Quiz #107 What Part of Speech Are You?


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          You Are a Conjunction



        You are a deep thinker, and you're always looking for the connections between things.

You see the whole big picture as far as the world goes. You are good at developing intricate theories.

In your view, we are all interconnected. The little things we do affect one another, and the results are pretty interesting.

You tend to be a mix and match type of person. You like unusual pairings - in food, style, and in company.



Yes, i agree with this...and also...i love unusual pairings...in fanfics...lol.


Other results you may get:


          You Are a Noun



        You are very concerned with the material world and what is actual.

Facts interest you, and it's likely that you keep up with the latest news.

You do well with ideas and concepts you can actually see. You are a very visual person.

You are the type who knows every person and place in town. You're very well informed.




          You Are a Verb



        You are an active and proactive person. Verbs are doing words, and you are a doing creature.

You're always up to something. Inaction drives you crazy. You get bored and restless easily.

And even when you take time to sit still, you don't quiet your mind. You are in a different state every few minutes.

Whether you're thinking, working, playing, loving, wondering, reading, or simply smiling - you are a verb all the way.




          You Are an Adjective



        You are a very expressive person. You have a way with words, and you're never at a loss for what to say.

You can describe something perfectly. You can paint a picture with your story and make people feel like they were there.

You are fanciful and dreamy. You tend toward being a little dramatic. Everything is a big deal for you.

For you, a day is not simply nice. It's "beautiful," "idyllic," "balmy," or "superlative."




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