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Name. gu dalhee. 구달희.

Other Names. 

dahlia gu. her english name. most people do not use this anymore unless they're her english-speaking friends. even then, they interchangeably use both this and her korean name when addressing her.


lia. a shortened form of her english name. if the members are not using dalhee, then they're using lia.

miss dahlia. not necessarily a nickname but an inside joke among the members and only the members. more in trivia.


Birthdate. july 07, 2000

Birthplace. markham, canada.

Hometown. markham, canada.

Nationality. canadian.

Ethnicity. korean.


english : native. born and raised in canada, it was only natural for english to be her main language. 

korean : fluent. she was conversational before she arrived in korea. it's only gotten better onwards as she's stayed in korea for the past six years.


Faceclaim. loona's heejin.

Backup. pristin's xiyeon.


Height. 161 cm.



Dalhee alone, upon first glance, has this mysterious combination of indifferent yet attentive air to her. As taught since childhood and essential for the industry, she's well-kept in appearance and has a few piercings like many idols do. Her skin tone is a bit pale since she isn't a particularly outdoorsy person and has spent most of her days training in the company building. She plays more to her feminine charm and has always kept her hair past her shoulders. As of pre-debut, her hair is at its natural black colour. But who knows how it'll look when debut preparations begin? She's pretty open to dyeing her hair. 



Dalhee often likes to stick to comfortable clothing, wearing baggy shirts, jackets, and hoodies while either wearing leggings, jeans, or sweatpants. She does like to layer her clothes and plays around with colour schemes to make it fun. She's not very picky with colours, switching up between solid colours, patterns, pastels, etc. So while her wardrobe isn't what people would consider in-trend, Dalhee makes it up with pleasing, eye-catching colour combos. She mostly wears sneakers, but if it's summer or she wants to switch it up, then she'll wear platform sandals.



Dalhee hasn't had any serious problems with acne ever since high school, probably just small ones here or there when stress or hormones kick in. She does have oily skin, but the oil has been at the minimum ever since she's found the skincare routine that works for her. As long as she sticks to that, her skin won't freak out on her. 


Personality Traits. 


 POSITIVE.  humble, perceptive, sensible, dedicated, supportive.
 NEUTRAL.  shy, fun-loving, competitive, organized.
 NEGATIVE.  two-faced, snide, judgmental, dependent, blunt.



[ shy, perceptive, two-faced,  judgmental ]
— Dalhee manages to keep up an agreeable smile on her expression despite her fatigue, standing around as her eyes are glued to the corner of the hallway. She's made herself small, sticking out just a few inches behind Youngho's side as they wait to greet the music show's producer. In this sea of idol rookies, Dalhee is just fighting to maintain a polite, attentive distance between everyone else. To everyone else, she just seems like a quiet person. But her members know better. She's shy as hell, she's just grown to mask it. She often likes hiding behind the rest of the members to shield herself from social interactions, wanting to save herself from the embarrassment of potentially awkward encounters. She wasn't always like this, but she'd found that all her confidence was out when she didn't have the safety of familiarity. Dalhee's just not confident in her ability to carry an entertaining conversation with a stranger by herself, especially in Korean. She just doesn't know what to do with herself. Strike up a common topic, however, and you may just get the jackpot. Dalhee is for the people who approach first.
— Her eyes dart to the door that swings open, and there he is: the music show producer. All the groups shuffle to stand together in order, straightening up as the producer makes his rounds to be greeted by the many rookie idols who are just eager to make a good impression. Or even make an impression in the first place. Dalhee plasters an enthusiastic smile while Youngho leads their greeting, all dipping down to a ninety-degree bow. Observing the producer with careful eyes veiled with an innocent glint, she scopes out his reaction. He's on the fence, she realizes. Fair enough, she thought. Co-ed groups have always received a lukewarm reception. Dalhee's awareness of people and her surroundings has given her a high aptitude for navigating social situations. Based on her findings, she acts according to the circumstances and her goals. You can always depend on Dalhee to read in between the lines and catch social cues. Body language, choice of words, tones, and undertones won't be missed on her.
— But she's prepared. Oh, is she so prepared. You see, in her hands is a box of Godiva chocolates. C'mon, Dalhee, she steels herself as she buries her shyness. Do it for the group. She internally grimaces as she steps forward, 
"We'd also like to congratulate you on your engagement!" She puts on a meek, sweet smile as the other rookie idols realize that she—Twilight—is a step ahead, "Please accept our gift and extend our regards to your fiancée!" Ugh, these were supposed to be my chocolates. No matter, she watches as the producer takes the box from her, astonished and pleased. Mission accomplished. Dalhee has no problem tweaking her behaviour to achieve certain results. Many people have taken her shyness as meekness, and Dalhee takes that to her advantage. Boring meekness for those she's deemed uninteresting and unimportant, sweet meekness and a pinch of subservience for prevalent figures to warm them up to her. Dalhee manipulates people's impressions according to their usefulness or importance to her and—in this case—her group.
— It's a good thing she'd heard about his engagement through word of mouth. She'd snatched the box of chocolates out of her personal stash before the group took off for their schedules. She held back a sigh behind her smile, throwing a quick glance at the producer's stubby, grubby hands clutching onto the box of Godivas. Yes, Dalhee is quick to regard others with indifference beyond their scope of usefulness to her. It's a bad combination of being shy and dismissing people within seconds of scrutinizing them. Lots of pent-up frustration has caused her to be quite harsh in her true thoughts and opinions about other people. She rarely feels much remorse about it. Disregard her and she'll disregard you. Equivalent exchange.  


