Male idol x oc (or female idol) rated m/ fic recs?

All of the featured rated m stories are lgbt, which is so slay~ ✨ but I wanna read some male x female or male x oc chapter stories and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I really like exo and got7, stray kids and nct are really good too. But honestly I'm down to read about any male idol x female oc or female idol so long as the story/ is good. Please leave your recs down below, thank you in advance! 

have a good day / night! :D


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Scandal by kpoponly (a gtae story -kim taeyeon Gdragon)
I’m sure you’ve read these but never hurts to reread
I'm always on the lookout for new stories, but I'm so picky I never ask. Would it be bad of me to recommend myself? LOL! I don't know if you'd be interested as the group is VIXX (you really don't have to know about them other than their names) but it is a series and it's based on love/ slaves. I'm almost done with it. I have 5 of 6 members (original lineup) done with one left and a wrap-up. I think the scenes are pretty good without tooting my own horn, hee hee! Anyway, if it sounds interesting, here's the link to the series page if you want to give it a shot. If not, that's cool too! On a side note, there were graphics in the first few stories that got deleted cause Tinypic closed, but I managed to bring them back in the latest installment. I also recommend reading them in order, starting with the story at the very bottom, N's story, and working your way up to Hongbin's story last. It's not a necessity, but it will help to understand the storyline better.

Good luck on your search!!

Edit: Ok I just realized you probably won't want to read cause I don't use a woman's name. I don't do y/n, but each woman has a pet name of sorts by each member for his jeongbu (mistresses) but she doesn't have an actual name as she is supposed to be you. So I always call her Her/she and that kinda thing, been doing that for years. So you may not be interested anymore (if you even were), sorry! I'll leave the post anyway though just in case, but I thought I'd give you a heads up. I know a lot of people prefer names, I just hate coming up with names for every story, I'm really crappy at it. It's not even that hard, but I avoid it when I can lol!