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wu Mei

165 x 165

NAME : Wu Mei ( 吴梅)

— Mulan : Zhao Lin started calling her this after she cute her hair when she left for her study abroad
— Plum : Yifan calls her this because as a kid she ate so many plums her lips were stained stained from the juice

— Sugar Plum : Hēisè calls her this, mostly because that what he called her in a previous life, but also because it just stuck.

DATE OF BIRTH : November 22, 1995
BIRTHPLACE : Bejing, China
HOMETOWN : Bejing, China

— Mandarin / Mother tounge / Born in China 
— English /  Second  language /  3+ years in America


who is the bride?

FACE CLAIM : Yang Zi (actress)
BACK-UP FACE CLAIM : Fan Bingbing  (actress/model/singer)
HEIGHT & WEIGHT : 167 cm/ 52 kg


— I think Yang Zi is gourgeous as she is so Mei is mostly the same. Painted nails and painted lips. Her hair is hort now but maybe she'll grow it out.

FASHION STYLE : You may also add pictures/links as well

— Mei is casual comfy around the house. Casual cute/comfy outside the house and if she goes to Aurora during the day for buisness its cute casual sometimes buisness but at night it's ier outfits but that's due to the clubs unifom policy




This is the bride!

PLOTLINE : Plum Blossom
OCCUPATION : Chef, Owner of Briar Rose in Bejing (Cafe) and Co - owner of Aurora (Night Club) located in Kunming, Yunnan, China.

PERSONALITY : Smart, Creative, Thoughtful, Goofy, Loyal, Energetic, Responsible, Respectful, Hardworking, Self Concious, Stubborn, Fiesty, Evasive, Loving, Humble

     Mei is very smart and creative. She is always willing to throw out idea's even if they are a little over the top. She's the  one that can come up with an answer for just about anything that's probably why she has a degree in Hospitality Manaement. That being said, Mei can be evasive at times. If it's something that she doesn't want to talk about, she won't. She's pretty good at changing the topic of conversation, especially when it comes to romance, but sometime's that doesn't work. This makes her stubborn because once she sets her mind to something, it becomes pretty hard to change. These last two traits are not to be confused with shyness. This is often the case when it comes to the oposite gender as Mei does not plan to be close to them on a personal level, keeping things perfessional. With the exception of  Yifan and Zhao Lin because she's known them both all her life. 

    Regardless, Mei always stays respectful and humble. It doesn't matter if you're older, younger, or simply do not get along, Mei will always hold herself in high regards (Queen persona). Just like anyone, Mei is self concious. It stems from her being bullied as a child, it still effects her in terms of her working talents. sometimes she feels as though she is not at her best, but that doesn't mean that she works and less than she should. Infact, there have been times where she's pushed herself well beyond her limits for the good of her group and company, making her one of the most loyal people you could ever have on your side.

     Mei is very peaceful. She calms down situation's, but she can also fire them up just as well, but that's what happen's when her fiesty side comes out to play. but that side only comes out with the people she feels comfortable with because this girl can make clapbacks just like the rest of them. She's full of energy and really goofy, this helps to make her a mood maker because she hates to see people sad. What can she say? She's just a loving and caring person.

     Depending on the day you get alittle more of a personality trait. 


   Mei was born into a middle class family in Bejing. Mei went to a normal school to learn and what she didnt learn she learn from books and tv. Growing up, her parent enrolled her in piano / violin lessons as a way to get out the house and cafe more and meet others. This is how she met her life long friend Zhao Lin.  He became the only friend that Mei would have as others were scaried of her for being able to see ghost or just though of her plain weird. A friend who would defend her, who wasn't scared of her, who could  have fun with her, thats who he became to Mei.

    When Mei turned 9, her mother left after finding out her father was having an affair. At first her father was in denial that his wife had left and believed that she would come back. When Mei turned 11, her father finally fell into depression and began drinking, blaming Mei for why her mother left. Yifan,17 at this time began stepping up as a father figure for Mei, while also taking more control of the family cafe that was the sole income for the family.  Mei gave up piano / violin lessons to have more time to look after her father. At night she would clean him up (as best as a 11 year old could), put him to bed, and played the piano to keep him asleep, after completing her home work. All before Yifan came back from work, though he did know that Mei gave up her lesson's to save money, he didn't know how beligerent their father was towards her.  

    At the age of 13, Yifan allowed Mei to start coming to Briar Rose after school, completely avoiding her father when Yifan isn't around. This lead to her developing love of culinary arts. Ofcourse she would get food to eat during her break as well as time to do her homework, with Yifan or staff when buisness was slow, often helping her complete her work.

