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Hot Mess

Plot: Karina's acting career is in jeopardy due to being accused of being the 'other woman' in a powerful love team. Winter Kim comes to the rescue - a well-known singer's nepo baby who is

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Pleasure Chattels

By Taengislove89 Updated
Characters Snsd, red velvet and so many more.
With 16 chapters, 58 votes, 704 subscribers, 10510 views, 160 comments, 45452 words
Status [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Taeyeon's ship

By Rosaocha21 Updated
Tags  snsd   sootae   taeny   yoontae   taengsic   hyotae   oneshots   seotae   taeyeonsnsd   yultae   dandyu   redvelvet   otherships 
With 4 chapters, 3 votes, 56 subscribers, 3960 views, 6 comments, 3569 words

When the main vocalist of snsd a.k.a Kim Taeyeon is paired with members from her group and members from other idol girl groups. What will happen between Taeyeon and the female idols       

Love So Desperate

By chocomint89 Updated
Characters Kim TaeYeon and Tiffany Hwang
With 10 chapters, 8 votes, 455 subscribers, 2980 views, 17 comments, 9366 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

The Hook-Up Agency

By chocomint89 Updated
Characters Kim TaeYeon and Tiffany Hwang, Jessica Jung
With 6 chapters, 17 votes, 622 subscribers, 4230 views, 25 comments, 5793 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Tiffany Hwang, a workaholic woman who is searching for someone whom she can be her lifetime partner until she found an dating advertisement so she went to the dating agency which TaeYeon was the one who managed alongside with her apprentice SooYoung, they will find her a person that fits her criteria but what if Tiffany will fell in love with TaeYeon instead of finding her a partner?

Taeyeon's Little Caffeine

By sstorm Updated
Tags  angst   jessica   romance   snsd   sootae   taeyeon   taengsic   yoonsic   domesticviolence 
Characters Kim Taeyeon | Jessica Jung
With 17 chapters, 52 votes, 380 subscribers, 10140 views, 238 comments, 26123 words

  At the beginning of every week the students at Taeyeon’s school all compete to see who can make the best coffee, for one girl that remains a mystery. The senior doesn’t understand the hype of making their own coffee for another person. After investigating, Taeyeon finally discovers that the girl, Jessica Jung will date whoever makes the best coffee for her until her taste bud is finally normal Jessica

My Lovely C.E.O Wife

By chocomint89 Updated
Tags  seohyun   soofany   soori   soosica   sootae   taeny   taeyeon   yoonhyun   yoonyul   yulsic   yulti   yoontae   soona   yoonfany   taengsic   tiffanyhwang   marriagelife   girlsgeneration   yoonsic   girlxgirl   taenysic   yultae 
Characters Kim TaeYeon and Jessica Jung
With 14 chapters, 23 votes, 1032 subscribers, 7860 views, 42 comments, 14052 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Dating the Itaewon Billionaire

By chocomint89 Updated
Tags  jessicajung   soofany   soori   sootae   sooyoung   taeny   taeyeon   yoonyul   yulsic   yulti   yoontae   soona   yoonfany   taengsic   tiffanyhwang   girlsgeneration   yoonsic   girlxgirl   taenysic   yoonasnsd 
Characters Kim TaeYeon and Tiffany Hwang
With 21 chapters, 37 votes, 1136 subscribers, 61 comments, 27548 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Secret Lovers

By chocomint89 Updated
Characters Kim TaeYeon and Tiffany Hwang
With 36 chapters, 7 votes, 554 subscribers, 3230 views, 4 comments, 43310 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Foolish Heart

By hazhey Updated
Tags  snsd   sootae   taeny   taeyeon   taengsic   baekyeon   taemi 
With 10 chapters, 1 votes, 188 subscribers, 3680 views, 8 comments, 8213 words
Status Subscribers Only

Here's a new start.  

Bed of roses.

