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Personal Message

Working on a huge crossover at the moment and hopefully I can finish it! [Mr. Sinshine x Hotel Del Luna x Inspiring Generation x Goblin x Dewi (my own story]

About Me

Hello, my name is Karla but you can call me Carol. I am a lover of kpop and kdrama, although I do listen to other music and watch other TV shows of movies. I study publicism because of writing, which is my biggest passion. I have an account here for a really long time but I never really wrote anything about me, I just posted my works. 

Through the time I was writing here but other web sites too, my writing improved a lot (at least I think so). I didn't write only fan fiction but also started planning my own books and stories. I do write fan fiction just to entertain myself, from time to time, I do publish those as well. 

I'm not sure how active this site is now, even though I remember it very active and very dashing. I am quite pleased to come back and start publishing more stories, even though I might be slow at times...