announcement for my readers


I have had plenty of people reaching out to me regarding the recent incident and scandals revolving around Wu Yifan. Thank you all for reaching out to me and asking about my well-being, I really appreciate the love and support, and the fact that you're thinking about me when you heard about the news. Thank you for all your messages. 

There are also people asking me if I'm going to delete or discontinue or leave all of my taoris fics. I've gotten my answer for that and I've said it in my twitter but not all of you follow my social media or talk to me outside AFF, so I will explain my answer here too. 



1. I will complete my ongoing fics.

Except my catboy au fic, the other fics that's been posted have actually been completed way before this incident happened. I've got the drafts ready and all I need to do is edit them before posting the chapter, so I think I will still be able to complete them. I don't want to leave you hanging with incomplete plot and you deserve to read the complete work (if you want to). Of course, it doesn't mean I will be able to spam updates within a short amount of time, because editing always takes time (and I will no longer make that a pirority on my free time) and I'm still taking a break from this whole mess. 


2. I will post my 'finished' fics that haven't been published.

Like most people in the world, I suddenly got a lot of free time ever since the pandemic started because I don't go out as much as I used to. I spend my free time mostly writing down some ideas and drafts, and I end up having plenty of finished drafts ready to be posted. These were all written before the incident with my good and happy memories about taoris, so I don't mind editing the drafts and post the chapters. 

However, with how serious and sensitive his scandal is, I am very careful about the readers who are reading my works. There have been some readers telling me they don't mind reading these 'new fics' since they're all fiction and not really related to the reality of the celebrities, but I also have readers who told me they can no longer read anything related to taoris, or even seeing his name as a character in a fic. 

I am planning to post it in a completely private section and only share the links to my close friends and those who I know will be comfortable to read, but some friends also suggested me to just post those fics here and let you all decide whether you want to read them or not. I do not wish for anybody to force themselves to read my works if they're uncomfortable. You are free to stop reading my works, I understand completely and I am not upset at all. If me posting those 'finished' fics here will bring more harm than good, then I will stick to my original plan of only sharing them privately. 


3. I will most likely no longer work on new ideas for taoris. 

I have some work-in-progress in my folders right now and I thought I would be able to post them in the future, but with what's happening right now, I don't think I will be able to continue working on them, at least for now. I know I started writing taoris when the whole world thought they hated each other, so some people are surprised with my decision since they thought I completely separate fiction and reality. I used to think that way too, but now that this sort of thing happened, I realized that I kinda lost my mood and inspiration to write about them like how I used to. 

I don't know if this is only temporary or forever, but right now I don't think I will be able to work on anything new, at least for the time being. So after completing my ongoing fics and posting the 'finished' fics, I will probably retire from writing for this ship.

I do hope I'll change my mind or some sort of miracle can happen because I really love taoris and I really wish to keep writing about them, but for now, this is the only answer I can give. 


4. I don't know if I will write for another pairing/fandom soon. 

While I have written some fics for other fandoms and pairings in my AO3, taoris is my biggest inspiration and it is actually the first (and maybe the only) pairing that can make me write so much? They're like my comfort zone and writing about them used to be something fun and relaxing for me, so this incident kinda gave a hard blow to my writing mood. Thank you to all who say that they will still read my works even if I write about another pairing or another fandom, thank you for saying that you love my writings more than the pairing I write about, thank you for supporting me to this extent. I used to think that people only read my works because I'm one of the few authors who write taoris, but it makes me happy to know that you like my plots more than the faces I use in the story. 

If I write again one day, I will inform you all.  



I still love taoris, I really do, and I think I will keep loving them for a long time or maybe forever. They hold a special place in my heart and make me realize I can give people joy by writing about them, so they will always be part of my life. I do hope I can write about them again someday :)

Feel free to give me your answer/opinion regarding whether I should post the other fics here or just keep them privately. 

Take care and thank you.



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