't want to see it, he knew that Taekwoon was holding someone else at nights, not him.


One night was bad in particularly. Taekwoon had promised him to be back sooner, it was their anniversary after all. Jaehwan was excited and after a while, he actually bought Taekwoon's lies. Wonshik, on the other hand, could just stand there and watch how Jaehwan crumbled apart once again. Jaehwan had cooked them a dinner, prepared everything, but then he received a phone call from Taekwoon. Apparently he had gotten stuck in the office once again, but the giggling in the background was enough to tell him that he was lying again. Jaehwan just canceled the phone call, collapsed on the floor and did the only thing that he could; cry.


Wonshik's heart was tearing apart. He tried wrapping his arms around Jaehwan's body, to tell him that he was there for him, but it was all in vain. Jaehwan couldn't hear or sense him at all and a loud yell escaped his mouth when Jaehwan locked himself into the bedroom, but he didn't follow him. He couldn't bear to watch him cry again; it was too painful for his own sake as well.


Taekwoon came home later than usual that day and Wonshik was right there waiting for him, determined to make him pay for what he had done to Jaehwan. Wonshik tried to pick up a vase and throw it at Taekwoon, but was too weak to do it; he was too emotionally drained to do it. Knowing that he couldn't change things, he tried to push Taekwoon away, but then suddenly something happened that had never happened before. At first, Wonshik's vision went blank and he found himself laying on the floor. When he was finally able to pick himself off the ground, the room started spinning in front of his eyes and he could tell that he was reeking of alcohol.


Confused, he slowly made his way to the closest mirror and let out a surprised yelp when he could actually see a reflection looking back at him. But what surprised him even more was the fact that the reflection wasn't his; it was Taekwoon's. Wanting to make sure, he touched his own face and when another surprised yelp left his mouth, he could tell that that wasn't his own voice as well. Extending his arms out, he carefully studied them and then buried his face into in his palms. What the hell had just happened? He pressed his own palm to his chest and was able to feel a heartbeat. Tears welled in his eyes and he touched the mirror again, gasping because he could actually touch it and feel its coldness against his fingertips.


Did he possess Taekwoon's body? Wonshik's eyes widened, he didn't even know that he possessed such power. He hated the man, but now he could at least have a chance to talk to Jaehwan, even if it wouldn't really be him talking to him.


“Jaehwan!” then suddenly said Wonshik, still not used to his 'own' voice. He hurried to the bedroom and knocked on the door. “Open the door, we have to talk. I need to apologise to you, so open the door,” added Wonshik, reminding himself that he was Taekwoon not Wonshik to Jaehwan. “Please, I love you, so-”


“Liar,” said the voice from the other side of the door and Wonshik could tell that Jaehwan was still crying. He wasn't sure if Jaehwan was going to open the door for him, but much to his luck, Wonshik heard the key turn and the door slowly opened. Jaehwan looked completely broken and crushed, and Wonshik gritted his teeth. He needed to make things right. “Why are you always doing this? First you lie and then you come back to me, knowing that I will forgive you. Well, this time is different I'll-”


“I love you,” whispered Wonshik and wrapped his arms around Jaehwan, his heartbeat fastening when he could feel Jaehwan's body being pressed against his own. God, how he missed that. “I am sorry for lying to you. You are right, I shouldn't be doing it. There was someone else, but I broke it off with her today,” lied Wonshik. “You mean too much to me. I love you Jaehwan, you're the only one for me,” said Wonshik, meaning every word. “So please, find a way to forgive me.”


“Taekwoon,” whispered Jaehwan and even though he wanted to fight it, he melted right against his lover's body. Wonshik's eyes widened when Jaehwan called him Taekwoon and he bit into his lower lip. It hurt, even though he was able to touch Jaehwan now, it still hurt knowing that Jaehwan thought of him as Taekwoon. “You're not being fair,” whispered Jaehwan, burying his face into Taekwoon's shoulder. “But okay, I forgive you. I believe you. Though, this is the last time.”


“Thank you,” said Wonshik and forced a smile.


Wonshik then extended his arm out and gently cupped Jaehwan's face, wiping the traces of tears from his face. The way that Jaehwan was looking at him took his breath away, his eyes were so full of love and warmth and for a moment, he convinced himself that that look was really meant for him. He was glad when he saw a small smile forming on Jaehwan's face and Wonshik couldn't help but to smile himself.


“I love you,” breathed Jaehwan out and closed his eyes when he felt Taekwoon's long and slender fingers on his cheek.