[ sensible, organized, supportive, dependent, humble ]
— But while she's quick to pass judgment, she doesn't entirely lose her rationality. Yes, she understands that giving away the box of chocolates was a small price to pay to win the producer's favour. Even though it hurt her soul. Dalhee isn't stubborn when presented with options and/or evidence that should change her mind or benefit her. While she's prone to her judgmental nature, she's aware that she can't let that cloud her decision-making as much as possible. She can be quite calculating to this extent, gathering all the details to give her some sort of foresight to the endgame. So, sure, Dalhee may have her heated rants and her judgy moments, but she always comes around. She understands what needs to be understood, said, and done.
— And then they're out of there. Twilight packs the hell up and goes back to their company building for another night of practicing. Dalhee already had their rehearsals and music show performance airdropped into her phone, ready to hook it up to the television for them to monitor. Perhaps this was her being wired for preparedness by her mother, but Dalhee likes everything to be streamlined as much as possible. Count her to be on top of things, because the chaos of getting into things unprepared, frazzled, and in an impulsive frenzy gets her stressed. Dalhee is your person when things need to get into order.
— As the group is huddled up in front of the TV, Dalhee slips out a proud smile as she admires all their work—her members' hard work—come to fruition. Her eyes are twinkling and she refrains from letting out a giddy giggle as their faces flash across the screen. She's grinning like crazy when she makes a ruckus about their oldest, 
"Willow, look at you!" Dalhee absolutely adores seeing her loved ones shine. While she isn't confident in what she brings to the table besides her voice, Dalhee is absolutely confident in others and especially in her members' capabilities. If there is anything she can do to uplift them, she will. She treats it like a solemn vow.
— There's an underlying reason for this too. Dalhee understands that she hasn't done much growing outside of being a performer. She relies on others to dive in headfirst when it comes to new situations, watching them first before following along. Almost like she needs her hand to be held, but you won't ever hear her admitting that. She is indeed the type to dip her toes first in many situations and will often take it slow especially when she's figuring things out alone. Because of this, she relies on the members a lot to take the lead and tries to return the favour by being there for them when she can.
— Dalhee resists covering her eyes as she sees herself pop up on the screen.
"You said 'The mic is on!'" Willow fires right back, and Dalhee fights back the urge to screech out of flustered giddiness. She cannot receive compliments nor praise without feeling the need to combust. Perhaps it was the way she was raised, but her family all had that mindset of constantly working hard to be better. When praise was given, it had to be because they truly deserved it. Dalhee is in that constant state of thinking she isn't there yet, so receiving lots of praise and attention is a foreign feeling that crawls up her bones really weird. Debuting really opened up a new, overwhelming world for her as they gain more fans and attention. If anything, she'd like to relegate the attention to other members. Now she can praise their efforts and talents all day. 


[ fun-loving, competitive, blunt, snide, dedicated ] 
— When all has been noted from the day's rehearsals and performances, the group takes their positions and begins to go through the first of many runs for the night. Dalhee's eyes are twinkling as she takes joy in hitting the moves to their song. She truly comes alive when she's doing things she enjoys. While she isn't the first to plan or suggest something fun, she is the first to hop right on when the idea is presented. So while she is not the source of chaos, she is quite the catalyst. While Willow and Youngho can rely on her to make things easier for the group, she does have her moments where she gets carried away with all the fun she's having.
— And when carried away, Dalhee gets tunnel vision when she has a goal set in mind. Especially when there are opposing parties involved. Being someone who can't say a lot about herself, she does love herself some activities that will give her some kind of credit or achievement. Perhaps it's because she's grown up with lots of kids her age, fighting to the top for bragging rights just always seemed that enjoyable to her. A competitive Dalhee is one who is screaming her head off with a wicked grin on her face. It is a Dalhee who has thrown herself to the philosophy of survival of the fittest. 
— Tread with caution, once Dalhee gets comfortable there's no going back, especially when she gets fired up about things. You get an unfiltered Dalhee, quite literally. All those internal rants and pent-up thoughts have to be vented somewhere. Why have a diary to write in when she's got the members' trusty ears? She fires back much more easily and usually with more attitude when she's with her close friends. She has no qualms about bantering with them either, on the basis that they know they may also diss her right back while respecting each other's known, hard boundaries. Honestly, her quips and choice of words are so much more unprovoked with the group members. Well, if you're a close friend, at least you won't have to worry about lying about her opinions. It's not one-sided either, Dalhee can take some honesty from the members. She trusts them and their insight. 
— Along with the blindsiding comments, it wouldn't be characteristic of Dalhee (for the members) to not serve it up with all the snark in the world. This spunk that she carefully hides in front of cameras and with people who would not tolerate such behaviour comes from an older version of Dalhee. She does admit that her humour may have a bit of a mean streak, though it's never truly out of malice. To those who have thin skin, however, caution will need to be practiced for her. Lovingly insulting someone is one of her main displays of affection.
The group doesn't ever have to worry over her commitment and integrity in her choices. One may think that her dishonest front and tendency for snide would bleed right into how she treats people and her work, but that's far from the truth. She treats her choices with the utmost respect and sincerity. She's resilient once she chooses to dedicate herself and her time to something or someone. This is the one thing that Dalhee sees as her true character strength. She stands by the things and the people she loves. For Twilight, everything is a no-brainer. 




