Quiz #134 The Amusement Park Test


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          You Are Imaginative


        You are a dreamy, head in the clouds type of person. You love to imagine different worlds and lives.

You use your mind to escape boredom and sadness. You have a rich and delightful inner world.

You are a true romantic, in every sense of the word. You value love, and you have notions of how you want the world to be.

And while you are often buried in your own thoughts, you are also quite selfless. Part of your grand vision involves helping others.


-it's hard to choose between that n another one...lol...i like kiddish stuffs...xD n i remember going on this when i was little n my sister was still inside my mom...uhm...yeah...xD
- use your mind to escape boredom n sadness - yeah cuz how else? lol.
- a true romantic.... yesss, and that's why everyone should support OTPs created by ME. lol.../not by someone elsecoughs/



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