Long hiatus

Hello to all of you.

I have come to a hard decision but I believe it's the only thing I can do now. I am going on long hiatus until May. If it's possible, I will update stories, but very slowly.

The reason for this hiatus is my practice for school. I'm going to be a guider at castle and I have to learn my lines correctly, because ad libs would only make me say goodbye to my hard work. I can't dare to do that.

My practice will last one month, which is May. That may mean that my hiatus would be only longer, because I don't know if there will be WiFi. I will be for the whole month out of my house. 

I'm putting a stop to all chaptered stories during my hiatus. Maybe I will be able to write but only by bits. It's even possible I will be able to update the EunHae fic, you have promised. I'll try to do that.

I hope all of you understand my decision because learning 17 pages of terms isn't easy at all. 

Thanks to all of you and please wait for my stories with patience. Love you all!


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take your time and do well!
It's alright ^-^ you go take your time to learn your lines! You can do it~! I will happily wait!