Dispatch will reveal another SMe artists that in a relationship.

Guys, i'm so done with life. There's another SMe artists dating. And I think it's Luhan. Because there's a picture that Dispatch post and they highlighted an eye that looks exactly like Luhan's eyes(I can't post the picture because i'm using phone) If it's really Luhan, I'm so gonna cry. ㅠㅠ Yeah, sure I wanna see them happy but this happened so fast. After Baekhyun, another member? Why life so cruel? I really can't take it anymore. Luhan was my UB! *SOBS* Wae? Wae?! WAE?! Out of all, why must it be EXO? Why must it happened to my favorite group? ㅠㅠ I really miss Kris. I miss MAMA era. I miss WOLF era. I miss GROWL era. I miss SHOWTIME where they always be as one and there's like nothing can change their relationship. They create such a beautiful memories as ONE. But, everything change so fast. ㅠㅠ For me, OVERDOSE era is the worst era ever. Kris gone and other members started to date. It was like a nightmare for me. I wish I can turn back the time and just watch their beautiful moments. Whenever I rewatch EXO SHOWTIME, I cried. Whenever I rewatch MAMA era, WOLF era, GROWL era, I cried hard. How I miss them so much! ㅠㅠ I need a shoulder to cry on. I can't take it. I'm sorry for being immature and selfish. BUT, I'm a loyal fan. I willstill support them and be happy for them although it hurts. ㅠ_ㅠ EXO, saranghaja. :'(


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I feel your pain well atleast my sister does
shes happy for them and even if its luhan shes been extremely quiet these days which is very strange and when she heard about luhan
she turned into me
Its not a code from dispatch its just a game. Calmdown..
Ooohh I'm so excited! But I hope he won't be bashed too...
... I don't see how Exo members dating is a bad thing. They're humans too and they have the right to date.