Quiz #85 What Waffle Topping Are You?

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          You Are Ice Cream



        You enjoy being a people pleaser, and you can turn on the charm when it's time to be social.

Everyone loves you, and you know how to entertain a crowd. You come up with goofy, silly, fun, and crazy ideas.

You tend to go a little over the top at times, but you know where the line is. You push people to do things they already secretly want to do.

You may be outgoing and outrageous, but you like stability. Having a good core friend group is key for your happiness.



people pleaser? psh...no. or i'd hav a swarm of friends already...lies. and outgoing? hahahahahah....entertain a crowd? more like....hide from them....pfsh.....everyone loves me? more like opposite....but push ppl to do what they want? that's...yeah.


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          You Are Chocolate Syrup



        You are good to yourself, and you like to be alone with your indulgences. You prefer not to share.

You are big on inspiration, and you can never say where you next good idea will strike. You are very adaptable.

You try to be impervious to outside influence. You set the mood and tone in your life, and you make the best of things.

You are very proactive and refuse to be down in the dumps for long. You can turn almost any situation into a fun game.



^ i want some chocolate on my waffle T^T..../oh well, i'll just go eat my waffles...i already hav some real ones with chocolates n peanut butter lol)


          You Are Maple Syrup



        You are dependable and even a little old fashioned. You're not one to change a good thing.

You have simple tastes and enjoy simple pleasures more than most people. For you, quality always comes first.

You can be a bit of a perfectionist at times, but mostly just in your service to others. You like to do a good job.

You consider yourself a normal person, and you are very dependable. You only need a few comforts to feel content.




          You Are Powdered Sugar



        You are mellow and low-key. You may have a lot going on, but you don't feel the need to brag or boast.

You are very self-reliant and have no problem taking care of yourself. And you are happy to let others have the spotlight.

You are focused, skilled, and detail oriented. You get a lot of satisfaction from your work and intellectual pursuits.

You enjoy doing small things to make others happy, even if (especially if) they don't notice. You are always thoughtful.



^ sounds a little...pretentious? idk...lol.


          You Are Whipped Cream



        You are friendly, enthusiastic, and always up for a good time. People can count on you for happy, zany energy.

You love to celebrate, and it doesn't even matter whether you're the one who has something to toast to. You are all about good times.

You may seem like all fluff to those around you, but you have learned that it's best to keep your problems mostly to yourself.

You are a friend to all, but you're a little pickier about who you consider a friend to you. You need solid people in your life.


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