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What supernatural beings should appear in the sequel to A Gisaeng's Heart?

  • Kitsune (Japanese fox spirit)
  • Succubi
  • Fairies
  • Vampires

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Hi everyone! um, about me...let's see.I'm married a licensed practical nurse and massage therapist, and we have 2 cats (no kids, yet). 

Started liking kpop about 2009 when After School performed at the Japan Billboard Music awards with their single 'Because of You' , before that I was solely into anime and jpop. Still into some jpop (AKB48, Arashi and EXILE, and Generations from EXILE) and visual kei/rock. After finding kpop I started randomly searching around on Youtube, came across Super Junior and Big Bang at the same time and while I had a sort of on/off like for SJ, it really wasn't until 2014 with SJ-M's single 'Swing' that something clicked and now I'm proud to call myself an E.L.F. I'm also a huge Bangtan Boys (BTS) fan, so I'm also a part of A.R.M.Y. 

I also love k-dramas, so some of my favorite actors may also appear in some of my fan fics like Kim Soohyun or Jo Jungsuk.

Outside of my not-so-secret korean fanfiction life I also am a staff member for a long running anime convention in Nebraska called Anime Nebraskon! I am the second in charge of the First Aid Team and my husband just became the vice-con chair for the convention (exciting times!)

You can follow me on Twiiter, Instagram, FacebookTumblr and I now have an account so people can ask me questions or request things!