“I love you too,” said Wonshik and chuckled. “Come here,” he then added and placed a hand behind Jaehwan's neck and pulled him closer. His body warmed up when he saw Jaehwan closing his eyes and finally did what he was dying to do, connect their lips into a kiss. Wonshik's eyes welled up when their lips connected in a kiss and he kissed Jaehwan again and again, until he had the other panting in his arms, smiling up at him as they broke their kiss. Wonshik, on the other hand, let the tears fall, Jaehwan's eyes widening.


“Why are you crying?” asked Jaehwan, his heart breaking when he saw his lover crying. He quickly wiped the tears away and then he bit into his lower lip. “Please, don't cry,” he begged. “I really do forgive you, Taekwoon. You mean everything to me as well. You are my first love, after all... so just don't cry, okay?”


Wonshik tightened the hug and broke down crying when Jaehwan called him Taekwoon again. He knew it far too well, he knew that he was Taekwoon at the moment... but it still hurt. It hurt like hell knowing that he would never be able to be with Jaehwan the way he wanted. “I'm sorry,” whispered Wonshik and buried his face into the crook of Jaehwan's neck. “I did something terrible,” he then added, a loud sob leaving his mouth.


“Shh, it's okay,” said Jaehwan and buried his fingers into Taekwoon's hair.


“... love you so much, Jaehwan,” said Wonshik in between his sobbing. He felt terrible; not only that Jaehwan saw him as Taekwoon, but he felt as if he was betraying Jaehwan himself. He pretended to be someone that he wasn't just for the sake of speaking to Jaehwan. But he couldn't help himself; he loved Jaehwan too much. “C-can I make love to you today?” he then asked, wanting to have Jaehwan all. He didn't know it how longer he could be in Taekwoon's body. Plus, he convinced himself that that was a one-time thing, so it wouldn't hurt Jaehwan too much, right?


“Of course you can,” said Jaehwan and chuckled, taking Taekwoon's hand into his own. “Come on, let's go to bed.”


That night, Jaehwan kept clinging onto his lover throughout the whole night, convinced that Taekwoon really did come around and realise that he loved only him. Wonshik had somehow convinced himself that it didn't bother him too much that Jaehwan kept calling him Taekwoon and he managed to fall asleep with a smile on his face. That, however, changed when the morning came and he instantly regretted his actions from the previous day.


Wonshik's own body felt heavy that morning and as he got up onto his legs, he realised that was no longer in Taekwoon's body. Taekwoon and Jaehwan were soundly asleep on the bed, just a few steps away from him, but he felt far too weak to come closer to Jaehwan. He was too weak to do anything for the next couple of days and could just watch things falling apart between Taekwoon and Jaehwan once again, but this time it was much worse than usual.


Taekwoon had woken up completely confused that morning, unable to remember how he got home in the first place. Jaehwan claimed that he had apologised to him that night, but Taekwoon denied it and stormed from their house, going to 'work'. And Jaehwan was once again forced to handle his pain on his own, Wonshik too weak to go after Taekwoon and stop him from leaving.


When Wonshik got his strength back, he couldn't really hold back from possessing over Taekwoon's body; once he got the taste of Jaehwan, he craved for more and before he knew it, he got addicted to it. It wasn’t just a one-time thing. It happened two, three times and before Wonshik had known it himself, he couldn’t even tell how many times he had done it.

It took him some time, but after a while Wonshik had learned how to control his powers and he was able to spend more and more time as Taekwoon. At first guilt was killing him, but he managed to convince himself that he was doing it for Jaehwan; to make him feel better. He treated Jaehwan far better than Wonshik and for some time he actually believed that they could really be happy together. After a long time, he was able to bring a smile on Jaehwan's face, completely ignoring the fact that he was slowly bringing Taekwoon on the edge of insanity. The more time that he was spending with Jaehwan, the deeper he was in love and he quite soon came to the conclusion that he was going to make Jaehwan completely his someday. He knew that his addiction to Jaehwan was poisonous, but he didn’t care.


At first Taekwoon blamed alcohol for his temporary memory losses. However, since those moments started occurring more and more, he wasn't that sure that alcohol was the only blame for that. He woke up completely exhausted in the mornings, completely unable to function properly during the days. Then, every night he would just black out and then wake up next morning, feeling completely exhausted again. He had gone to the doctor's, to see if anything was wrong with him. However, when they couldn't find anything wrong with him physically, he started to fear that he really was losing his mind.


