RP partner wanted..move in couple or 1x1


Hello beautiful ^_^

I am in search of a roleplay partner. I want someone to help complete my OTPs. I really want to try them because I am very passionate about them and would be willing to put in a lot of effort to make it good and give you proper care and attention. 


We can either do 1x1 or go to an RP as a moving couple. 
I am only available on Facebook, Mewe, Instagram, Discord, and Twitter. I can not RP on Kakaotalk, Line, Kik (I use computer to RP not phone)


-first pov; no-para
-minimal plotting/casual rping
-switch leaning sub
-no lazy replies. if you are someone who signs on, replies once and signs off for the day please look for someone else
-no ghosters. if you need to leave just tell me. i understand <3
-: okay to do but not looking to do a full on rp. looking for a relationship rp

~~~to make the ideal rp environment I would like to find a day of the week or time each day where you are the most free for us to have a good rp conversation and experience. do not feel pressure that you have to be on at that time or day all of the time just say if you are busy and all is fine with me :D ~~~~~~~~

please don't message me, rp with me once and disappear. or message me, do a with me, and disappar after someone cums. It is so rude and such a waste of time. I want to roleplay and have fun. I'll do my best to treat you well and try and do things you like for you to enjoy the RP as much as you can. 

If you are interested, check out the ships i want to try


My #1 OTP that I am dying to do is Gahsing. This is Dreamcatcher Gahyeon + Siyeon 

If I could find someone who is willing to be my Siyeon and I be Gahyeon and we had a successful RP I would be the happiest person in the world to be honest. I am obsessed with them. They are so adorable and my heart just goes <3 <3

this is the OTP I want to do the most by far

I am only comfortable as Gahyeon I have never been Siyeon and don't think I could RP her properly.
Siyeon Dreamcatcher GIF - Siyeon Dreamcatcher Gahyeon - Discover & Share  GIFsThe Official DreamCatcher / InSomnia Thread #Road_to_Utopia | Page 184 |  Hallyu+


OTP #2 is Saida. Dahyun and Sana of Twice

I am most comfortable as Dahyun. I am not against being Sana though I have never tried her. 

I fell in love with this ship a few months ago. The videos and gifs and pictures of them together are so good and Sana always talks about them dating. Dahyun is super Christian and probably not into the idea of homouality at all in real life but when you look at her reactions from what Sana does it looks like she sometimes struggles to not have a happy reaction. It gives me FEELS.

Sana & Dahyun 🌙 discovered by ♡ღ♡ on We Heart ItSana kisses Dahyun | Kiss, Kpop, One in a million

OTP #3 Chuuves: Yves and Chuu from Loona

I have never RP'd as either of them before but I have RP'd cutesy girls really well so I think I match as RPing Chuu the best. I think I could do her the most properly. So I'd be Chuu you'd be Yves

This is a new ship for me I've recently gotten into. They are so cute together. I really have been wanting to try this. 

gif, loona, yves and chuuves - image #7189753 on Favim.comChapter 6: Dreams, Dreams May Come True - Asianfanfics


OTP #4

Miyeon and Yuqi from G-Idle

They just seem really adorable together and they are my favorites in the group. 
I would be Yuqi and you would be Miyeon
아이들 첫 리얼리티 in 샌프란시스코 미연.우기.슈화


OTP Summary

Me: Gahyeon |  You: Siyeon
Dahyun and Sana (doesn't matter who is who)
Me: Chuu  | You: Yves
Me: Yuqi | You: Miyeon 

If you are interested leave me a message. Let me know

Your timezone, when you can rp 
which ship you want to do
which sns you want to do
do you want to do 1x1 or a move-in couple
if move-in couple, do you know an RP for us to go to?

I can't wait to talk to you and if you are not intersted, thank you for reading anyway xoxo



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