The Blood Moon


The city of Seoul is known to be a bustling hub where the supernatual intermix with humans. Until someone or something decides to tip the scale and starts mass murdering both humans and supernaturals in the city, trheatening to expose their deep secrets and upend the delicate balance that the supernaturals have been hiding for generations.

Someone doesn't like the intermixing of supernaturals in groups and the pattern doesn't become apparent until after Yeo Hwan Woong is attacked a few days before the annual Blood Moon while out on errands with his group mate Lee Keon Hee. Its up to the BTS group, a mix of vampires and werewolves, to protect the ONEUS group durign the Blood Moon week while they go through finding the culprit behing Hwan Woong's random attack, the motive behind it, and the Blood Moon ritual, all while ONEUS is welcoming 2 humans into their vampiric group only to find out one of them has werwolf blood into their DNA AND having the Vampire and Werewolf Councils breathing down their necks because of it.

(Summary is a work in progress, and can change. Tags may change at any time. If any TW's I will include them on specific chapters. Cross posted on AO3 as usual!) 


Surprise! I've come back with a new fic, debuting my first ONEUS fic! I'm a baby TOMOON, I started listening to them late 2021 and was blessed by the kpop gods to be able to see them on their Blood Moon tour in Lawrence Kansas March 3 and they blew my mind away and I knew then I am in with ONEUS for life!! For new readers to me, welcome! I've been a BTS ARMY since 2013, so please no hate for being a multistan (BTS and ONEUS are my 2 ult groups now so don't worry). For returning readers, welcome back! I love both groups equally and listening to their music makes me so happy!! As for this fic, please do let me know what you think! I love the concept behind Come Back Home and To Be or Not To Be and knew I had to do a story with ONEUS as vampires (but not with that particular concept used from the MV's). 

The update schedule I am hoping to be on a bi-monthly basis depending on my work/non-profit work schedule (I am in the process of looking for a new job).

As always my fan fics are not beta'd. If you do see a glaring error, please let me know!

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