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TraitsSmart, Creative, Thoughtful, Goofy, Energetic, Respectful, Responsible, Hardworking, Self Concious, Stubborn, Evasive, Loving, Humble, Competitive

Sira is very smart and creative. She's always willing to throw out idea's even if they're a bit over the top. She's the one that can come up with an answer for just about anything. That being said, she can be evasive at times. If it's something she doesn't want to talk about, she won't. She's pretty good at changing the topic of conversation, but sometimes it doesn't work. She's stubborn because once she's got her mind set to something it's pretty hard to change it. 

Sira has always been respectful and humble. It doesn't matter if you're younger, older, or simply don't get along, she gives and demands respect. Sira is self concious. It comes from her failed time at KQ. She overthinks weather or not she was really qualified or even talented enough to have been accepted to a company in the first place. She has those moments where it hits her and she can't hide it. But she doesn't work any less than she should. She's been pushing herself harder so she can show the public why she should be be given the chance to debut. 

Sira is competitive in the good way. She knows that you can learn from anyone. She's full of energy and really goofy. She doesn't like to see others sad.



Sira grew up with a love of music from her parents. When she turned 3, her parents enrolled her in gymnastics as a way to help with all her extra energy. By the age of 5, Sira found her love for dance. Sira started dancing everywhere she went; home, school, gymnastics practice... name it she probably danced there. Although Sira was good at school she knew she wanted to pursue dance professionally and joined KQ entertainment. Sira would go on to balance school, training, and dancing backup for various groups. Things were looking up when KQ decided to add her to the potiental line up of their 1st girl group. Unfortunately, this debut fell through and Sira left KQ. With no plans to go to college, Sira took a step back and began teaching gymnastics to kids and keeping contact with her trainee friends and people from the dance community. 

Sira's parents have been very supportive of her decisions. Her parent's never got the chance to pursue their love of music, opting to be safe and work normal, corporate jobs that would pay for a stable life for them and their daughter. Her parents ment in college. Sira's mom ended up pregnat before graduation and they changed their plans and got 'real' jobs and married to do what was best for Sira. 

Time at KQ

...... Sira spent alot of time in the KQ practice rooms. Dance practice? Check. Vocal and Rap practice? Check. Homework? Check. That's actually how she met Mingi. He didn't see her in the corner doing homework and see didnt hear him because of her headphones. They scared each other which led to them laughing about the situation. From that day on, Sira and Mingi were a dynamic duo. When they werent practicing with their respective groups they were enjoying the last of their youth. When KQ decided to debut a girl group the members of Ateez were the 1st to congradulate Sira. And Sira gave the boys her support when they were on mixnine. Noone expected that the boys would garner so much attention on the show because they were from a small company, but 


trivialikes, Dislikes, Habits, Hobbies and trivia here!

Started dancing at the age of 5.

Taught gymnastics to kids

Was a backup dancer

Loves spicy food

Loves to take pictures

Loves a good smoothie or milkshake

Can't cook, seriously have her just set the table

Loves to listen to ballads

Hates contacts /  eye drops

Favorite number is 23

Allergic to banana's

Loves tropical, lavendar, and vanilla scents

Can't swim, but loves water - looking at bodies of water, sitting (dancing) in the rain

Purple, silver, black and bule are her favorite colors

Hates bullies

Great at random dances - She's like a kpop song encylopedia

Swallows gum if its not mint flavored

Plays with her hair when she's embaressed or nervous

like volleyball

Keeps vitamins on her at all times for her and the others

She doesn't like haunted houses, horror movies, or anything else halloween related

Loves fruit (Strawberry and Pineapple are her favorites)




  Kang So Eun (FC: Rina Weki Meki) | 21 years old |Trainee about to debut at KQ

They used to train alongside one another at KQ. She's the only trainee from KQ that Sira talks too. Even though So Eun stayed as a trainee even though Sira always tried convincing her to leave. She has been annouced to be debuting soon in KQ's newest girl group and supports Sira in joinning the show.