And it wasn't just the memory losses, he could somehow manage to live with just that. There were times that Taekwoon didn't feel alone in his body and he got a feeling that someone was out to get him. There was one time that he looked himself in the mirror, he could've sworn that he could see a reflection that was staring at him that wasn't his own. The other's eyes were dark with hate and resentment. However, when he wanted to take a better look of the person, he saw his own exhausted reflection staring back at him.


Wonshik was quite satisfied with himself once he learned that his actions were having that impact on Taekwoon's body; he deserved to suffer anyway what was he decided in the first place. It was a price to pay for hurting Jaehwan.


Jaehwan also noticed that something was wrong with Taekwoon. There were times that he was really sweet and warm to him. But there were times that he looked as pale as a ghost and completely ignored him. Sometimes he wouldn't even recognise him and that was when it started worrying him. He suggested Taekwoon getting help, but the other was too stubborn to listen to him. He absolutely refused to admit that something was wrong with him; he just couldn't be going insane.


There was one night that Jaehwan was out of the house and Taekwoon was left alone in the house, completely terrified to spend the night alone. He knew about the rumours of the house and up until then he just laughed at them. But as of lately, he was really starting to believe that someone else beside them was living in the house.


With a smirk on his face, Wonshik watched how scared Taekwoon looked, he looked so pathetic and small without Jaehwan around him. Wonshik knew it far too well why Taekwoon looked like that and he was satisfied with that. In fact, he came up with a plan that would allow him to finally have Jaehwan all for himself. Sadly, it meant killing Taekwoon, which didn't bother him at all. Maybe if he was able to make Taekwoon's soul to leave his body, then Jaehwan would be truly his. And that night was perfect for that, because Jaehwan wasn't home.


Taekwoon was sitting in a living room and was trying to distract himself with watching some TV in hope to make the time pass by quicker, since he really disliked spending time on his own. When Wonshik found him sitting in front of the TV, he smiled and decided to have some more fun before ending things too quickly. A classic trick with the TV, perfect. With one swift motion of Wonshik's fingers, the TV was unplugged from the electricity and it was enough to make Taekwoon jump onto his legs.


“What the hell?” he asked and made his way to the TV, kind of relieved to see that it was unplugged; that kind of made a rational explanation, even though he couldn't explain how it was unplugged from the wall, but that didn't matter to him. However, before he could plug it in, the TV switched on on its own, making Taekwoon almost lose balance. “Who's there?” asked Taekwoon on top of his lungs and then turned around, kind of hoping to see Jaehwan standing there, but he was met with reflection of himself in the mirror.


Wonshik smiled, so far so good. It felt so satisfying seeing Taekwoon scared and he was determined to make him suffer a bit more; he knew that it sounded twisted and sick,  but a person like Taekwoon deserved it. He had hurt Jaehwan enough, so now it was his turn to suffer. Plus, Jaehwan was going to be his after that...


In the meantime, Taekwoon turned around, to run out of the house, but Wonshik made sure that the door was locked. A loud scream left Taekwoon's mouth when the door closed and locked on itself. He frantically grabbed the doorknob, desperate to see the door open, but nothing happened. Knowing that he was trapped, he quickly backed away and with fear it his eyes watched the TV change channels on itself. Then suddenly, the TV turned off and bloody red letters started appearing on the screen.


Hello, Taekwoon was what was written first and Taekwoon's eyes widened in horror when he saw his own name written on the screen.


“Who is doing this?!” said Taekwoon. “Why are you doing this?!”


Wonshik started laughing when he saw the scared expression on Taekwoon's face; that meant that his plan was working perfectly. The next thing that Wonshik did was to make the lights flicker, before he gave Taekwoon an answer.


Your worst nightmare.


Taekwoon started looking around the room as the lights started switching off and on, feeling sick down to his stomach when he saw the new message written on the screen. He buried his face into his palms, wishing that he could somehow wake up from this nightmare. He didn't get it; what did he do to deserve this?


Wonshik, on the other hand, was having a blast. To make things even worse, he went inside of Taekwoon's body, but didn't completely possess his mind that time. He wanted to make sure that the other understood what was going on. Having control over Taekwoon's body, he stepped in front of the mirror, making sure that Taekwoon regained enough consciousness to know what was going on.


“H-how did I come here?” asked Taekwoon and when he took a look himself in the mirror, he quickly backed away. The person looking back at him was a completely different version of himself. His eyes were red, skin completely white and he had an evil smirk on his face. Taekwoon quickly rubbed his eyes, trying to tell himself that his mind was only playing tricks on him, but the image wouldn't disappear.


