Waiting To Exhale: the extra bits

The dates

- (130603) Safely hit its 275th view mark on 3rd June; two days before it celebrates its one monthsary debut. I'm so proud of my baby :') Although I am quite surprised with the sudden increase of the view counts lately... I wonder what happened o_o

- (130621) Okay, so I purposely hid the chapter to see if other users or guests could view hidden chapters (I'm curious like that so yeah). After I was satisfied with the findings that I obtained, I unticked the "hide chapter" box, which later re-revealed the chapter. Little did I know that the action would result in the story being updated; meaning the subscribers were alerted that the story was updated. But there were no updates really! ;A; I'm very sorry to the tricked subscribers. And yeah, someone unsubscribed =,=' I'm sorry!

- (140122) HIT ITS 1000TH VIEW MARK! YAYY!

Personal rant/ message: Is it safe to say that I debuted with this story? 
Honestly, I struggled when writing this Malay story. My first day of exam was two days away from the date of completion yet I needed to worry about the story. Why? Because my past self (! <-- angry mode on) had promised the viewers to upload the story by the following week I created the foreword. Urgh. Believe me, I couldn't sleep because of this story. Not because of the exam, but my worries went to the story instead *shakes head*
Anyway, anyway, anyway. The idea kicked in when I read halfway through qrystal's story, Paying it With Marriage. At first, I just wrote the diary entry in my phone and kept it there for weeks. I never had the intention to upload it. However, after a few times re-reading what I had written, I gained the confidence to upload it on AFF. 
But to develop the story was... hard, honestly speaking. If you've read the author's note by the end of chapter 1, you get what I mean. I had this sudden idea to include flashbacks as well. Like really sudden. So I spent the whole week after creating the foreword constructing the flashbacks. But if you notice, the flashbacks are kind of clichè though, haha. Especially the second and longest one: the female lead being clumsy. I faced some difficulty as well when concluding the story. I wanted it to have a sad ending; as what I've promised qrystal. It's really hard to blend the sad genre into the humorous flashbacks. I didn't want the story to become awkward. Well, which sane writer wants that, anyway? Anyway, I happened to listen to Tears by Leessang and Eugune when writing the last part, and, strangely enough, I got inspired by the song. Alhamdulillah, ideas kept flowing in and I mananged to end the story nicely, just the way that I wanted :D
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