By Swag_Taeng Updated
Tags  sootae   taeber   taeny   taeyeon   conspiracy   taengsic   hyotae   revenge   krystae   yultae   ambition   krysber   angstxromance   backstabing   medicalau   sistersfight 
Characters Snsd 0T9, Krystal, Amber and many more.
With 3 chapters, 7 votes, 98 subscribers, 1580 views, 6 comments, 3132 words
Status Subscribers Only

This is my first time writing on a public platform, I hope you'll be kind with your words, and I'm an amateur writer so please bear with me.   This story is an inspiration from the Korean drama 'Yong pal'

Sooyoung's Doubt

By SY_lover Updated
Tags  choisooyoung   kwonyuri   sootae   kimtaeyeon   kimhyoyeon 
Characters Choi Sooyoung,kim taeyeon,kim hyoyeon,kwon yuri
With 2 chapters, 6 votes, 16 subscribers, 1270 views, 3 comments, 1256 words
Status Completed

Im really feeling writing sootae fanfics now a days i dont know why ?? .. 

Cater 2 Ü

By SY_lover Updated
Characters Choi Sooyoung Taeyeon Kim and the rest of snsd
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 1040 views, 2030 words
Status Completed

Just a sootae fanfic .. I just want to write about them .. 


By chennieboi Updated
Tags  snsd   soofany   soori   sootae   sooyoung   soona   sooseo 
Characters Sooyoung, SNSD
With 1 chapters, 8 votes, 49 subscribers, 2490 views, 8 comments, 2881 words
Status [M]

Protecting Her [Editing]

By VicksonTy Updated
Tags  angst   drama   sootae   taeny   taengsic   yultae 
Characters Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung and SNSD members
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 40 subscribers, 1380 views, 11 comments, 3460 words

Hello, this is my 4th Story. Please comment and subscribe!!!  TQ~      

You broke my wall

By Swag_Taeng Updated
Tags  comedy   drabbles   drama   soosun   sootae   taeny   yulsic   hyofany   yoontae   taengsic   sunyeon   yultae   attemptedcomedy   rushed 
Characters Yoona: Taeyeon: Snsd.
With 24 chapters, 91 votes, 853 subscribers, 12130 views, 98 comments, 24564 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Taeyeon: is an innocent naive girl,always the serious type. She fell for the school's most lovable girl, but later found out about the latter's intention on only wanting to bed with her, which made her furious.   Yoona:  is the school's heart rob,she's every girls love interest at her all girls college, with different girlfriend every week. She had a bet with her friends to make Taeyeon fall for her, take her vaginity  then dump her.   Is Yoona really gonna do

secret love

By deathangeL_se7en Updated
Tags  sootae   sooyoung   exo   luhan   soohan   taehyung 
Characters soooung
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 69 subscribers, 2670 views, 10 comments, 7553 words
Status Subscribers Only

  they were best friends.  did everything together.they go everywhere together. you will think

The Library

By shungchoy Updated
Tags  horror   snsd   sootae   sooyoung   taeyeon   yoona   soona 
Characters Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 6 comments, 2262 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

A one-shot about Sooyoung, Taeyeon and Yoona's creepy experience.

SooTae Collection

By syoojjang Updated
Tags  snsd   sootae   sooyoung   taeyeon 
Characters Choi Sooyoung // Kim Taeyeon
With 6 chapters, 4 votes, 24 comments, 6248 words

This is the collection of Sooyoung x Taeyeon aka SooTae.

Términos & condiciones.