 2000 - 2014. 


Dahlia Gu Dalhee was born in the town of Markham (recognized as a city in the present) in Canada. While she grew up in the Canadian suburbs, Dalhee was surrounded by the comfort of others who looked just like her. She grew up with all the toys, games, and dresses she wanted. Ever since she could remember, she and her family had rooted their home in this quaint town, with more friends and family than she could count. If there's anything that Dalhee knew, it's that the world was her oyster. It was simple and she was carefree. A vivacious force to be reckoned with.


On the TV were both Canadian and Korean channels available at her disposal. Her parents made sure that she and her older sister wouldn't be completely disconnected from their heritage. They laughed over variety shows and they cried over dramas, all while being familiarized by their culture and language. But what made Dalhee stay in front of the TV all by herself were the music shows that showcased the dazzling girl groups and boy groups performing their catchy tunes. "Dalhee!" Her mom marched in from the hallway, "Oh, watching Girls' Generation again?" Dalhee could practically hear the amused smile growing on her mother's face, "You really like them a lot, huh?" That didn't even begin to cover it.


It didn't take long for Dalhee to start singing even more songs, executing all the dance moves her little head could remember. It's a good thing for the rest of her family that Dalhee could hold a tune even as a kid, though they definitely could've done without listening to Gee for hours on end. So off they sent nine-year-old Dalhee to vocal lessons, where her passion would turn into something even more productive. They didn't foresee that her passion would snowball right into the dance department. By the time she was ten years old, Dalhee was regularly taking vocal lessons and attending dance workshops whenever time permit.


Perhaps it was a whim of indulgence that Dalhee's father decided to give, but he'd signed her up for an audition. "YG is holding an audition in Toronto," he'd busted into her room, "Let's fill in the application form together." In the end, Dalhee didn't end up passing. But that ignited a fire in this eleven-year-old Dalhee. She ended up applying to more auditions herself through the years, both in-person and online. While she received some callbacks, she never got far enough to get a private in-person audition in Korea. Funnily enough, it's when fourteen-year-old Dalhee was roaming around Seoul on a family vacation when she received an offer. Dal Media scouted her off the streets. And, oh, was she so ready to show them what she was made of.


Within a week, they called her in two more times after that first audition. In the end, Dalhee was offered a trainee contract with three days left to spare before the family vacation finished. The company showed her around, along with engaging in a thorough discussion with her parents. Dalhee would fly back to Canada with her family to say a proper goodbye to her friends and family there before she'll pack up and move to Seoul. In late July, Dalhee became a DAL Media trainee.   


 2014 - PRESENT. 


It was going to be no problem, she told herself. She's Korean, now going to be surrounded by Korean people. She was conversational in Korean, so she would do just fine. Well, she was half right. After some adjustments, Dalhee integrated well into the trainee life. Knowing that they would be with each other in the long run, the trainees took their time to get to know one another despite their different walks of life. However, this was a different story when Dalhee attends high school in Seoul.


She should've known that while she indeed grew up in a community with an Asian majority, that she ultimately was born and raised abroad. She didn't expect to feel so displaced in the country where her parents came from. A Westernized Korean in Korea, her classmates constantly reminded her. She'd went to a Korean school instead as international schools had high tuition costs to pay, in which she didn't want to make her parents pay nor potentially add to her trainee debt. While they gave her a warm welcome, most of the niceties stopped there. Within months of failing to form a genuine connection with her classmates, Dalhee fully withdrew into herself. What initially was the frustration of being overlooked turned into seething acceptance.


Ironically, Dalhee turned this isolation into her own weapon. She learned that if people didn't make the effort to get to know her, then they weren't worth proving herself to. Down the road, this ended up becoming a coping mechanism to ignore the insecurity that came with the lack of companionship. Dalhee started putting up a polite smile, dismissing others before giving them a chance. She gave up trying, telling herself that she didn't need to surround herself with friends to get through her many school days. She deprived herself of that positive reinforcement in school. Without realizing it, this affected her beyond her school life.


