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By diamondELF193 Updated
Characters Kim Junmyeon, Lee Soona (OC), Oh Sehun, Lee Soojung (OC), and more
With 5 chapters, 13 votes, 60 subscribers, 2950 views, 16 comments, 15256 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Lee Soona and her fellow group of sasaengs reek havoc on the sensational EXO. Soona is determined to reveal all of their secrets even if it means betraying everyone she knows and getting close to the one she admires most; Kim Junmyeon himself. They cause havoc. They threaten. They scar. They ruin. They stalk. T

Tied by a Will

By farah27 Updated
Tags  onew   romance   shinee   exo   chanyeol   dramaandromance   ocxbias   romance000drama 
Characters lee jinki choi nina
With 7 chapters, 5 subscribers, 400 views, 4 comments, 13967 words
Status [M]

You Are Dear To Me

By Eearie Updated
Characters Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi), Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo)
With 1 chapters, 5 subscribers, 3260 views, 1 comments, 620 words
Status Completed

25 years. I've waited 25 years hoping you'd stand by my side and protect me. Where have you been all this time I cried for help?

The New Target

By Rijouku Updated
Tags  gdragon   jiyeon   leechaerin   jisung   kaisoo   ohsehun   romance000drama 
Characters Jiyeon , Oh Sehun, G-dragon , Chaerin , Ji Sung...
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 85 subscribers, 4160 views, 9 comments, 4698 words
Status Subscribers Only

"I wish I never knew that-"... she knows something that she shouldn't. The only person to see something cruel and hear the secret that everyone is craving to know. "save me"."She has to be mine "

My Bully My Love

By wangmandulover Updated
Characters Park Sandara(OC), Jeon Jungkook & BTS
With 7 chapters, 28 subscribers, 1240 views, 3 comments, 5416 words
Status Subscribers Only

Hey guys this is my first story so I hope you'll like it.

Forever mine

By Bangtangirlzexolz Updated
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 270 views, 1 comments, 4069 words
Status [M]

Its You!

By Style_Yasmin Updated
Characters jichangwook baekjinhee parkseojun
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 8 subscribers, 1640 views, 1 comments, 5911 words

Ji Chang Wook and Park Seo Jun are best friends and brothers between a rich chaebol and a photographer but their bond might break when they fall in love with the same girl.

You're surrounded

By AJ_Devil Updated
Tags  khunfany   snsd   jongyul   baekyeon   yoongi   romance000drama 
Characters Yuri Jongsuk Taeyeon Baekhyun Yoona Seunggi Tiffany nickhun
With 8 chapters, 4 votes, 33 subscribers, 2460 views, 13 comments, 6959 words

Since the case “Jack The Ripper" that shocked everyone in Seoul Korea which happen about 10 years ago had ended with failure so far, the police is deploying to continue this case from now on. To continue to investigate the case which placed for 10 years, they liberal a brand new criminal police combination. With the superior look and remarkable strength of these new polices, they will be soon facing the other legal case and not only the

The Boss & I

By teeyunjae Updated
Characters Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Heechul, Choi Seunghyun, Choi Siwon.
With 5 chapters, 17 votes, 245 subscribers, 5700 views, 59 comments, 11067 words

Kim Jaejoong has served Yunho as his secretary for seven years. For Seven years their relationship remained platonic, but suddenly things started changing between them. Or was there already something there in between them before anyone of them knew or realised?  

Love Changes All

By QDS_2RIN Updated
Tags  lovehate   romance000drama   got7   school00life 
Characters Mark Tuan as Mark, Ree as You
With 8 chapters, 3 subscribers, 680 views, 5084 words

Mareena or Ree is an ordinary and popular girl in her school. Girls in her school see her as a cool girl, rejecting boys in a harsh way maybe not that harsh. Little that they know Mint acted how she is for a reason and what happen after a nerd and the person she wanted to stay away the most confess

Christmas Letter

By tbdssk17 Updated
Tags  romance000drama 
Characters Mingyu, Wonwoo
With 2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 120 views, 2627 words
Status Completed

Sun raises, Sun sets. Rain drops, Rain stops.


By darkNelsy_gandako Updated
Tags  romance000drama 
With 40 views, 109 words

BLOOD LOVE   All I want is to be with him..    AIl I want is to be with her..     Why can't we be with each other...  


By --LuckyHeart-- Updated
Characters INFINITE & EXO | Myungsoo | Sehun | IU [Jieun] OC |
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 2164 words

Sunggyu, dongwoo, woohyun, hoya, sungyeol, myungsoo, sungjong Comes from different part of city in Korea has supernatural powers among the mortal globe. Every 2/3 of the population is gifted with these powers 


By shootingstarz Updated
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 360 views, 795 words

Sometimes events happen unexpectedly, people come into your life unexpectedly. Usually unexpectance connects with bad endings, but what if this time it is for the better? 