By Girl23 Updated
Tags  snsd   sootae   taeny   spanish 
Characters taeyeon tiffany sooyoung
With 4 chapters, 2 votes, 63 subscribers, 1850 views, 14 comments, 9357 words

XOXO   Después de la muerte de sus padres Kim TaeYeon se ve obligada a pagar las deudas que éstos aparentemente dejaron al irse. Posteriormente se convierte en el títere de la familia Choi, a quienes ahora debe un gran monto de dinero. A su vez, se ve obligada a soportar a Choi SooYoung, la hija única de los Choi y conocida de la infancia, quien la obl

Drama. (Choque con un ángel)

By Moonlight309 Updated
Tags  sootae   taeny   yoonhyun   yulsic   spanish 
Characters Taeyeon Sooyoung Tiffany KyungHo Yuri Yoona Jessica Seohyun Hyoyeon Sunny
With 24 chapters, 14 votes, 228 subscribers, 94 comments, 111015 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Please Don't Tell Her

By geumanhaeyo Updated
Tags  sootae   taengsoong 
Characters Sooyoung, Taeyeon
With 3 chapters, 10 votes, 52 subscribers, 2140 views, 22 comments, 10148 words
Status Completed

"This is an anti-love song... That takes a lot of love to sing." - Jason Mraz

When the Dude Fell for her Bro

By chandler Updated
Tags  soosica   sootae 
Characters Kim Taeyeon Choi Sooyoung
With 1 votes, 7 comments, 361 words
Status Subscribers Only

First of all, sorry for the lame title. It just randomly popped in my head. I just want to squeeze this story before continuing to write my other stories. 

The Last Photograph

By myboo_myJagiyaaa Updated
Tags  soosica   sootae   sootaengsic 
Characters Sooyoung Jessica Taeyeon
With 7 chapters, 6 votes, 259 subscribers, 3000 views, 14 comments, 6589 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

If I Fell

By geumanhaeyo Updated
Tags  sootae   sooyoung   taeyeon   taengsoong 
Characters Sooyoung, Taeyeon
With 11 chapters, 25 votes, 259 subscribers, 5700 views, 130 comments, 24724 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Sooyoung is stuck in a situation she couldn't get out of... Will Taeyeon make things easier for her or would everything be a complicated mess?

Memories of You

By jenijen103 Updated
Tags  changsoo   soofany   soori   soosica   sootae   sooyoung 
With 38 chapters, 14 votes, 193 subscribers, 19730 views, 207 comments, 54630 words
Status [M]

First Love

By reitaa Updated
Tags  sootae   sooyoung   taeyeon 
Characters sooyoung, taeyeon
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 90 subscribers, 1510 views, 10 comments, 3153 words
Status Subscribers Only

As I turn over a new page in my life, I'll never forget that page where I first met her, Where I fell in love with her. It will remain the same.

For Her Memories

By reitaa Updated
Tags  snsd   soori   sootae   sooyoung   yuri   hyoyul 
Characters sooyoung and yuri (Main), taeyeon and hyoyeon (supporting)
With 50 chapters, 12 votes, 77 subscribers, 6680 views, 70 comments, 80995 words
Status Completed

Laws of gravity are against them Though nothing can tear them apart   This story will tell you about two different lives, two different people, and two different worlds. She will always look down and stuck in one place called ‘past’. While she always look up and goes around, free like a wind, looking

Geumanhaeyo's Land of Sootae F|_|ckery

By geumanhaeyo Updated
Tags  snsd   sootae   sooyoung   taeyeon   taengsoong 
Characters Sooyoung, Taeyeon
With 3 chapters, 20 votes, 254 subscribers, 37 comments, 13509 words
Status [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

For Her Memories *what if ver.

By reitaa Updated
Tags  soofany   soori   soosica   soosun   sootae   soona   hyoyul 
Characters Sooyoung, Yuri, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Jessica, Stephanie(Tiffany), Yoona, Sunny
With 8 chapters, 6 votes, 134 subscribers, 2810 views, 11 comments, 18462 words
Status Subscribers Only

What if... ...the words that make everyone wonders... ...if only the story didnt go like that... ...if only they could meet earlier... ...if only the both of them didnt die... 'what if'... that words made everyone wonders... is everything will be the same, wil

Sooyoung-Shots Collection

By DorkSyoo Updated
Tags  soosica   sootae   sooyoung 
Characters Sooyoung Taeyeon Jessica Yoona
With 1 chapters, 104 subscribers, 870 views, 9 comments, 2931 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

