Of All The Odds



The odds of liking Sandara Park is close to ZERO

she loves studying, 

she's always serious, 

she's prim and proper 

but most importantly - she's not my type. 


I like wild and beautiful girls with long slender legs and is in for fun. 


And Sandara? Definitely not on the list. 



Well, what are the odds huh. 


When I found myself slowly but surely falling in-love with her. 

I fell hard. 



and drowned. 


What are the odds..



Thank you for reading! c: 

Thank you for reading this story! I hope you’ll leave comments <3


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Chapter 37: thanks for the update authornim..waiting for the next chap of The Trouble is You ☺️
Janaky011203 #2
Chapter 37: Thank you again for the update. I really like this beautiful story.
Chapter 36: Kkkkkk what a nice story authornim..this is so lovely. Thank you
Chapter 19: Kyaaaaaaaa
Chapter 15: Ahahahhaahahh I clearly understand you Jiyong Darong is really so cute
tokki9 #6
Chapter 36: Woah thank you for this wonderful story and special chapter. I really love it!
Janaky011203 #7
Chapter 35: Thank you for this beautiful story. They are destined to be with each other. Against All Odds. I just hope this story will come true. Daragon forever.
Chapter 35: SC jebal
Chapter 35: Dropped by to upvote the story only
JiSandara #10
Chapter 35: Destiny...against all odds.
Congratulations authornim!👏
Looking forward to more exciting & melodramtic stories🥰