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A story of a boy that couldn't bear life of his family and the pain, his family brought to him. In his plan of running away, he meets Kris, who will give him a ride to Busan. Not for free, however. It's not money, what he wants though... It's not waking up in an empty bed either... What does he actually want?




Park Chanyeol

- runaway

- 19 years old

- coming from poor and wrecked family

- his dream is to become rich


Wu Yi Fan

- calls himself Kris (doesn't want anyone to know his true name)

- 19 years old

- rich kid

- rebel

- loves to party



This story is mostly dedicated to my friend and my favourite author on AFF. I hope you will like it :)

To all of you, I have already thought about making this story for a long time, but only now found a time and a pairing to write it with :) Enjoy^^ 

The chaper will be posted soon~

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Chapter 1: great story
I_crybaby #2
Omg I'm so excited;---;;;
I'm happy to see KrisYeol fics getting attention and many subscriptions in very few days. That is something to be happy about! I still did not read the fic but I'm commenting to show my appreciation to you for writing this fic. Please write more KrisYeol. Our awesome OTP fandom needs authors like you. We will always support our dear KrisYeol authors. I'll read the story asap because looking at the comments down there I feel this fic os certainly good. Fighting authornim!!!
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Chapter 1: I enjoyed this very much ^_^ Thank you soooo much for writing this :D And of course I would LOVE a bonus chapter (:
Preciouswonkyu #5
i need more krisyeol in my life right now. thank you for this and can't wait.
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So happy so happy ^-^ I cannot wait to read this!
Thanks! :D
More KrisYeol o/
Can't wait ^^