This left her with the Twilight members being her only support system. All her personal growth was done under the scope of her trainee life, with the members beside her. To say that she's slightly dependent on them would be an understatement. As the years went by, they all became anxious as their debut didn't seem to be in sight. Thoughts of the trainee team being scrapped plagued her mind as their trainee contracts came close to an end. No, no, she thought. Is the company giving up on them? She didn't work hard all this time to be displaced from her second home. Dalhee quietly watched as Willow kept watch of the pot on the stove. She lifts up a small smile, "What's cooking, mum?" Willow flashes an even brighter smile, "Seaweed soup!" She turns to Dalhee, "It's Youngho's birthday today!" Dalhee can't hide the fondness in her eyes, "Can I help?" There's no other team she wants to debut with. 



sweets. especially cookies, glazed donuts, boba, and chocolate. she stashes a variety of expensive, high-quality milk chocolate in the dorms. the members need permission if they want a bar and must specifically state which one they'll get. in most times she says yes, especially if she didn't have plans on eating the one they want.
mornings. not exactly waking up in the morning but rather how the world just seems to be so much quieter and peaceful. she likes witnessing the sky slowly light up as the sun comes up.
horror. likes horror games more than horror movies as the characters' fate is in your hands. horror movies are linear and the tropes and tricks are so predictable to her now. she gets more joy from horror movies when watching the reactions of the more faint-hearted members.
sparkly things. especially jewelry and watches. she'll stop and stare at them. she admires how the lights hit the items just right and make them look so pristine.
traveling. as long as it's not made stressful due to the lack of planning. she likes new sights and visiting new places to eat.
stationery. connected to her scrapbooking hobby, dalhee appreciates sets of quality pens, sticker sheets, and washi tape.
discussions or debates. the topics have to be fun to her, though. this taps into her fun-loving, blunt side. she loves thorough conversations about movies, video games, and tv shows. honestly, she joins in on what the members are watching most of the time because whatever's on the screen was likely an interesting conversation piece. she's your buddy if you like yelling at the characters onscreen and criticizing their actions.



doing aegyo. unless it greatly benefits her or the group, then she might do it (as long as it's not too embarrassing). otherwise, she's vocal and adamant about not doing it. she also chooses not to be updated on aegyo songs. it's a waste of time for producers to force her to do aegyo songs as she'll need to learn the melody and have the lyrics in front of her.
disrespected boundaries. especially when lines are clearly drawn yet crossed repeatedly. it doesn't have to be just hers either, disrespect the members' boundaries and her stony expression will let you know that you're walking on thin ice. she will quickly find a way for the perpetrator to cut it out and frame it as a friendly diss (though her lingering gaze says otherwise). she's very sensitive about this.
gloomy weather. she's fine with a rainy day, but when it's continuous it takes a toll on her productivity. she also has a thing with her body not waking up on time in gloomy weather.
rude awakenings. literally. please do not try to wake her up by barging into the room and hounding at her to get out of bed. she will take it personally.
insincere words. especially when they're disguised to do good. don't get her wrong, she understands that a little white lie can be necessary. but apologies and praise? if you don't mean it, don't say it.
wet rice. why? it just makes her want to gag. at that point, just make your own porridge and leave the rice alone.
wind chill. don't get it twisted, dalhee is a canadian who can handle winter but once the wind picks up? everything gets so much colder and she suffers.



 an ironic, polite smile. she lets one up whenever she sees or hears something she doesn't like but can't express herself honestly.
 people watching. a habit she's developed when she arrived in korea, dalhee has grown to. be constantly aware of her social surroundings.
 shaking the next person's arm. when she's just having the time of her life and laughing, she just grabs their arm and... vigorously shakes it. she doesn't know why she does this either. maybe it's to expel the rest of the chaotic energy she's laughing out.
vocalizing towards the end of her statements. this happens when discussions get heated or chaotic. she starts off her sentence in the chest register and suddenly is finishing it off with her head register. it's exactly like that last line in that marlene vine, except less damaging to the vocal cords. and without the audio filter, of course. 



baking. when she finds a recipe she wants to try on youtube, you'll soon find her in the kitchen making it. she shares whatever she bakes with the rest of twilight. if there are leftovers, she may offer them to staff or the labelmates.
video games. both playing them and watching others play them. she sticks to watching markiplier, jacksepticeye, and 8bitryan. due to not having lots of free time, dalhee sticks to playing animal crossing and superstar smtown.
anime. mostly a casual watcher as she doesn't have a lot of time to dedicate to all these new releases. the amount of times she's rewatched naruto, fairy tail, and fma brotherhood instead of starting new animes is astounding.
tiktok. mostly just scrolling through the app. when they debut, she might be one of the members in charge of coming up with content to garner international fans.
scrapbooking. yes, she is a sentimental person. she's been doing this since 2015 as a way to look back on good times and achievements when things started getting hard in school. she's filled up two big scrapbooks so far and is on her third one since 2019.