This 5H Love

By BlackishWhitey Updated
Tags  romance000drama 
Characters Nae Hana(OC), Byun Baekhyun(EXO), Daehyun(BAP), Xiumin(EXO) and Hyuna (4 Minute)
With 150 views, 558 words

Nae Hana, the only daughter in Nae's family. She also the head of a famous company called the Cotton Company. Eventhough it called with cotton, it doesn't mean that this company sell cotton. Instead of selling cotton, this company sell books. Most of the companies in this world are ordering books from this company so, due to this informations, it is sure that Nae's family is a rich family among the richest family. Nae Hana also has a bestfriend named Byun Baekhyun. Baekhyun is the 2nd son in

This 5H Love

By BlackishWhitey Updated
Tags  romance000drama 
Characters Nae Hana(OC), Byun Baekhyun(EXO), Daehyun(BAP), Xiumin(EXO) and Hyuna (4 Minute)
With 90 views, 380 words

Nae Hana, the only daughter in Nae's family. She also the head of a famous company called the Cotton Company. Eventhough it called with cotton, it doesn't mean that this company sell cotton. Instead of selling cotton, this company sell books. Most of the companies in this world are ordering books from this company so, due to this informations, it is sure that Nae's family is a rich family among the richest family. Nae Hana also has a bestfriend named Byun Baekhyun. Baekhyun is the 2nd son in

Between The Worlds

By happikkumaness Updated
Tags  angst   fantasy   exo   chanyeol   kris   supernaturalpower   romance000drama 
Characters Byun Hyomi (OC) | Kris | Chanyeol | All Exo Members | Some Cameo's ♥
With 40 chapters, 30 votes, 400 subscribers, 111 comments, 147736 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

What will happen, if you find a way to another, completely different world and enter it? It's an unknown place full of danger, mysterious creatures and people with unbelievable powers.

Into the Dark

By HolyCow Updated
Characters OCs, B2ST, Doojoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kikwang, Dongwoon.
With 35 chapters, 7 votes, 177 subscribers, 68 comments, 110944 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Who You?

By -yumechrys Updated
Characters SHINee members (+ other kpop idols)
With 9 subscribers, 690 views, 1 comments, 157 words

Minho is a college student of University of Seoul. He has good grades, a best friend, and the love of his life Taemin.Taemin and him were inseparable. They texted each other everyday,talked on the phone for hour; they even walked together. Until one day, they got into an huge argument and said some unspeakable thing to one another. Soon as the argument ended, Minho went in his car in a infuriating state, then got to a big accident. All of his family

The Beginning of Forever

By WinterZee- Updated
Characters Im Jin Ah (Nana) & Wu Yi Fan (Kris)
With 2 chapters, 4 subscribers, 580 views, 2 comments, 5076 words
Status [M]

The Salty, Vast Sea

By KaihleeLo Updated
Characters Han Gain | Kim Soohyun | Yoo Seungho | Park Jiyeon | Jin Seyeon
With 41 chapters, 33 votes, 148 subscribers, 8670 views, 506 comments, 81662 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

sleeping mizu.

By yogurtlegs Updated
Characters Sonya Hirayama, Minhyuk Chanji
With 1 subscribers, 670 views, 1840 words

The Fallen tears

By nadyaf Updated
Tags  changmin   jaejoong   junsu   tvxq   yunho   yoochan   romance000drama 
Characters Liliya, changmin, jaejoong, yunho, junsu, yoochun, honki, others.
With 5 chapters, 4 subscribers, 350 views, 3 comments, 6894 words
Status [M]

Tic Toc

By JFknBabe Updated
Tags  tragic   romance000drama 
Characters Shin Dong Ho, Lee Eun Jung(OC)
With 210 views, 154 words

Tic Toc                        Shin Dong Ho, a 19 year old 4th year student met this sweet, angelic 2nd year student Eun Jung. He sees her only as a younger friend but as he gets to know her mor

True Colors

By Hyofan_123 Updated
Tags  romance000drama 
Characters Exo Sehun You Ocs Snsd
With 70 views, 54 words

Kim Haneul is the from SH. She is popular,feisty,rich and mean. She's going to marry Oh Sehun , the school's most popular boy. He's in a group named EXO. What will happen to both of them ? 

Winter Fantasy: Fly Like Yesterday

By KaihleeLo Updated
Characters Lee Hoya | Jung Hyosung | Dynamic Black | Dazzling Red
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 5 subscribers, 1010 views, 5 comments, 4942 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

Childhood Blues

By Megpoid Updated
Tags  romance000drama 
Characters You and anybody you want
With 1 chapters, 300 views, 593 words
Status Completed

What will happend if something awakens in you after a long time.. And if it is from your childhood..

A Year in South Korea

By Tabby121984 Updated
Tags  romance000drama 
With 40 views, 26 words

As a pre-med graduate from Bob Jones University, Elizabeth Kim wanted to return to the country of her ancestors and get her doctorate in cardiac surgery.