   One night, her father was admitted to the hospital after attempting suicide. Yifan decided that he couldn't allow Mei to stay in this kind of enviornment anymore and they both moved out. Leaving their father behind.

   Soon after, Mei began to feel bad, feeling as though she was responsible for Yifan's sudden drop into adulthood and began applying for study abroads.  Thus leaving the life she had in China behind at the age of 15. 

     Her father finally died from a drug and alchol overdose when she was 16 and she wished she didn't have to still see him. After finishing 1 year and a summer semester in California, Mei , at the age of 19, while walking on the beach, Mei sat with her feet in the water, Yifan right beside her. That was the moment he realised she could really see ghost and she, that her brother was no longer.

Following Yifan's death, Mei returned to Bejing going to the Bejing Hospitality Institute and taking over Briar Rose in Yifan's place. This is time where aside from Zhao Lin checking in and being a real friend, ghost became more of comfort to her.  Even though one year later Zhao Lin would move to Kunming, Yunnan in a temp to make his name know as a night club owner and also persue his long distance relationship in person. When Mei turned 23 she got a call from Zhao Lin begging her to come to Kunming, Yunnan to put her degree to work and help him get his business properly running. 


— Tea

— Cooking / Baking

— Photography

— Flowers

— Water

— Writing

— Tropical, Vanilla, and Lavendar scents

— Kids

— Fruits

— Spicy foods

— Anime

— Drama's


— Heights

— Snakes

— Horror related things like halloween and clowns

— Mushrooms


— Writting

— Taking photos

— Cooking / Baking


— Cries easily at drama's or hella romantic things

— Bites her lip when she's nervous or embarresed


— Can't swim

— Fears drowning

— Allergic to banana's

— Favorite numer is 23

— Loves Winne the Pooh

— Favorite foods are Pasta, Cheesecake, Dim Sum, and Mango pudding / ice cream

— Swallows gum if it isn't mint flavored

— Favorite color is purple

— Viatimin queen : extremely careful not to fall sick so she carries vitamins on her all the time. Trust she a better person when she's not sick.

— Favorite season is summer

— Feels most comfortable when she's cooking / baking

— Afraid of large amounts of blood

— Aurora is only open Thursday-Saturday night, so the rest of the week Mei goes in usually in the morning for inventory or paper work

— Likes taking walks, and exploring town




for the Bride.



— Brother : Wu Yifan (FC : Wu Yifan)/ 25 when he died, would be 30 now / Ghost / Proctective, Caring  / 4 out of 5
Only i can get the perfect chance to use yifan and i made him a ghost. But he is super over protective and he definetly watching out for Mei, he hopes that someone will come along and take care of his stister so he can pass on and he hoped that it would be the dragon, but seeing as he's been dead sometime and the dragon hasn't shown he's lost alot of hope that he'll ever show up.


— Best Friend : Zhao Lin / 25 / Night Club Owner / Cocky, funny, caring, supportive, selfish / 3 to 4 out of 5
The best of friends, they know each other inside and out. Zhao Lin is the typical rich guy who spends his money not caring that one day it might run out but he doesn't flaunt it for everyone to know. He's a great friend and he's always checked in on Mei. When he asked Mei to help him with his club, the apperciation was short lived. He sometime's puts himself first, making his needs seem more important than Mei, but maybe that's because he knows Mei loves him enough to do it. He was her first love after all.


— "Friend" & Zhao Lin's girlfriend : Yan Zhi (FC : Zhang Xinyu) / 25 / News Reporter / social, envious, caring / 2 out of 5
Obviously envious of Mei and Zhao Lin's close relationship, she hasn't made Mei's move any easier. She's a complete oposite of Mei due to her social nature, with humans of course. She's the girl that knows everyone and everyone knows her, and while shes not super excited to have Mei around (woman's intuition made her feel like there could be more than the best friend relationship) but after 3 years of dating Zhao Lin, she knows she need's to make better effort with Mei if she wants that proposal from Zhao Lin


— "Mother" : Bai Yun / 43 / Land Lady / Well put together, understanding,caring / 4 out of 5
Mei's blessing in disguie.  She never got the chance to really make a bond with her mother but it's almost as if Bai Yun was the one to birth her. She's always listening and giving advice. She know's that Mei doesn't have the best relationship with males but she's also know's that Mei still see's her father and brother and that is something even she hasnt been able to help with... 


