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Jung ryeyeon
June 23 1996
Los Angeles, California
Park Subin
hyomin (T-ara)
appearance and style
Ryeyeon has long black hair at the moment and dark brown eyes. Has never shyed away from experimenting with her looks. She's willing to change her hair color to probably any color imaginable. She could mostly be described as having a y,mature, yet casual and comfortable look. 
 #175cm #50kg
Athough Ryeyeon's cold face doesn't say it, she's not an angry person nor is she mad, she just has resting face. It just seems like she is because shes honestly blunt and doesnt filter her word. She may be one of the calmest people ever because she trys to not let things affect her. And yes she has a scence of humor, she may not be cracking jokes left and right but she'll laugh at the jokes she finds funny or relates to. Yes she is fiesty and will fight back when attacked (Verbally of course). She's always been one to put her responsiblitlies first.  Because she's responsible she's someone that anyone can go to for help, even if they don't like her, making sure that she treats everyone on an equal level. She's become resourceful and adaptable since becoming an idol. She'll make sure that she has plenty of knowledge. It could be how big the stage is, how bright will the lights be, when is the sound chek, all the way down to when someones birthday is, making her very knowledable. She also is able to deal with the pressure and adapt, like if someone's hurt she doesn't panic. Ryeyeon is a very passionate person. When she loves something she put her all into it. She's working hard to make sure that everytime she makes it on the stage, she'll never have any regrets, The same for anything else she dedicates herself to. To anyone that says she doesn't have a heart, you don't know her because underneath this girl cares. If she didn't she wouldnt sit and listen to the worries of others, but  because she's not as open sometimes she's evasive in questions she dosent really want to answer, However, she is very open (as possible)  with the fan's and enjoys being with them.
#Resourceful #Responsible #Smart #Adaptable #Confident #Honest # Hardworking #Passionate #Blunt #cold #fiesty # Caring #evasive #calm
pre-debut history

SMTM 3 : Eliminated  - Run time : July 3 - September 4, 2014 (Yuk Ji Dam)

Unpretty Rapstar : Second runner up - Runtime :  January 29 - March 26, 2015 (Yuk Ji Dam)

Unpretty Rapstar 3 : Quater finalist -  Runtime : July 29 - September 30 2016 (Yuk Ji Dam)

Modeling JYS, Her mother's fashion line 

idol history
In a world where the rich follow their family's whim's, Ryeyeon is the opposite. Doing what they want, marrying who they want that's never been her plan. Since the age of 13, Ryeyeon has loved music and all of it's complexity. At the age of 16 she rebeled against her step father and moved out gaining imancipation for herself. By the age of 18 she managed to get herself on one of the hottest rap survival shows in korea which lead her to her place in HRE in where in the coming years she would continue on with survival shows as well as manuvering her way though the ranks of the trainees. 
idol/trainee life



Currently Ryeyeon has a nice sized instagram following where she shares everything but her trainee life. She's done a few dance, vocal, and or rap covers of popular kpop songs including Dont Recall Bomb Bomb from Agate. The Beat bt The XX. Egotistic, Psycho,Zimzalabim, and Kill This Love by Ursa. Obbsession by Re:vive. Ryeyeon still models her mothers clothes from times or just promotes them from her instagram page. She currently teaches gymnastics to kids as a source of income even though she still has plenty of money left from when she moved out at 16. She spends alot of time with her friend Reiko and Re:vive's Chanyeol though she is casual with everyone in the company.

Sounds like she's doing well but she still has 2 problems. 1. After so long in the company without talks of her debut, should she think about moving on. and 2. while contemplating weither to keep staying or leave theres another force trying to get her out of the company by any means nessacary... Her little sister Soyoung


idol/trainee profile
main rapper, Vocalist , dancer
about 6 years (Joined in late 2014)
Self managed for 2 years
Mother :  Jung Ye Seul ( Kim Ye Seul )
The strongest woman Ryeyeon has ever seen. After getting a divorce from her childhood sweetheart and Ryeyeon's father at the age of 20, Ye Seul moved back to Korea with her family so that she follow her dreams of fashion while making a better life for herself and her daughter. Fast foward to 30 and she's marrying the man she fell in love with in college, Jung Sang Wook. Together they supported each other and rose to the top. JYS took the world by storm, if only she could clam the storm that is her family. While she doesn't agree with everything her husband says, she know's it comes from a good place she hopes to get everyone on the same page and happy together again.

Step Father :  Jung Sang Wook ( Joo Sang Wook) 
The bane of Ryeyeon's exsistance. While his method and words don't come out the right way, he mean's weel. He just can't control his temper when Ryeyeon mentions and rubs in that he is not her birth father and she does not have to follow the plan he has for her as an actress like her step brother... How every it's interesting that Soyoung got to go into music like she had always wanted too...