“Stop it!” he screamed. “Stop!”


Wonshik just laughed and Taekwoon could hear him this time; his own image staring back at him in the mirror and laughing back at him. Taekwoon grabbed the nearest thing, which happened to be a vase, and threw it into the mirror, running into the bathroom, Wonshik right behind him. The door closed on its own once again and suddenly Taekwoon found himself to be trapped inside of the bathroom.


“Let me out!” he screamed and started banging on the door. “Jaehwan, help! Please!” he yelled out.


Wonshik the faucet, the water on hot and smirked when he saw the steam gathering in the room. The mirrors were soon clouded, giving him a chance to have another little 'chat' with Taekwoon.


Pain.... suffer... die.








“NO!” yelled Taekwoon and leaned against the wet wall, slowly sliding down it. When he finally reached the floor, he brought his knees up to his chin and hugged himself, waiting the things to be over.


“Perfect,” said Wonshik and grinned. “Now, you die.”


Wonshik knew that he shouldn't hurt Taekwoon's body too much; he needed it to come back to life. Just hurt him enough to stop his heart beating for a minute, so that he could get rid of Taekwoon's soul once and for all. He then possessed Taekwoon's body once again, making sure that the water tub was filled with water before he stepped inside and then he waited for Jaehwan to be back, so that he could call an ambulance if it was needed.


When the time finally came, he smirked and then leaned down, making sure that Taekwoon's head was under the water. Without even thinking twice, he opened his mouth and allowed water to fill in his lungs. He could tell that Taekwoon was fighting back, but Wonshik was just too strong for him and then... he just out.


The next thing that Wonshik remembered was standing next to Jaehwan, who was holding Taekwoon's body in his lap, crying as he was trying to bring him back to life. He searched around the room, his eyes locating Taekwoon's soul in a second. He was so weak, almost visible... just perfect. Wonshik could tell that Taekwoon was confused, horror written all over his face when he saw Jaehwan trying to bring his own body back to life.


“W-what-” asked Taekwoon, but Wonshik was quicker, ramming his fist right through Taekwoon's chest, laughing when a loud yelp left Taekwoon's mouth and then his soul burst into flames, a victorious smirk appearing on Wonshik's lips. Honestly, he had no idea that that would work. Once getting rid of Taekwoon, he looked at Jaehwan, who was still trying to bring him back to life, his heart breaking at the sight of him.


Wonshik quickly went into Taekwoon's body, but it was much more difficult this time. He tried to breathe on his own, but his chest was so heavy and no matter how much he tried, he just couldn't get it to work. However, Jaehwan pushed onto his chest one more time and then Wonshik's body moved on its own, lifting his head up and he started coughing, the water slowly leaving his lungs.


“Finally,” said Jaehwan in between his tears and hugged the other. “W-what the hell were you thinking? Why try and kill yourself? D-don't you love me? I-”


“I'm sorry,” said Wonshik when he finally stopped coughing and closed his eyes. He finally felt alone in the body that he possessed and he could finally call it truly 'his'. Before, he could always feel Taekwoon fighting back, but now... not anymore. “I didn't mean to-”


“Don't you even try to do that again!” yelled Jaehwan and slapped him. “Do you know how scared I was? What if I was too late, then what, huh? How do you expect me to live without you?! You are everything that I have left in this world, you know that.”


“I'm sorry,” whispered Wonshik, kissed Jaehwan and then pulled him into a tight hug. “I love you. I love you, so much. And now you're finally mine,” he then added, smirk widening his lips. “Only mine.”


“Of course, silly. I've always been yours, Taekwoon,” said Jaehwan and melted right again the other's body.


Wonshik felt another stab at the heart, but decided to let it go for the time being. After all, Taekwoon was long gone. “Yeah,” he said after a while and smiled. “Completely mine.”

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Chapter 1: This was dark! I'm so sad for Taekwoon. But, given his character here---a jerk--- I somewhat sided with WOnsik. And is actually glad that he and Jaehwan will be together....
meilidwi #2
Chapter 1: Bravo!! unbelievable as a ghost wonshik is seriously being perfectionist to make such a plan haha
KTsuki-chan #3
Chapter 1: Wow, that was intense x)
I loved the creepy feeling about having someone you don't expect as your lover... Angsty and all...
Thanks for this fic, loved it, like always X)
KimHanAh #4
Chapter 1: Great writing :)) everything was just amazing :v i really like how some of the authors just break the rules of Jaehwan being cute and Wonshik loving his 'bf' :v i want something angsty like this!!! You're awesome!!