— Father: / ??? / Ghost/ mean / 1 out of 5

The father she wishes she never had. Unlike Yifan when he stops by it's to blame her for his death. Hopefully he finds a way to cross over because anytime Mei sees him she becomes very irritable and may say things she doesnt mean.



the interview

question : how long have you been living at bai yun's boarding house? and why are you living there?

— It's been about 3 years now since ive come to the borading house. When Zhao Lin asked me to help with Aurora, i knew that i didn't want to stay with him because i didn't want to have feelings for him again. It was almost like fate brought me to Bai Yun who had a room available that same day. I haven't  thought about moving out, but i don't feel the need to any time soon since there alot lot of work still to be done at Aurora.

question : How old were you, and how did you find out you were the bride of a dragon king? how did you feel/react?

—  I was 13 on a trip to Purple Mountain with Zhao Lin and his family. Zhao Lin told me he wanted to show me Plum Blossom Hill after leaving the mausoleum. While walking around the garden, I felt an enomous amount of pressure over take me. Sitting under the one of the the plum blossom trees with my eyes closed, a single blossom fell imprinting the vision of a black dragon sitting beside me under a plum blossom tree. When i walked closer i could see a ring on my finger. I remember gasping for air afterwards. It felt like i was submered under water and when i turned beside me their was no black dragon, only Zhao Lin. I guess that was the first time i found out but I didn't understand what it ment until Yifan told me a few months after he died and found out himself. I was upset that the vision wasnt about Zhao Lin but i also felt numb. It's weird knowing you'll be binded to someone you don't even know because of that thing called fate.

question : how do you like or not like being able to see ghosts, deities and gods?

— Zhao Lin is my only friend  because he's not bothered by me being able to see them and for that i am greatful. I don't care too much for dieties and gods but i'll talk help the ghost maybe if they had help they wouldnt have died....

question : do you want to marry the dragon king in this life?

— No. Is he that great in this life that i should?

question : what will you do if the dragon king comes to marry you?

— Should i send him back?  *Dry laugh*  Seriously, send him back I won't marry him.


question : what kind of "person" do you think your dragon husband is?

 — He's probably an entittled rich guy. He propably is used to people doing what he want's.  He'll try and buy me thats for sure but there isn't enough money in the world to buy my hapiness.

question : how do you think the "calling" works?

—I'm not too sure but im guessing the dragon's come when wanted or when they feel they need to come to protect their bride. 


question : How do you think the dragon kings' immortality is undone?

—Is he killed? That seems logical. 



MORTAL NAME : Hēisè (黑色) (It's black in chinese)

DATE OF BIRTH : January 6, 1495
DATE OF DEATH : November 22, 1520(25) 
IMMORTALITY : Novemer 22,1520 (525) 
PLOTLINE : Black Dragon
FACE CLAIM : Deng Lun (actor)
BACK-UP FACE CLAIM : Zhang BinBin (actor)
HEIGHT & WEIGHT :185 cm/  65 kg 

165 x 165

who is the dragon king?

PERSONALITY : Direct, Honest, Confident, Proud, Positive, Loyal, Protective, Adventourous, Passionate, Sweet, Gentle, Adorable

— He say's it like it is. No desception. Sometimes not having a filter can get him in trouble but who can stay mad when he flashes that sweet smile. He know's he's good looking so he's super confident always trying to look at the brightside. He's proctective of those he's grown close too and loves, making him very loyal. When he finds something he loves he becomes very passonate about it so his adventourous nature makes alot of sense. He's the one to push his tinme limit around humans if he feels like the topic of conversation (or following) is very important. He knows how to help out, knows how tou make himself useful, but he knows when to be a listening ear and step in when even others don't know they needed someone to step in. 


— Hēisè became a dragon the exact day he died at the age of 25. It would seem as if he died just to become the black dragon.  Rather than a why, he greeted the Jade Emperor with a Thank You. Probably a first for the Jade Emperor. Compared to his life of being rich, charming, and a good son, he was never good enough for his parents. He was bullied by the other rich kids for not fitting into their flashy rich life styles and needless to say he didn't continue on to college as he dropped out of school at 15 leaving his rich family behind, opting to work in the Hospitalty Industry away from the glitz and glam starting at the age of 15. Away from the harsh words, glares, and dissapointment of his parents. 

You'd never know that he has this kind of past life because he's so happy as a dragon. However, when he's down he's down and the water feels it, creating choas like when he first began trying to tame the water.  It wasnt easy for him learning to control the water but his duties he learned like a breaze showing so much promise for a young dragon.

