Dear, EXO-L.

Guys, is it wrong for me to still support Kris and believe in OT12? Is it wrong for me to still hope for Kris to come back? Don't bash me, please. I just got bash by 3 people who support OT11 and hate Kris. I was just posting about how I miss Kris and they bashed me. Can't I miss him? For me, he's still an EXO member. I know, it hurts that he left. Everybody is mad including EXO members. But, can we just stop bashing any of them? Bashing will not change anything. It will make it worst and it will hurt one of them. Just let it go and support them from behind. That's what true fans are. Don't bash. We, EXO-L, don't know anything.


I, LjoeyBeast, will support EXO and WuYiFan forever! EXO saranghaja! 




Btw, is there anyone who still support Kris?


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it's not wrong...i really miss him but i also support him so lets hope everything turns out well
DUDE..... I MISS HIM TOO!~ I REALLY STILL WANT KRIS BACK IN EXO TOO! >< & I still support Kris and exo. OH! FYI, BASHING ONE ANOTHER IS !NOT! A TRUE FAN. Supporting each other is. (If you understand what im trying to say*)
count me in!!!! Kris is my first ing bias together with Kai!!!!! /sobs/
Wu Yifan !! Me and My mom support you and will always love you ~ Saranghae ^^
I still support yifan of course, there's nothing to hate about him~
I still support Kris! :)
I guess you should just ignore those 'fans' who bashed you since that's absolutely rude of them -_-
Me me me meeeee!!! I'm still supporting Kris yey! :D actually I haven't download EXO-L yet bc I don't know how it works. And too lazy to open app store lmao.