Super Junior M and Infinite [Infinite-H] Comeback

OH MY SHISUS!!! I'm so glad I randomly checked allkpop just now

Super Junior M already released a comeback teaser image about 2 days ago, which is this ▼

and now, today, they released a teaser video ▼

I'm slowly dying over here..... Oh EunHae is so hot!!!!! I'm as giddy as I was when Suju's 6jib came out. This comeback will be amazing! Sadly Siwon won't be in the promotional activities, but he's in the teaser.... SM, how does that work again? It feels like you put him in there for nothing but I guess they're still gonna teach him the choreo for later performance or when he's actually able to be there with SJM (Sometimes it seems like they give Siwon too much to do).

Now onto Infinite → They are now coming out with a subunit, called Infinite-H and the H stands for Hip-Hop.... guess who's in it? Hoya and Dongwoo!!!!! So far, only a teaser image was revealed ▼

Just the thought of these two getting their own stage is awesome! I'll miss the rest of Infinite as well though, and I hope they can all make another comeback this year too :DD



January will be such a great month xD I'm sooooooooo excited right now.... I feel like I did back in June/July when Sistar, 2NE1 and Suju were making back-to-back comebacks

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