This is a collection of one-shots or multiple-shots. Sooyoung centered but mostly SooTae and SooSic since they are both my OTPs.   Collection : 1. Moments. Pt1 (SooTae)

The Inevitable

By 2ne1snsd219 Updated
Tags  jessica   soori   soosica   sootae   sooyoung   taeyeon   yuri 
Characters Choi Sooyoung, Kwon Yuri, Kim Taeyeon, Jung Jessica, Snsd, 2ne1, Apink, etc.
With 2 chapters, 4 votes, 49 subscribers, 2070 views, 17 comments, 8628 words

Yuri is the most pretty and popular basketball player.   Sooyoung is the unpopular smart nerd, people forget about her existence easily.    Those two types of people don't

Between Two Realms

By Soosicsari Updated
Tags  romance   snsd   soori   soosica   sootae   sooyoung 
Characters Snsd
With 4 chapters, 21 votes, 171 subscribers, 3580 views, 37 comments, 6976 words
Status Subscribers Only

Being in a love triangle is difficult but what to do when it's become a decision between good and evil; Sooyoung is about to find out. One demon, one angel and one girl. 

The Neighbours II

By boey_retard Updated
Tags  sootae   yulti   yoonsic 
With 20 chapters, 55 votes, 408 subscribers, 15300 views, 238 comments, 60857 words

Hi, I'm back. We're going through the second phase of the characters' new lives together in "The Neighbours II".  It will have more dramatic turns but of course a lighthearted comedy every now and then.  I'll try to be as simplistic as possible; a story line which you can relate back into the real world.   So, sit back and relax.  Happy reading. 

The Flaws of Summer : Chronicles of the Luxurious Flower Petal

By myboo_myJagiyaaa Updated
Tags  jessica   soosica   sootae   sooyoung   taeyeon 
Characters Sooyoung Taeyeon Jessica
With 3 chapters, 14 votes, 277 subscribers, 2870 views, 12 comments, 7622 words
Status [M], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Destine To Be With You

By SyudHamid1991 Updated
Tags  jeti   snsd   sootae   yulti   hyosica   seokrys   yoonsun 
Characters Kim Hyoyeon, Choi Sooyoung, Kwon Yuri, Im Yoona, Seohyun, Jessica Jung, Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, Sunny Lee, Krystal Jung.
With 28 chapters, 19 votes, 890 subscribers, 16360 views, 83 comments, 58070 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Road Block

By Kpopforever13 Updated
Tags  angst   romance   soosun   sootae   yulti 
Characters Sooyoung, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Sunny
With 5 chapters, 3 votes, 143 subscribers, 12 comments, 5144 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Mission Gluteus Maximus

By itsakyo Updated
Tags  comedy   sootae   taeny   yoontae   yultae   dandyu 
Characters Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, Seohyun
With 10 chapters, 103 votes, 560 subscribers, 20070 views, 130 comments, 13238 words
Status Completed

So Taeyeon has a problem on her hands. Literally.


By AryaMachdi Updated
Tags  snsd   sootae   taeny   ot9   yultae   dandyu 
Characters Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Sooyoung, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Seohyun
With 1 chapters, 9 votes, 48 subscribers, 2750 views, 6 comments, 2438 words
Status Completed

The girls returned the favor of all the things Taeyeon has done for them by helping her out when she's feeling ill. A sweet, warm oneshot starring OT9.

Oh My Goddess!