special talents. pikachu, toad, and stitch impressions. yes, she genuinely believes that's all she's got in terms of special talents.
favourite movies. wall-e, the lord of the rings trilogy, a werewolf boy.
favourite animes. fma brotherhood, pretty cure max heart, death parade.
favourite food. pesto pasta, hotteok, korean corn dogs.
male-leaning bi. to be honest, dalhee would choose to be female-leaning if she could but that's not how life works.
love languages. quality time and physical touch are her main languages. she can insult her friends like they're her archenemies but the way she stays around and physically glues herself to them tell otherwise.
"oh my god, miss dahlia!" a phrase in english that the members tend to burst out in a comedically dramatic way when she makes mistakes or has a moment of stupidity. she takes it in great strides with a big grin on her face, but she won't like it if strangers catch on and use it without her permission. the boisterous uses this phrase the most.
nobody knows. dalhee's past crush on youngho except the boisterous. it was an absolute nightmare making him shut up about it without causing suspicion. to be honest, dalhee would never tell any other soul about it. the only reason the boisterous knows is because of a slip-up on her part. 
her usual boba order. brown sugar milk tea with boba, large size.
sleeping position. sleeps on her stomach, and once she's asleep she doesn't move at all. some members have admitted to checking up on her to make sure she was still breathing. she sleeps like a corpse, apparently.
the bug banisher. dalhee's one of the assigned members called when a bug or insect needs to be extracted. it's not that she isn't scared of them, but she can typically keep her cool around common bugs and insects. she actually leaves bugs and insects alone until they invade her personal bubble or crawl too near her belongings.
youtube content. she wants the group and herself to have the freedom of making their own content even when they don't have promotions. she kind of wants to post video game playthroughs, maybe even guesting some of the twilight members or idol friends from other groups. if she has to make her own channel and/or edit the videos herself, so be it.
"i am not from toronto!" dal media put toronto as her hometown in her profile as it is more internationally recognized, but dalhee debunks this the very moment she can. she understands that this is a common practice, just as wendy from red velvet, jacob from the boyz, and keeho from p1harmony aren't actually from toronto either.
education. she graduated high school but doesn't have any plans for post-secondary education yet. in fact, she did not take the csat as she knew she wanted to focus more on training and didn't even have a second plan for life. if she had to be honest, she'd rather do post-secondary studies in canada if it really came down to it.

her fave older gen groups. infinite, teen top, exo, vixx, snsd, shinee, u-kiss, and f(x).
her fave current gen groups. the boyz, ab6ix, cix, onf, itzy, and nct.
her idol role models. chungha, after school's kahi, and shinee's taemin.
auditions. counting both in-person and online, dalhee auditioned for a total of eleven companies before dal media: sm entertainment, jyp entertainment, yg entertainment, cube entertainment, fnc entertainment, starship entertainment, pledis entertainment, wm entertainment, ts entertainment, dsp media, and loen entertainment (now known as kakao m). it is important to note that she's done repeat attempts for some of these companies. her attempts before becoming a dal media trainee amount to at least twenty auditions. 


Dalhee's Top 3 Most Played Playlists.

scrappy booky time. whenever she's spending time putting new things in her scrapbook. most songs on this playlist have a dreamy quality to them. to allow her to focus on the scrapbook, she puts on her headphones to block out other noise.
— cassette by demian. / 11:11 by taeyeon. / circus by taeyeon. / rather be by clean bandit. / fireflies by owl city. / 200% by akdong musician. / wildest dreams by taylor swift. / dream by suzy & baekhyun. / replay by iyaz. / and replay by shinee. /
... and more.
throwback kpop. often played whenever she's washing up, doing chores, or when the group is traveling in between schedules. not a single song in this playlist goes beyond 2012.
diva by after school. / my my by apink. / so hot by wonder girls. / bbiribbom bberibbom by coed school. / oh! by snsd. / top girl by / twinkle twinkle by girl's day. / amigo by shinee. / queen by son dambi. / a by rainbow. / shut up by u-kiss. / ... and so much more.
cover wishlist. vocal cover wishlist, specifically. these range from songs she wants to do with the whole group, a few of them, one of them, or even just herself. she puts this playlist on shuffle and sings to whatever comes on, treating it as practice.
arcade by duncan laurence feat. fletcher. / rewrite the stars by zac efron and zendaya. / i'm different by hi suhyun feat. bobby. / hikarunara by goose house. / one last time by snsd. / me too by meghan trainor. / twinkle by taetiseo. / fine by taeyeon. / 
... and more.



most likely to be used as a human shield. granted by the members but especially youngho. she is his assigned person for him to throw in front of himself when the time comes to do haunted houses.
best chocolate chip hazelnut cookies. she's baked them so many times it's basically her specialty.
most likely to open a cafe. with the amount of times she's went out to go to cafes with sabrina and the many times she bakes, this is not out of nowhere. dalhee actually likes the idea but she's too dumb to handle the business aspect of it. if the group does a show segment where they work at a cafe, however...
sassiest eye-roller. when dalhee has to keep shut and often can't talk back out of consideration for the culture and her image, she's become a serial eye-roller at this point. 
gives the most heartfelt compliments. dalhee doesn't give lots of compliments of the serious kind, but when she does, it's always based on a shrewd observation of their character.
most different in variety shows and interviews. anywhere that dalhee has to speak (instead of performing) in front of tons of strangers/staff, she'll regress to her shy state. performing comes with choreography and lyrics, real life conversations do not.
doni and coni's most unsuspecting enemy. send twilight to any show where one of them is the host and the host will automatically be on thin ice. she's highly aware of the uncomfortable things they've done to other idols so she is prepared to disrespect them respectfully.


