Need to.., and regarding my Teen Top Ricky's Missing You songfic.

I need to stop looking at the word count when I write stories. Seriously. It's quality more than quantity, damnit.
Btw, not sure about you guys, but I write and save my stories on Word. I can't really trust AFF to keep them... in safe conditions. There was one time I was checking on how my Malay fic was doing, and I was freaked out when AFF stated that the story couldn't be found. Good thing when I refreshed the page, the story could be retraced. I almost had a heart attack at that T.T 
Plus, there have been issues on fics being 'magically' deleted, and cannot be recovered. So it's a good precaution to have a backup on your own desktop or document.
True, as a slow writer, I rarely produce completed stories, but I treasure them dearly, no matter how bad they are. I sacrifice my time on writing, you know. And I'm well aware that every writer does. So having your fics suddenly disappeared is definitely not a nice thing to face.
Oh, and good news to my Missing You songfic subscribers! I'm progressing well with the fic now :DDD it's such a great news for a slow writer like me, lol. I've been lacking the inspiration these past few months for this little baby of mine. So expect the completed story in..... two weeks time? Only one scene is left and after that it's editing and proofreading and be satisfied by the product. Bear with me, loves xx


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