HOW THEY MET : Hēisè met Mei for the first time when she was 20 at a cute little flower shop.  Mei was buying flowers for Yifan's mermorial site and Hēisè who passed by her on her way recogined her from the vision the Jade Emporer placed him in when Mei was 13. He literally neglected his duties for the rest of the day following her around not knowing if he wanted her to recoginize him or not. (Of course she didn't becasue for years she thought the dragon was someone else and wasn't really worried about hit after the death of her brother) After following her from the flower shop to Yifan's memorial  all the way back to Briar Rose.  And even though the cafe was closed, Hēisè charmed his way in for a cup of coffee. Hēisè watched as Mei did her homework and was surprised when he saw Yifan appear across from her. As she quietly scoleded Yifan, he just shrugged his sholders and asked why she was hiding him from her future husband. When Mei turned her head in shock towards Hēisè, he was already infront of her with a dashing smile. "It's nice to offically meet you, Sugar Plum. 

RELATIONSHIP : They have quite a bit of banter between the two. At times it seems like opposities attract but others its like their two peas in a pod. Sometimes, Mei lets fear of loving someone push her away from Hēisè because she's never seen real love work out, but Hēisè is always there showing her that he's there for her, has her best intrest at heart, and over all that he does truely love her.  And Mei does nice gesture's self conciously not realizing that this is her way of showing she cares and she's falling and falling hard.

THEIR STORY : how their relationship developes, what happens to them?  They are learning to love each other, and their selves. They are showing eacher other that they both deserve to be happy and loved. Since they booth like cooking you can find them bonding over cooking or baking different things. Sometimes they have arguements because they don't agree on certian things. Most often the fact that Mei works at Aurora and he doesn't like the idea of her working there and second that now that he know's that Zhao Lin was Mei's first love, best friend and coworker. Mei with also argue that he left her only showing his face once a year while she was still in Bejing only showing up more frequently becasue she was now in  Kunming, Yunnan.  They both just have defense mechanisims but they over come them. Yifan and Zhao Lin are major influences in their development. While Yifan is protective of his sister her's openly helping Hēisè to understand her words, thoughts, and actions. Zhao Lin is the unbaised male perception that Mei need's to understand Hēisè.

ENDING : Ofcourse he's gonna want to marry her, she's the love of his life.


the interview

question : how is your relationship with the jade emperor?

— We have a good relationship. Slighty more than the emperor deciple relationship. I report to him but we still can talk about other things slightly more personal.

question : how is your relationship with the dragon king?

— He's the brother i never had.  He leads me through my t=duties properly and i enjoy his company.

question : how did you die in your past life?

—Kind of sad but one night I stayed over working on a new recipie for the holiday season coming up and unfortunately their was an undetected carbon monoxide leak. I wish my death was a bit more heroic like i saved someones life but nope a stuped leak.

question : why do you think the Jade Emperor chose you to be a dragon?

— Maybe he felt sad for the life i lived as a child and felt that i would be more benificial as a dragon until i could meet a bride that i could spend my life with, giving me a second chance at life.

question : if you are over 500 years old, why didn't you marry your bride? And how many of her lifes have past since your first 500 years as a dragon? if you aren't over 500 years old, you can ignore this question.

— Aside from not have serving my 500 years. I think it was my test to show my loyalty to the emperor. That was the first and only life, so it's been about 300 years since then. Mei's the first reincarnation since then.

question : what would you do if your bride suddenly appeared before you?

—  I'll sweep her off her feet. I'm sure she desreves the world and I want to give it to her.

question : have you or your bride ever recognized each other in your past life or her past lives? 

— Yes, she actually recognised me. Maybe from the help of the emperor. It seems like Mei doesn't remeber her past life but i still call her sugar plum in case one day it triggers a memory.


back to the story  :  turn in

COMMENTS : I hope this isnt as crappy as it seems. I open to make any changes as i struggled with this app some. Hopefully all the ages and years are correct.


— Hēisè and Mei cooking / baking together. (If she's able to cross over into the heaven like area then it would be at his home)
— Confession/Proposal at plum blossom hill 

— Group date

— Hēisè confronting Mei's father

— Kiss in the rain

— Cuddling/Comforting each other after very rough days

— Giving Mei a Winnie the Pooh plushie and her getting super excited and hugging him. (First time he's made her that happy and first time she ever hugged him. Awkward realization to follow lol.)

— Yan Zhi and Mei having a grils out and on a sepreate occasion the other brides tag along

— Bonding with the other brides

— Meeting the other dragons

— Meeting the Jade Emperor / Dragon King and Mei being nervous so Hēisè steps up to make her feel comfortable




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