Waiting To Exhale — posters and backgrounds

effervesce @ effervesce designs
Thank you so much ladies! Simply gorgeous and lovely the posters you made there :D I will use the posters alternately, I promise.
PS: 4 posters for only one story. I must be craazy. Not to mention that Chunji's image is totally the same in each poster.
First, effervesce made two versions of posters (with and without female OC) but she made a mistake: she misspelled my username. Then I asked her for a redo. But after a while (about a week?), I think she forgot about my request. Hahaha. Can't blame her though, she had so many pending requests. Then I saw izumiyumi's graphic shop and requested there. Five days later, I got a 'comment replies' notification; and in there effervesce told me that she had done the redo, the third poster above. I think she suddenly remembered about my request because another customer also requested for a redo. And then? izumiyumi notified me the next day that my request was done. 
Yup, the story (journey) of graphics requesting.
Anyway, back to Waiting To Exhale story, peeps! Don't forget to leave comments there :)
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