What pairing/idea do you want the most?

I wanna go on a writing binge and I've come up with a lot of pairings and concepts I'd like to tackle so I made two different polls if you all would like to help me decide. I have one poll for the pairings and one for the concepts. I'm going to try to add both to this blog, but if I can only insert one, then I will leave the link to the other. Your opinion/vote is very much appreciated :)


Have a nice day/night :D


Link for concept poll : https://www.asianfanfics.com/poll/aff_view/134593


What pairing for do you wanna read first?



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Kpop_fan21 #1
Yerene. Don't judge I got attacked already in twitter.
I’m really into seulgi so I have to choose her x me 😂
I'm not into gxg but I think you would do great with SeulRene since their ship-fandom is big, like seriously BIG (^_^)