  Yamaguchi Namiko (FC: Mako of Niziu) | 21 years old | Ex-KQ trainee & Friend

They set to debut KQ's girl group 'KQ Girlz'. After debut fell through, Namiko left KQ and found a better opportunity in JYP. She managed to make a spot for herself as the leader of Niziu. Namiko, So Eun, and Sira have all kept in contact and when time allows they meet up. The trio tells each other everything, and i do mean everything. She doesn't blame any of the Ateez members for 'Berry Good's' failure to debut, but she hasn't been able to convince Sira of the same. 


  Hirokawa Mao (May) (FC: May - Cherry Bullet) | 19 years old |Best Friend

May and Sira met through the backup dancer community. The two hit it off and became great friends and May really pushed Sira to go through with the show when she started to doubt if it was the right choice for her. The two text constantly and meet when both of them are free. May wants to play match maker because she thinks Sira has spent alot of time focusing on being an idol and from what she's seen she thinks Mingi is the perfect guy, too bad she can't get Sira to see that let along forgive him.


 Song Mingi (FC: Mingi of Ateez) | 23 years old | Ex-Labelmate & Ex-Friend & Potential Boyfriend 

These two are like enemies that everyone would be shocked to see if they started dating. They're reminescent of Jimin and Jeongyeon; everyone knows something happened but not exactly what. They were trainees together and became friends, along with the other Ateez members. The friendship however was put on ice when KQ pushed forward with Ateez and haulted 'KQ Girlz' debut. They've had minimal interactions since she's left KQ. Mingi has always supported Sira and feels really bad about the situation, but he accidentally says the wrong thing and sets Sira off. He doesn't know that Sira doesn't hate him and feels bad as well but the conversation always ends bad....she really wants her friend back...

 Park Yuna | Mentor

They haven't offically met, but they've passed each other more than what would be coincidence since Sira is apart of one of Yuna's dance studios.



Connection to the kpop industry

While attending ModernK Music Academy, Sira joined KQ Entertainment at the age of 14. She and a few other trainees were background dancers for other groups like dreamnote. In a time where girl groups were on the rise KQ but together a group of their trainees, name them 'KQ Girlz' and planned to debut the within the year. That is until KQ decided to invest their money on a boy group instead. The  were released from their contracts and could chose to leave or return to trainee life until the next oppourtunity came their way. Sira decided to leave as she felt betrayed by her company. Sira took a break to focus on dance and figuring out what to do next. She was recruited by Yuna to join the show.


Talent twinSeo Youngeun (yeji or ryujin of itzy)




Sira: *Laughs*

Staff: Why is that question funny?

Sira: I was almost in a group before. *Smiles bitterly*

Staff: What hapened to the group?

Sira: The company decided that they wanted to pursue a boy group instead. I would have been Main Dancer and Lead Vocalist had the debut gone throug.

Staff: Would you keep those positions?

Sira: Well it didn't work out so well the first time so maybe not....


Sira: 8? /10.... I'm not sure now. *Looks down* Sometimes I wonder if I was more talented, if things would have turned out different. 

Staff: Did the failure to debut effect your confidence?

Sira: *Nods* I gave my all to the group, but it just shows that everyone is replaceable. You never know what that one thing is that will make people gravitate and stick with you. 


Sira: want to show MY talents. My personality. My passion. I want to show envious of that life.... i'm envious of that success....


Sira: I'd say i'm a completely different person when I hit the stage now. I'll captivate you like no other with my powerful and impactful performances everytime, and i'll make you fall for me. *smiles*

Staff: Seems like you're feeling more confident now?

Sira: Regardless of how I feel about my talents and what happened with my failure to debut, I love the stage. There's no other place i'd want. Not everyone can fail and comeback to the stage.


Sira: Of course! You never know who you can learn from and everyone deserves a chance. You have to work together for success. If you can't, you should become a soloist....



Feel free to make any changes you need, I won't be upset.

pASSWORDHeartbeat because nomatter how much she thinks about leaving the industy but her heart only beats for perfoming on stage.

name: Kang Sira

other names: 

nicknames: I could only think of Ra but anything you think of will be fine

birthday: October 27, 2002

pronouns: She/her

uality: straight

birthplace: seoul

Hometown: seoul

ethnicity: korean

nationality: korean

languages: korean, english

faceclaim: Seo Youngeun (kep1er)

backup: An yu jin (ive)

Appearance  No difference

fASHIONShe's cute. She's hip. She's comfortable.


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