Quiz #114 What Color Blue Are You?

well, since other colours have been posted....can't left blue out...xD

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          You Are Periwinkle



        You're very intuitive and sensitive. You often know other people better than they know themselves.

You're also quite optimistic, and you think well of yourself and others. You know your dreams will come true.


not exactly my fav shade but oh well...lol.... 'you know people more than they know themselves' spot on...lol. that's why you should listen to everything i say,hahaha /kind laughter/...cuz as much as i hate to brag...it's kinda true...lol...i'm not that optimistic though neither am i confident of dreams come true cuz it's mostly bull




other results:



          You Are Ocean Blue



        You're both warm and practical. You're very driven, but you're also very well rounded.

You tend to see both sides to every issue, and people consider you a natural diplomat.




          You Are Sky Blue



        Dreamy and creative, you the potential in everyone ... and everything!

And while you strive to have an ideal life, you are pretty mellow about it. You know your time will come.




          You Are Navy Blue



        You're a true adventurer. You constantly find yourself drawn to new experiences, people, and places.

Sometimes you feel quite scattered and bored. If something exciting isn't going on, you feel a bit lost.




          You Are Royal Blue



        People find you difficult to understand. In fact, you often find it hard to understand yourself.

You think so much that sometimes you get lost in your own thoughts!




          You Are Indigo



        Of all the shades of blue, you are the most funky, unique, and independent.

Expressing yourself and taking a leap of faith has always been easy for you.





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