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Brash And Curious

"For how long are you going to annoy me?"  "Yes."

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No or no

By ihlaotv3u Updated
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7.6k字  左右位无差 是BE^ω^ 复仇小仆·东赫×痴情少爷·敏亨 墓碑中间有几行字好像被什么人用墨水涂掉,有一个字却清晰的展露在中间:爱。   —————— 1 见面礼   李敏亨正在自己的房间欣赏音乐的时候,一个仆人“砰”一下撞开门,仆人的脸色告诉他,即将发生的不是什么好事。   “敏亨少爷,曼宁....呼困难了!!”曼宁,曼宁?哦,陈曼宁,是一个很漂亮的姑娘,一个仆人,在他眼里最特别的仆人。和他年纪相仿,生得漂亮,还有那楚楚可怜的样子,让李敏亨忍不住在日记里写过她:像一样。   李敏亨连播放器都没关就匆匆跑出去,毕竟他不可置否的喜欢过陈曼宁。   是,不可置否。   他还在日记写过她的笑容像阳光。阳光,多么温暖的形容,在李敏亨心里也确实,她就像洒进来的阳光。写她在擦走廊上挂的名画像时,好像从画里偷跑出来的青涩少女来人间到处挥散爱意

[马东] 平平无奇的恋爱傻瓜

By AmelCROSS Updated
Tags  marklee   markchan   nct   nct127   haechan   markleexhaechan 
Characters MarkLee Haechan
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台风季激情doi情侣。 是以前发的,以前不太会用AFF格式有点乱,重修了一下

【传】The Man

By seikecola Updated
Tags  markhyuck   markchan   nct   markleexhaechan 
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By Angou_0606 Updated
Tags  markhyuck   marklee   markchan   nct   nct127   haechan   markhyuk   markleexhaechan 
Characters mark haechan 李马克 李楷灿
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-❗️不喜勿进❗️ -短打 | 伪师生&轻SM | 1v1  -考场


By child16 Updated
Tags  markchan   nct   markleexhaechan 
Characters 李马克
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少爷马克*站街东赫 不算be 毕竟总会再见

给十年后的我 (更新至十一)

By Spellthemagic_youcan Updated
Characters MarkLee Heachan
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你还是记得你跟我约定吧 区区几场成败里 应该不致麻木了吧 快乐吗 你忘掉理想只能忙于生活吗 别太迟又十年后至想快乐吗    

Teddy Bear

By elailee Updated
Characters MarkxDonghyuck/Haechan
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Status Completed, Crowdfunded

"It feels like the long night will last forever Every time I'm scared You cross the dawn with me To the other side of the moon"


By rainbowdemon69 Updated
Characters marklee leedonghyuck leehaechan lucas
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the redamancy of us

By neorotz Updated
Tags  angst   fluff   jaemin   oneshot   taeil   hospitalau   jeno   kpopau   markhyuck   marklee   leejeno   nct   moontaeil   najaemin   nct127   haechan   nctdream   renjun   nctau   huangrenjun   leedonghyuck   leehaechan   nctfluff   markleexhaechan   nctangst 
Characters Mark Lee, Lee Donghyuck (Haechan), Moon Taeil, Lee Jeno, Na Jaemin, Huang Renjun
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 10 subscribers, 2 comments, 7331 words
Status Completed

Mark had always believed that hospitals weren't a place for happiness, yet he couldn't help the fluttering in his chest and the smile on his lips whenever the golden, twinkly-eyed boy was around.

Do You Believe In Fairy Tales?

By Seachelle623 Updated
Characters Huang Renjun, Na Jaemin, Lee Jeno, Mark Lee Minhyung, Lee Donghyuck, Haechan, Zhong Chenle, Park Jisung, Johnny Seo, Wong Yukhei/Lucas
With 36 chapters, 15 votes, 377 subscribers, 4740 views, 72 comments, 77619 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

“When will your life be fun, Mark Lee?” “Maybe when you stop asking it to be, Johnny Seo,” He retaliated, earning a good natured laugh from the older who accompanied him all the way to the seats of the hall. “And my life isn’t boring.” “Name me one thing that’s interesting other than soccer.” Lee Donghyuck. The kid who sings. The kid who is sarcastic. And the kid who doesn’t care about how many people know he’s gay. 

Lie for you, Die for you

By rainbowdemon69 Updated
Characters Mark Lee DongHyuck Lee
With 1 chapters, 6 votes, 220 subscribers, 2000 views, 1 comments, 2003 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Untold Flowers

By Asaku_ Updated
Characters Mark Lee, Lee donghyuck, Haechan, Lee Taeyong
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 11 subscribers, 870 views, 1 comments, 2969 words
Status Completed

Turn Around

By rainbowdemon69 Updated
Characters donghyuck mark jeno jaemin
With 1 chapters, 13 votes, 221 subscribers, 2010 views, 7 comments, 1896 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Mark Lee was getting married. And his lover has only one night with him.   I at descriptions lol heavily inspired by Wait by Maroon 5 and the Iconic Wedding scene from Shadowhunters ?.