Incorrect Quotes.

dalhee. this is a crazy idea. insane. stupid. it doesn't make any sense.
the youngest. you'll do it?
dalhee. for you? of course.

willow. i thought you were dead!
dalhee. i get that a lot.

dalhee. get out of the chair.
the boisterous. maybe you could reconsider how you're asking.
dalhee. get the out of the chair.

dalhee and the boisterous, physically fighting each other. 
youngho. this is not what i meant by "express your feelings"!


youngho. dalhee...
dalhee. oh no, 'dalhee' in b-flat.
dalhee. you're disappointed.


dalhee. i prevented a murder today.
the visual. really? how'd you do that?
dalhee. self-control.


dalhee. treat spiders the way you want to be treated.
youngho. killed without hesitation.
dalhee. no—


the youngest. in my defense, i was left unsupervised.
willow. wasn't dalhee with you?
dalhee. in my defense, i was also left unsupervised.


willow. what's a word that's a mix between 'sad' and 'mad'?
dalhee. disgruntled, miserable, desolated—
youngho. smad.


youngho. why is dalhee so sad?
the youngest. she took one of those "which twilight member are you?" quizzes.
youngho. and?
the youngest. she got the boisterous.




sister, born 1994. sound designer, songwriter. 
ambitious, stubborn, communicative, honest.
faceclaim: sunmi.


Ahra was always someone that Dalhee looked up to. They both have a lot of love for music but their forms of expression came out to be different early on. While Ahra also ended up taking vocal lessons with Dalhee, it was clear that the older sister didn't have any dancing potential. Ahra ended up finding her footing in life as a sound designer while being a songwriter to the side. Dalhee's never compared herself to her sister due to the six-year age gap, but Ahra's growth and success in recent years have made Dalhee nervous to succeed in her own path as well. The two sisters often text each other rather than call as both of them are busy and are in different time zones. Ahra is the one in the family who often checks up on Dalhee and updates her on how the family is doing back in Canada. Lately, Ahra has been credited for pop songs under the pseudonym Lillah Gu. She's got her eyes on testing the waters in the K-Pop industry.




sister figure, born 1994. member of twilight.

introspective, empathetic, sociable, passionate.
faceclaim: wjsn's xuanyi.


Dalhee wouldn't know what she would've done without Willow. Willow was the one that made sure Dalhee felt welcome and is the main reason why Dalhee feels so comfortable with the rest of Twilight now. Perhaps it helped that Willow also spoke English, allowing Dalhee to communicate more confidently with her early on. She doesn't openly admit it, but people can tell that Willow is basically one of Dalhee's emotional support people. In new social situations, you'd find Dalhee trailing behind Willow and letting the older take the lead. Willow is the first to be approached by Dalhee when she wants advice or help. Not that Dalhee wouldn't rely on the rest of Twilight, but because she knows that communicating with Willow is the easiest especially if Dalhee has to explain things in greater detail. With Willow, Dalhee can try new things in confidence knowing that the older member is there for her. It's pretty common to see Dalhee beside Willow in the kitchen, learning and maybe even helping the older member cook.




close friend, born 1996. member of twilight.

gentle, observant, disciplined, humourous.
faceclaim: sf9's taeyang.


Youngho was one of the Twilight members that took Dalhee the longest to truly get close to. Not because they had anything bad between each other, no. It was because early on in her trainee years, she had the biggest crush on him. Her feelings for him were what fuelled her to start baking for Twilight (and Youngho) in hopes that she'd be able to get close to him. It kind of worked, because they ended up becoming baking buddies. But when Youngho and Moon started dating, Dalhee was quick to cast aside her feelings for good to respect their choices in each other. Even after they broke up, Dalhee maintained a platonic adoration for him. They remain to be a great baking duo. Their bond really shines in the quieter, less chaotic parts of Twilight's daily life. As they're both organized people, Dalhee helps the group's dorm life and schedule preparations be as smooth and clutter-free as possible. They're basically a platonic domestic team. This helpfulness for each other fostered lots of trust between them.




close friend, born 1998. member of twilight.

charismatic, ambitious, playful, unruly.
faceclaim: txt's yeonjun.
collab w/ aquamarine--.


Her platonic other half, her singing partner of six years. These two were often pulled apart by instructors when they kept working with each other. "Pick somebody else this time!" They said. But nobody could deny the chemistry they had when they sang together! When they first met, Sungjin was a firework that brought Dalhee out of her shell to watch in awe. That's how Sungjin defeated Dalhee's shyness over the initial language barrier so early. He made it easy for Dalhee to admit when she didn't know things, thus began their Korean-English language exchange and neverending bickering. What people think is an oil and water combo is actually a recipe for chaos. Egging each other on is second nature at this point. They're partners in crime and each other's closest friends within Twilight, confiding in each other the most. They know each other too well. Hiding secrets from one another? Not possible (she finds out his feelings for a certain main dancer first). After their debut, Sungjin makes sure she's comfortable and having fun during their variety and interview appearances. Yes, he's one of her emotional support people.




friend, born 2000. member of rose.

easygoing, adventurous, impulsive, efficient.
faceclaim: cherry bullet's jiwon.


