Baekhyun & Taeyeon

Hello guys. I guess you already know about that dating news, right? I know how some of you felt. I was sad and shock at first too. It was so sudden. I can't accept it yet. Not today nor tomorrow or maybe 1 year later. I need more, more time. Please don't bash me. I'm sorry for acting immature and selfish. I just can't accept it yet. But I'll try to support them together from the back. And be happy for them although it hurts me so much. Back from school, reality slapped me hard on my face. I was expecting Kris news, but this one came out. It crash my whole world. Baekkie just came and wreck my bias list but this happen. I'm sorry for being immature. Just bash me if you want.ㅠㅠ I know, Baekkie's dream come true. He's ideal type is Taeyeon unnie, right? Yeah, it hurts so much.But, don't you smell something fishy guys? I'm not trying to be a judge here but it was really weird tho. It was just so sudden and Kris issue is not done yet. It was like when Shin sekyung and jonghyun dating, it was tvxq/dbsk broke apart. When tvxq/dbsk issue was done, jonghyun and sekyung broke up. It was just so weird. And this one is Baekkie and Taengie dating when Kris case is not done yet. Don't you think it was all SM plan to distract us from Kris issue? To make us forget about Kris? Kris left a big impact on them tho. This is just so doubtful bc why can't sasaengs or the so called "FBI" on our fandoms couldn't take these kind of photos, why does it have to be dispatch who could take these kind of photos? it's very doubtful... since dispatch is a media outlet in korea, there are possibilities that sm entertainment paid them to take these photos (don't get mad, i'm just stating something) It's just my observation on them. Don't get mad at me. And SM confirmed it so fast. That shocked me the most. But if they are really dating, I'll be happy for them both. I'm not going to bash any of them bc i have no rights to control their lifes. Being immature fan is totally out of my list. Just give me time to accept this news. How about you guys? What is your opinion on them? They're cute together, I know ㅠㅠ If baekkie happy, I'm happy too although my heart hurts the most. Please don't bash them. I know we are fans. Fans have rights to be broken, hurts and cry. But try to be happy for them. Like me, I support them but at the same time I cry a river. lol okay. That's me. Just wait for another news about Kris still an exo member. (maybe it will not happen) Just wait, okay? Maybe there's a miracle. Who knows right? Just keep on supporting them no matter what. Poor yeollie oppa. There is no more Baekyeol ㅠ_ㅠ Anyway, WE A12E ONE! Remember that. Love you guys! xoxo *sobs* *sobs*


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i also cry like you..
my friends also cry..
she's can't accept the news about baekhyun and taeyon are dating...