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okay guys guys just help me out for new fanfic

  • zombie au (vampires fight for survival)
  • zombie au (humans fight for survival)
  • zombie au (mixed races try to survive)

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i will tell about me a little or more about how or why i write fanfics. i kind of in it but it's just a way of placing my ideas and imagination in one place. now... one place sounds bad because I write so freaking much fanfics and most of them are on going. why? well sometimes i get those feels, sometimes i feel like romance/drama/actions/fantasy and so on... so each of my fanfics as somewhat similar yet different. you can also can see some to be updated and when you see you don't notice new chapter... why? because i try to fix mistakes from the ones when i notice yet there are fanfictions which has a lot of mistakes and even though i see them i am too lazy to fix them.


i love comments on my stories

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if this list is too long you can set the image of the first bias in the list to be long so it will have a nice balance. or maybe add a hover for the 'username' text. same for the wip and fanfics sections.

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suga/agust d/min yoongi of bts

kim taehyung/v

bias name

park jiyeon

byun byunghun/ l.joe of teen top



so i write many genres and currently i added  to the list as well. i always wanted to do it but wasn't certain. yet here i dared >< though i might at it if there will be moments to come to rated to be honest.

*whispers* I ship my bias with many different ships to be honest even not real ones so don't be surprised.

name // link // completed

name // link // completed



don't forget // 2 chapters // completed // read 

fallen for a wolf // 10 chapters // completed // read

a tale of a boy with a tail // 3 chapter // on going // read

you promised me // 3  chapters // ongoing // read

house of romance // 15 CHAPTERS // ONGOING // READ

thE new target // 2 CHAPTERS // ONGOING // READ

crazy lover // 3 CHAPTERS // ONGOING // READ

unhealthy relationship // 3 CHAPTERS // ONGOING // READ

00:00:01 // 4 CHAPTERS // ONGOING // READ

obsessed // 1 CHAPTER // ONGOING // READ

min yoon...na?! // 6 chapters // on going // read

the bad boys // 6 chapters // on going // read

when boys text // 10 chapters // on going // read