Never give up

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It has been a while since Kyuhyun passed away, but Siwon can't accept the truth. He can't let his only love disappear into nothing.

That's why he always thinks about Kyuhyun, recalls memories and dreams about him. Even though, he will be hurt at the end of the day, or even early in the morning, he doesn't want to go away of the memory of Kyuhyun.

One day, he thinks, he can't go on like this anymore. He can't live without the boy, who changed his life so much anymore. 

So he goes back to the place, where one of the most beautiful memories of him and Kyuhyun are. He wants to end it there...

Then he meets Heechul, who changes his opinion on life and not want to give up on life anymore. Because that's something, Kyuhyun would have wished for him.

Will Siwon be able to forget, however?


“I wish we could be like this forever. Just you and me.” A young boy smiles at him, hovering over him.

They are in the backfield, with a borrowed horse tied to a near tree, so it won't run away. The field is set with bright flowers. And those two are lying on a green fresh grass.

“We both wish for that, Kyu.” The older man caresses the boy’s cheek tenderly with all love he has for him. He can't even describe how much he loves him.

“Can the time stop for us, Won?” The brown-haired boy asks, lying down on top of Siwon, resting his head on the man’s chest. The man just smiles at the boy’s words, wrapping arms around his waist.

“I wish baby…”



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156 streak #1
Chapter 1: Nice one authornim
Chapter 1: this was beautifully written. thank you Authornim for sharing.
212 streak #3
Chapter 1: There were many parts of this that made me tear up because I'm trying not to cry at work >_< this was so good!
Luhma1817 #4
Chapter 1: Although I never like stories where Kyu and Siwon end up with other lovers, this was good to read even with sad ending.
AnnSan #5
Chapter 1: Sad and beautiful at the same time. Thanks for the story.
Chapter 1: This is a beautiful story