Happy Thanksgiving (To those who celebrate!)+ "Indulge Me Series" Update and Snippet

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!!

I just wanted to drop a quick line and wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! Today is Thanksgiving here in the US and I always like to take the time to thank those I'm close to let them know I'm thinking of them and I'm grateful to be in their lives and them in mine and that goes to all of you my readers/followers/friends. 

Even if you don't celebrate, this is still the perfect time for me to say thank you again for all of your support and patience. It's always something I'm conscious of and thankful for. I don't need a holiday to say thank you cause I'm thankful every day, but why not especially on the day meant for it? You're all a part of my life, I share bits of my life and my passion for writing with you all and you listen and read, so you're in my life. 

Thank you for continuing to be there and to wait for me. I keep saying that I appreciate it and I don't want it to end up sounding insincere or hollow because sometimes after a while, it can when you have nothing to back it up with. Please just know I'm working on my writing still, but with holidays coming up, it's harder. Not an excuse, just the reality of it. As I've always said, life happens and it gets in the way for us all. I'm working more, I'm tired all the time, my Mom is having surgery again in a couple of weeks, so that's on my mind. I try to write, but I'm just so damn tired.

I've been thinking of writing a short story/visual to cleanse the palate a bit and I'm sure I will, haven't started it yet as I've been working on Hongbin's story. There will be a snippet below for those reading the "Intimate Series" as I'm currently working on it. It's starting to flow a bit faster now, I've made a lot of progress and I had a great scene written about a week or two ago and that helped a lot with my confidence in writing it, so please hang in there a bit longer!

Anyway, that's all! Thank you to all new subscribers of various stories if you happen to read this. It's always a surprise to see I've got a new subscriber to a story, esp those that don't require a sub to read it, that's always so surprising and humbling. 

Happy Thanksgiving and I'll see you soon!!



She stared at him.

“Don’t you get it?! This didn’t have to happen! You have to stop this, stop it! Do you know how I felt seeing you against the wall like that? Him getting ready to hit you?! Do you have any idea? And then, you on the floor and him taring at your clothes, I wanted to kill him. You’re my jeongbu and you’ve rendered me basically powerless to help you with anything because you have some nonexistent grudge against me. We cannot go on like this anymore, I won’t allow for it. I’m not the noye you want, but I’m the one you’ve got, and we have to make the best of it.”

Slowly she dropped her arms, lowering her gaze.

“We don’t have to be the best of friends, we don’t have to be lovers in love, but can’t you at least try? I know it’s not your ideal, but can’t you meet me halfway? Despite what you may think about me, I don’t have any intention to hurt you, I just want to get to know you, want us to be closer. From what I can tell, from what I’ve seen, you’re very alone, I can help with that if you’d just let me,” Hongbin stated reasonably.

She took a deep breath but continued to look down.

“I can’t help you, I can’t feel what you’re feeling, become attuned to it, if you keep shutting me out. The only reason I knew what was happening, was because I felt it, barely, but I felt it. My whole purpose is to bring you relief, happiness and eventually passion, ecstasy. I can and will do that so that you can also eventually be free of me the way you want. But I cannot do that if we continue this way, help me help you jeongbu, please. I do not want another instance like what happened today to happen again. If we keep this up, with so little contact and interaction, I’m afraid next time I will be too late,” he finished softly.  

Her head whipped up; her eyes wide with fear. Hongbin stared at her, his gaze never wavering, hoping she’d understand the gravity of the situation. He hadn’t wanted to say it that way, but he’d had no choice but to be blunt. He watched as she stood and walked off to her bedroom, Hongbin frowned, burying his face in his hands.

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