By geumanhaeyo Updated
Tags  soori   sootae   sooyoung   taeyeon   yuri   taengsoong 
Characters sooyoung, taeyeon, yuri
With 14 chapters, 16 votes, 212 subscribers, 7470 views, 148 comments, 32378 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only



By GraphitePanda Updated
Tags  drama   romance   sootae   sooyoung   taeyeon   violence 
Characters Kim Taeyeon, Choi Sooyoung
With 7 chapters, 13 votes, 1530 views, 44 comments, 19474 words
Status Completed

  There’s danger everywhere, whether it be a simple wound or a life-threatening situation. Sometimes, you are able to escape f

A Closeted Lesbian's Crushes

By walestm Updated
Tags  sootae   taeny   taeri   yoontae   taengsic   hyotae   sunyeon 
Characters Taeyeon | snsd
With 1 chapters, 10 votes, 160 subscribers, 2420 views, 9 comments, 583 words
Status Subscribers Only

Class of Heat

By Soosicsari Updated
Tags  soofany   soori   soosica   soosun   sootae   sooyoung   soona 
Characters SNSD
With 7 chapters, 10 votes, 781 subscribers, 10530 views, 135 comments, 11124 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

It's Always You

By syoojjang Updated
Tags  snsd   sootae   sooyoung   taeyeon 
Characters Choi Sooyoung // Kim Taeyeon
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 23 subscribers, 1060 views, 8 comments, 1128 words

The girl who are always wanted to be alone. The girl who doesn’t care about the others around her. Despite of that, she have a dark secret that no one know. The girl who are always bubbly. The girl who are very friendly with the others. Love to be friends with everyone. Her family are always happy.   When these two girls meet, what will happen to them? Will Sooyoung smiling? Will Taeyeon make a goo

Collections Of Sooyoung Pairing

By introverts Updated
Tags  hyoyoung   soofany   soosica   sootae   soona   sooseo   jesssoo 
Characters Snsd ot9 sooyoung jessica others
With 4 chapters, 6 votes, 179 subscribers, 27 comments, 4980 words
Status Subscribers Only

Enjoy p/s:thats all I got in mind

Taeyeon Harem

By LovelessFate Updated
Tags  sootae   taeri   taeyeon   yoontae   hyotae   seotae 
Characters taeyeon, yuri, yoona, sooyoung, hyoyeon, seohyun
With 10 chapters, 12 votes, 707 subscribers, 51 comments, 5523 words
Status Subscribers Only

Taeri, Yoontae, Sootae, Hyotae, and Seotae. Because, why the hell not? When Yuri, Yoona, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, and Seohyun find out that their pairing with Taeyeon is unpopular, practically unknown, they decide to remedy this fact. Of course, they never figured that they'd actually fall for their kid leader.   'We're going to seduce Taeyeon!'

The Neighbours

By boey_retard Updated
Tags  snsd   sootae   yulti   hyosun   yoonsic   seokrys 
With 55 chapters, 99 votes, 559 comments, 192958 words
Status Completed

This is a gender-bender story. The females: Kim  Taeyeon, Jessica Jung, Tiffany Hwang The males: Choi Soo Young, Im Yoong, Kwon Yul Supporting Cast: HyoSun/SeoKrys/Other SM Artistes   It's going to be a story with full of emotions - ups and downs. It's going to be funny, sad, angst and so on.   So sit back and enjoy.   

Her Soccer Jock

By ss1_kewl Updated
Tags  jeti   sootae 
Characters Tiffany Hwang, Choi Sooyoung, Kim Taeyeon, Jessica Jung
With 3 chapters, 21 votes, 137 subscribers, 3150 views, 16 comments, 5603 words

Jessica + soccer. What more do you need? Oh, and did I mention this is Jeti?

Heartbreak girl

By Yehetfam Updated
Tags  jessica   sootae   taeny   taeyeon   taengsic   humour 
Characters Taengsic Taeyeon tiffany jessica Nichkyun Sunny Yuri Sooyoung
With 11 chapters, 27 votes, 7290 views, 86 comments, 8146 words

Tiffany threw her away like an empty bottle  Taeyeon's heart was broken Jessica wants to fix it  But will Tiffany allow it? " Why did she have to be my heartbreak girl?"


By hyowin Updated
Tags  snsd   sootae   sooyoung   taeyeon 
Characters Girls' Generation
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 31 subscribers, 6 comments, 802 words
Status [M]