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If I were to write a short story inspired by Woohyun's new MV, would you read it?

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91 Liner
Inspirit / Newclear
Christian at heart
writing equals love
I have fallen deeply in love with the art of letting my imagination go loose through the constructive usage of words woven together. It allows my delusion to take over in the hope that one day I can write and publish my own book. Maybe I will. 

I love experiment with many different genres, though romantic comedies always remain my personal favorite to read and write. I can't write or horror.

My friends tell me my stories are known for its inspirational messages. I hope that is true, because I write to inspire. It's also extremely cheesy at times, be warned.
infinite is the air i breathe
My stories mainly feature Infinite (especially Woo Hyun) though I make exception from time to time when I write stories for my friends. I've been told reading my stories can turn people into Inspirits. Sometimes they become Woo Hyun stans. *sigh* Woo Hyun should start paying me for converting non fans into his fans. The things I do for my love~

I've met Infinite three times in my entire life, which is an accomplishment for an international fangirl. Once at the airport (where I had an endless eye contact with Namu). Then at the OGS and Infinite Effect concert. I'd be happy to tell you all about it if you're ready to handle my fangirling.
fun facts

I don't know what else to put here, so I will start making a random list of trivia

- I love the color blue
- Writing has always been my favorite subject since I was in first grade
- I hate mathematics and anything number related
- I hate procastination
- In high school, I'd be the teacher's pet stereotype :3
- I am a dog person and owns an anti-social teacup chihuahua
- I play basic guitar, basic, piano, basic drum, just enough to make covers
- I love covering songs in slow acoustic versions
- Sometimes I have insomnia because my imagination is running 24/7
- I am part of my church's choir group. Proud alto.
- In Harry Potter, I'd be in Ravenclaw
- Iron Man is cool
- Very thrifty. The only time I bought an album was Woo Hyun's Write..
- I love reading the webtoon Lookism
- Aside from Infinite, I kinda sorta like: Super Junior, Exo, SHINee, MBLAQ, Lovelyz, AOA, SNSD, Mamamoo, Seventeen (Though I pretty much listen to anyone's song though)
- If you've read most of my stories, you'll see the same characters making cameos



let your light shine.

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"Fantasy is merely a tool to escape reality."
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