Revising the BROKEN promise

By trollingchenchen Updated
Tags  romance000drama 
Characters Kris wu yi fan
With 410 views, 147 words

                                               People said that promises were meant to be broken. Can Haeri revise the broken promise of her sister and her boyfriend? Completing her sister's last wish is her everything. Love might be found on her way but can he really take everything because of her background? Is their love go

Special Encounter ♥

By ELFfourever Updated
Tags  siwon   yoona   romance000drama 
Characters Choi Siwon and Im Yoona
With 3 chapters, 7 subscribers, 540 views, 3150 words

A short story about an ordinary girl, whose name is Toona, that moves to Korea to continue with her career. One day when she is going to her favorite noodle restaurant, she mets a gorgeous guy when she bumps into him.  Yoona continues to dream about becoming a wide known actress. She got a small role in a Korean movie called, "Destiny", and surprisingly mets this mysterious man again. It turns out he has the lead role of the movie and he is a famous actor. When they met in the filming

It Only Hurts For A While

By hattie_aguilar Updated
Tags  romance000drama 
With 10 views, 663 words
Status [M]


By kjjrys Updated
Tags  romance000drama 
With 8 chapters, 1 votes, 320 views, 1 comments, 7425 words

Recently killed, Koekura meets Kusuri, a Goddess of Buushuu. She discovers that she is the newest vessel for her powers and will be sent to modern-day time in order to continue to live on. The man she meets in the woods, Kuronuma, will be both her mentor and her main  love interest. Koekura is very dense, after all, the only men she ever met were mon

Love That Can't Be With Us

By nomaaa Updated
Tags  romance000drama 
Characters kaiandnaeun suhoandschorong
With 80 views, 129 words

My name is Jongin. People call me Kai. I am 18 years high school student. I  have a secret crush on my bestfriend's friend. She is well known as a clever student in my high school. That's why I liked her. Everytime I see her, my heart beating so crazily. That's call love, right? But, I was confius about my bestfriend, Suho f

The Born Heartaches

By Ssantokki-xoxo Updated
Characters G Dragon Dara Park
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 63 subscribers, 1560 views, 8 comments, 2084 words

How did Dara react at the dating scandal involving Ex boyfriend G Dragon && KK this year? Is she affected? Is everyone affected? 

Next Level

By CookieMonsterowo Updated
Characters Cho Kyuhyun | Im Jin Ah | Other characters as the story goes on.
With 210 views, 607 words
Status [M]

Can't Stop.

By lostfairybelle Updated
Characters Shyne, Cage, Kim, Holly,
With 2 chapters, 310 views, 3059 words

My (shyne) mission was to avoid Cage (Lee Jong Suk) like a plague. Ever since i met him, i know he will be both trouble to me and my beating heart. But i end up been drawned to him. Looking at him has become my hobby. He looks up just when i steal a glance and he smiles, knowingly. He draws me, to him... I have been loosing sleep just thinking about his gaze and i don't know what i've got myself into. He has something..that calms my heart but shakes me to my soul.

++ Assassin Soulmate ++

By Choi-Jinhee Updated
Characters You - Exo - SNSD - super junior - Daehyun(B.A.P
With 1 votes, 790 views, 1 comments, 889 words

"The Blade piercing your chest can't take you away from me, Until death do us part" ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ-ﻬ        Kim Misook is Assigned to Assassinate SNSD and a group of boys, While SNSD is also Assigned to Assassinate Her group and a

I Wish...

By ImL291094 Updated
Characters BTS Jin, Park Haemi (OC/You)
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 2 comments, 6783 words
Status Completed

One-shot/Three-shots story based on BTS song 'Just One Day' Main Characters : -Kim Seokjin a.k.a Jin (BTS) -Park Haemi (OC/You) -BTS members  

No Commitment

By kimjongeun Updated
Characters DanielKim, AhnHani
With 11 chapters, 1 votes, 430 views, 1 comments, 8879 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

TIME (시간)

By Daifuku_24 Updated
Tags  romance000drama 
Characters Choi Jin Hyuk, Kim Rae Won, Soo Ae, Ku Hye Sun, Daniel Choi, Yunho, Ji Yeon...
With 3 chapters, 300 views, 1 comments, 3144 words

They were supposed to be together. For life. Ever since the murder of Yoon and her parents, Choi Jin Hyuk has become a cold, uncaring and unrelenting young man of 25 years old who now helps his father lead the second largest company in Asia. He is still longing to see that infant again and is always wondering what she would look like if she was still alive. His guilty feelings of not being able to protect his future bride has caused him pain and misery for the last twenty years. But i

My Brother is my Future Husband

By Mariane_JOAN Updated
Tags  you   ulzzangboys   bts   romance000drama 
Characters You/OC:Lee Chi Hoon:Park Tae Joon:Lee Hi:Park yoona/IU and Others
With 3 chapters, 1 comments, 3735 words

''My whole Life change when I met him and spend time with him''  ''Im so Happy that I met him''  ''And because of him,I found My Lover''  ''BUT this is not right''  ''The lover that I found is HIM'' ''What should I do? '' ''Because He's my BROTHER''  This is a st