It was natural that these two would become friends. Not only are they the same age and both comfortable in English, but they've lived in cities that are in close proximity to each other. Even if Sabrina had only lived in Canada for a year, that sliver of familiarity allowed Dalhee to stick around whenever they crossed paths. Even now that Sabrina has debuted and Dalhee is preparing for her own, they'd occasionally meet up and try new cafes in the city. It's often Sabrina who drags Dalhee along to experience new things, all thanks to that impulsive, adventurous streak of hers. Dalhee has a love-hate relationship with that side of her. It drives the organized part of her nuts, yet tickles the fun-loving side of her in a good way. Dalhee is in the 2000s Ladies' group chat thanks to her. While she isn't an extremely active member, she's consistently updated on what is going on there and joins in when either the chaos is too hard to ignore or if they're making plans. Or if Sabrina (jokingly) calls her out on her inactivity.




chosen family, debuting 2020. idols.
resilient, capable, and eager as hell.


Her home away from home. As long as she's with them, she can face and endure anything. The members are the only ones privy to her snarky rants and true mindset. Of course, the four years together weren't for nothing after all. In front of cameras or not-so-close people, the members would sometimes toss subtle, amused glances towards Dalhee when they know a classic Dalhee rant is incoming. That fake polite smile of hers never fails to bring up a stifled laugh out of them. What's a diary when she's got her members' trusty ears? Once their friendship came to that point, they were basically lifelong friends to her. She is as grateful for The Boisterous as he is cheerful and energetic, always having admired how he picked people's moods up in a blink of an eye. A talent itself. Though he isn't free from being the person she is most comfortable roasting and quarreling. But speaking of which, what is talent without effort? Dalhee has so much pride in The Visual for all his work to prove that he is more than his looks. She senses his own frustration over people's fixation on his appearance and finds herself getting upset over the lack of acknowledgment his growth gets. Oh, and while we're on the subject of growth: The Youngest! They're still Dalhee's little one, still being looked after her even after all these years. She just can't help but gravitate towards them, beaming a grin that screams "Look at them! This is our youngest, aren't they amazing?" Dalhee's just itching to show the teamwork and efforts that they've built in the past four years. Watch out, world, Twilight is on the horizon!




labelmates, debuted 2018. idols.
lovely as roses, skills as sharp as thorns.


Her labelmates, though they've always felt like great neighbours to her. Perhaps that's her fun way of seeing it. She'd say that she's on pretty good terms with all of them, but of course, she'd be closer to some than others. She'd always felt like Seong was a kindred spirit, both being of the same age and having aimed to become idols at a young age. They'd enjoyed each other's company as their childhood centered around idols and their music. Saerom, although not sharing much in common like Dalhee does with Seong, has her admiration. She's always enjoyed having a chat with her, it was always easy when they both can speak English. Something about how Saerom wanted to teach overseas is just so cool to Dalhee. Now Jangmi is like a younger sister to her. Dalhee is often attentive to the girl whenever she's around and loves treating/sharing snacks with her over a chat. Besides Sabrina, it's Jangmi who Dalhee will often stick around and hang out with when they cross paths. Dalhee's pretty excited to interact with them as labelmates once Twilight finally debuts, sincerely wanting a friendly, supportive, and fun relationship with them. Dalhee truly wants to plant the seeds for (future) DAL Media labelmates to be able to be comfortable with each other. So starting with Rose, Dalhee is willing to push herself out of her shell to promote a healthy and warm environment within the company.


Stage Name. Dalhee / Her Korean name was unique enough. Using Dahlia would be an odd clash as Rose had debuted first and had the flower motif going on. On top of that, Lia was already taken by ITZY's Lia, who had debuted a year earlier than Twilight. Not to mention that it would also mean sharing the same hangul spelling as Rose's Ria and ITZY's Lia. No need for another competitor in the Korean search engines. 
Plotline. The Bashful (The Free)


Vocal Twin. purple kiss's swan. (weeekly's monday)
Rap Twin. loona's heejin. (kard's jiwoo)
Dance Twin. itzy's yuna. (clc's yujin)


Trainee Years. july 2014, six years.

Trainee Life.
Dalhee adjusted quickly to the trainee life when she arrived. She didn't feel as lonely there as she did at school, but perhaps it was because there were other trainees from abroad who were on the same boat as her. Dalhee threw herself more into training as she got more lonely at school. This behaviour had raised some questions among company employees and even the trainees as she never seemed to express any complaints about the lack of free time and social life outside of training. Eventually, most people had concluded that she was just an extremely diligent trainee. That made part of the truth, at least. Balancing high school was a struggle, but she'd done enough without being a cause for concern. She did need to do some asking around for a little help from other trainees, but she made sure to return the favour in some way, shape, or form.


After making it into the finalized line-up for Twilight, Dalhee's dedication grew exponentially. It's during this time when she started opening up to the members and relying on them. Dalhee started measuring her worth through these lessons and evaluations. It was hard not to when training was the only time where she felt needed and seen. Most of the confidence she's gained through the years was confidence as a performer, rather than as a person. While the members became her rock, this dependence on them also acted as a double-edged sword. Her extreme comfort with them fostered the teamwork they can take pride in, but this meant that she spent years not going out of her comfort zone socially. While Dalhee excelled in her vocal and dance lessons, she wasn't the best when put under mock interviews and variety shows.