Adopted Brother : Jung Taekwoon ( Leo from Vixx )
Can we say overprotective? But it’s all in a good way. he’s made it his goal to make sure she’s the best she can be and that her best makes her happy. Now it’s gotten a little harder now that he’s married and has a newborn daughter, but he still puts out the effort. They send text, they FaceTime a lot, more so because Ryeyeon loves seeing the baby. Ryeyeon sometimes goes out to eat with him and the family’s or spend the night at his house for family bonding. His daughter's name Jung Jaein. his wife is Dasom from Sistar. Taekwoon is now the second in comand of his father's company advertising company. He stay's out of his sister's drama because he loves them both. He was adopted shortly before Ye Seul found out she was pregnat with Soyoung, because after having trouble consiving they decided adopting would be a good thing for the family. 
Sister and Trainee at HRE : Jung Soyoung (Laboum) (Rap twin is Kisum but if youd like her to be vocal to contrast Ryeyeon shed be Soyoung from laboum)
The second bane of Ryeyeon's exsistance. At the age of 17 she is the emptiom of a spoiled rich kid. She knows what she wants and she do anything to have it. includeing crushing her sister's dreams and reputation in the process. It would almost seem as though she's acting off of hurt. She was only 7 when her sister seemingly disapeared from her life...
Best / Childhood friend : Reikio (Ryan) Yoshida 
They both met in the states as kids before Ryeyeon moved to Korea. Reikio is Japanese and American and came to Korea to support Ryeyeon as well as because she missed her friend. (facetime, text, and calls only do so much.) They actually live together in Ryeyeon's apartment. Reikio was accepted to HRE because of the thought to branch out into Japan but the plan never lifted of the ground and she left the company. She's currently a solo artist under Stone Music Entertainment.
Ex Boyfriend : Woo Do Hwan  (Actor) 27 
Was hired by Ryeyeon's father to teach her how to act when she turned 13 when Ryeyeon's love for music began to bloom. Obviously that didnt work out but the two became fast friends and he was the one to expose Ryeyeon to the club scene.  They started dating shortly after Ryeyeon joined HRE but it was kept secret from the company but if you knew them from the club scene you knew. The relationship was very toxic and the two broken up in January of 2016. Ryeyeon recently found out (from her sister of course lol) that he was only dating her for the money the family had, but when she showed no interest in making good with the family the relationship began to go down hill. He could possibly comeback and stir trouble for her relationship with Chanyeol. I mean he was her first love you always have a soft spot for them... (If youve ever seen the drama tempted, its the reversal of his charater. Nice at first and then mean and manipulative.)
"Little sister"  : Nam Youngae (Trainee) 22 
It's wild to say that Youngae is like a little sister to Ryeyeon when her actual little sister in in the same company but thats majorly due to the 2 year . She can actually get Ryeyeon to show her softer side and has become Ryeyeon's listening ear despite not really being able to understand. In return it would be wise for people to watch what they say about Youngae as she is has no problem putting others in their place.
"Baby" : Seo Taeri (Trainee)  19
One of the youngest, but one of Ryeyeon's favorites. Such a bright girl with so much potential. Ryeyeon can give her hell but she'll give her hevan as well. French fry buddies and you might not see it on Ryeyeon's face but she enjoy's Taeri's youthfulness that she didn't really have.
"Rival" : Ji Yue (Trainee) 
The new trainee at hre. Ryeyeon can see right through her people pleasing act and she doen't like it at all. Not talking to trainee's, who does she think she is? Some trainee's aren't the nicest but if you wanna make it in your possible debut group she had better shape up, but maybe ryeyeon can dig deep thanks to Youngae and Taeri and find common ground with Yue and maybe even a friendship they both need...

→ Hates Skinship (She can grow to like it)

→ Addicted to french fries

→ Got her GED, dropped out of school for unpretty rapstar season 1

→ Favorite number is 23

→ Loves Lily's

→ Red, blue, and black are her favorite colors

→ Hates contacts / eye drops

→ Loves spicy food 

→ Did gymnastic's as a child  so she's very flexible

→ Has RBF which earned her the nickname Icy     

→ Teaches children's gymnastic

→ Loves children 

→ Loves to take pictures   

→ Loves a good smoothie or milkshake     

→ Can't cook, seriously just have her set the table 

→ Can't swim

→ Hates Halloween and anything horror related

→ Speaks English and a little Japanese

→ Insatgram / Twitter / Snapchat : Ppang.yeon (Ppang is korean for bread which comes from the rye part of her name)

Song suggestions 
ANS- Say My Name 
OH MY GIrl - Guerilla
Lovelyz - Six sense (queendom)
Anything WJSN
love interest
Park Chanyeol (Re:Vive)
november 27, 1992
Formerly Hre
Idol, Composer, Producer
The biggest jokester. Ryeyeon doesnt call him happy virus for no reason, he can make the best of every situation. He's very calm, unless he's lost soemthing very important, but he never raises his voice when things get serious. He can be romantic and can really be touchy but thats because he doesn't shy away from skinship. He's a good cook and often helps out at his mothers restuarant and father's cafe when he's not busy with his own studio (STUDIO NNG) or Re:vive activities.
love story
The two have only resently started to become friends and spend more time together. They bonded over their mutual love of rap and composing. They are still in the before dating phase where it seems Chanyeol has realized her likes her more than a friend. But because he knows of her toxic relationship with her ex that he hasn't said anything. Hopefully he works up the courage to say how he feels before Ryeyeon possible leaves the company and maybe his life for good. He calls Ryeyeon bread because Rye is a type of bread while Ryeyeon just calls him happy virus.
Trainee _ Ryeyeon.txt
The Sweet y Mature Bad  Pretty Girl with family issues and the ex to match. Can she make her break through into the industry of will family and the industry break her...
Jung  Ryeyeon







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Yup it is accurate! Thanks for collabing with me!
I have added Ryeyeon to Taeri's app!
I have a trainee, could we collab?
I have a trainee, could we collab?
hey, would you like to collab with my trainee girl, youngae? i made up three girls to place on youngae's application to make her seem more "real" but with others actually applying for the trainee position too (like yourself), i think it could make it just as real too!