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About Me

Hi. I'm from PH. 23 years old and I'm here to share stories I write on the spot. I was never the type to plot something from Chapter 1 to the end, so I apologize if the flow is off. This is bad habit of mine. In the future, I want to finalize my story first before posting it since it's impulsive of me if I just write whenever I can. I mostly do it during my free time at work (which I have a lot). 

I love reading comments from my readers, which I consider my friends already since they took the courage to appreciate my work. I reply to them if I can especially those who share their POV about the chapter. It's cool that you guys can think about different possibilities and I feel fulfilled knowing you thought of that. 

I don't know what to share anymore, but don't be shy to interact with me. If ever I made you uncomforatable, don't hesitate to tell me and I'll change the way I approach you. Your feedback matters. 

That's all for now, I guess?

Thank you for reading this crappy "About Me" section. Have a nice day!


Love only,