She started clocking in full days once she graduated high school, forgoing post-secondary education. Just like the rest of the group, she grew anxious as their debut didn't seem to be in sight. Dalhee practiced day in and day out as people her age and younger started debuting. The company needed to see all the work they were putting in. She trained hard for the group, hoping and praying so hard that the company wouldn't see her as disposable talent. Fear would kick in every time the company did auditions and recruited new trainees. Are they here to replace some of us? She thought. Or is the company going to scrap us and make a completely new co-ed group? God, that was even worse. She can safely say that the past year or two in training were endless days of training out of paranoia and love for the team. Heck, there were days when Dalhee would sit there and appreciate the mundane moments in training. Sitting there, savouring what could be gone in a matter of months.



2009-2014 / Weekly professional vocal lessons / Not only were the lessons about improving her technique, but she and the other students also had to work towards a semi-annual recital. All students would work on a group performance, some lucky students would work on a solo performance. Throughout the year, they'd occasionally busk in the city to accustom themselves to crowds.

2010-2014 / Dance programs and workshops / During the school year, Dalhee would sign up for workshops whenever her time was free and her parents had spare cash. Though she'd get consistent classes during spring and summer breaks, signing up for short-term dance programs until she had to get back to school and put her focus back into vocals and studies.



2020 / True(?) / "Twilight's Dalhee raises questions over inconsistent character." People obviously start talking and posting their own personal accounts when a person from their former school debuts. While Korean posts state how surprised they are citing how quiet and meek Dalhee was in high school, posts from her former classmates in Canada completely contradict the Korean version of Dalhee. With some netizens being netizens, they saw this as a red flag to freak out over. "Is she trying to capitalize on us by acting meek and cute?", "Does she think we're just a bunch of idiots?", "Wow, she thinks she can make it here in Korea by slapping on an innocent image.. How shameless." This all eventually blew over as others rebutted that people can change through high school and when uprooted from their home country (which was indeed her actual case). The headline gave Dalhee a heart attack. She'd thought that she got somehow careless and somebody had recorded her on a verbal rampage about something or someone.
2021 / False /
"Twilight's Dalhee under fire for disrespect towards fan." Even after repeatedly and openly expressing her dislike of doing aegyo since debut, a pushy fan(?) persistently asks Dalhee to do the same humiliating type of aegyo throughout multiple fansigns. After too many times of taking advantage of Dalhee's inability to decline these demands, her discomfort and exasperation show up on her face. The fan took offense to her reaction and quickly got to social media to put her on blast with a video clip as proof. It spread and reached non-fans who did not know the context, which ended up with misinformed hate piling in as well. As it started trending, fans defended Dalhee by citing the many times she has politely told people her dislike of doing aegyo. The company apologized for Dalhee's reaction but also issued a warning about knowingly pressuring the members to do things that make them uncomfortable. Well, at least Dalhee didn't need to write and read out an apology.  




Name. matchmake if it clicks well!

Backup. otherwise, none!



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Love Story.

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Status. Here.

Ending Status. Here. 



Relationship trivia here.


replace with fc. 134x200


Comments/Questions. hi hi! i hope dalhee isn't too confusing, i tried to fill in any gaps as much as possible! i was on the fence about giving a love interest but couldn't find a way to make it natural so i just left her for you to matchmake! or perhaps she'll just focus on the group and gaining her self-confidence, up to you! there were lots of songs/mashups i wanted to suggest for twilight but i just stuck to the ones that reminded me of the group name itself! 


Scene Suggestions.

first win promise. dalhee probably gets egged on by the rest of the group to promise to sing her lines or the entire song using toad's voice. bonus points if she does it during the encore stage of their first win. she might be choking on her tears while doing it but she's a woman of her word.
sacrifice. just youngho and dalhee going in for a haunted house experience and him using her as a shield. it gets bad enough that he might even run off without her, in which at that point dalhee feigns hurt over his betrayal.
sibling banter. perhaps at a variety show, dalhee has to call her older sister. ahra recounts their childhood and jokes, "she was so noisy, so our parents sent her off to vocal lessons for some peace!" dalhee's just grinning and rolling her eyes.
bake sale showdown. okay not really, but i can imagine a joke rivalry and a friendly exchange between felix and dalhee as they go around and distribute their baked goods. it's felix's brownies vs dalhee's cookies backstage at a music show. they get over it though bc more food is more food.
a shoutout. twilight p1harmony crumbs where keeho mentions the group and dalhee. both come from the same hometown and funnily enough have their companies write down toronto in their profiles instead.
isac. no i can just imagine dalhee and the boisterous going absolutely unhinged, doesn't matter whether it's physical sports or esports.
dal media vlive frenzy. twilight and rose doing vlives at the same time and being so loud that they're interrupting each other's vlives. at some point they just, squish into one room and crossover chaos ensues. there are two povs, rose's vlive and twilight's vlive but. it doesn't even matter bc their phones are being passed around like a relay between the two teams. 
will add if i think of more! beep boop bop.


Song Suggestions.

don't wanna cry x don't believe by seventeen, berry good.
me x shangri-la by clc, vixx.
automatic x baby don't like it by red velvet, nct 127.
run x navillera by bts, gfriend.
4 walls x view by f(x), shinee.


Password. lumi. etymology: lum- comes from the latin word lumen, which means light. -i comes from the korean number 2 being pronounced as "i" (이). in essence, lumi is a parallel to the word twilight.

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