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Sadistic Love by KAT-TUN

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Kat Tun

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I will forever be shock by this news. No, just no! KAT-TUN’s Junnosuke Taguchi plays Forrest Gump in new stage play. Hell to the no! ==;

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Cartoon KAT-TUN with eng sub

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Hello Everyone.

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music... NOT KPOP?!?! :O

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Kat-tun: Sweet Chain

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Lock On

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Everybody DANCE! \^^/

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"Vintage" Kat-tun

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KAT-TUN turns into Anime

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White Christmas

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who's on top?

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Hello Hey Say JUMP and KAT-TUN!!

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Happy 25th Birthday Kamenashi Kazuya

By Sarapyon posted
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