Top 75 Songs of 2020 (ft hamsterboo)

So we're back at it with another joint project of sharing our top songs of the year. This time around the experience was a bit different because surprisingly Tri and I were not as in sync as we usually are. Our unique tasts in music really shone through and so we have a really cohesive list, but our own additions after our shared favorites will showcase those differences.

Check out Tri's here.

Also, I just want to reiterate that I am a granny kpop fan. May 2021 will mark my ten year anniversary of being a kpop fan and I think that's insane. I've been in and out of the fandom in the last 3-4 years and I definitely don't get involved in fandoms or obsessively consume content like I used to but I think I will always have some soft spot for this music.

That being said, if you guys know of any songs that did not make on to this list and you really loved that music, comment down below. I love discovering new genres, sounds and styles. It would be cool to stream it.

And now here is the list!

eight- IU ft Suga

Waves - Kang Daniel

Mmmh - Kai

I’m Cold - Sunggyu

Idea - Taemin

Dumhdurum - APink

Play - Chungha

Not by the Moon - GOT7

Nonstop - Oh My Girl

One (Lucid Dream) - Golden Child

Criminal - Taemin

Show Your Love - BTOB 4U

Say My Name - Hyolyn

Naughty - Red Velvet Irene&Seulgi

Pretty Savage - Blackpink

Red Moon - KARD

Aya - Mamamoo

Nunu Nana - Jessi

Song Written Easily - ONEUS

Kick it - NCT127

Alien - Lee Suhyun

Paradise - Eric Nam

What Are You Waiting For - Somi

On Me - Sehun

I Can’t Stop Me - Twice

Knock - Astro

Candy - Baekhyun

Secret Story of Swan - IZ*ONE

The Melody - Super Junior

Zombie - Day6

Gravity - Ong Seung Woo

Left&Right - Seventeen

Home;Run - Seventeen

Pit a Pat - Xia

Stay Tonight - Chungha

Gotta Go - Soyou

Inception - Ateez

Tiger Inside - SuperM

Gang Official Remix - Jay Park, Haon, pH-1, Sik-k

Any Song - Zico

Bird - Kim Namjoo

+HWA+ - CL

Wannabe - Itzy

Wing - Park Jihoon

Scream - Dreamcatcher

Spell - Hyolyn

Orbit - Hwasa

Answer - Ateez

Numbers - Jamie

Gunshot - KARD

Boy - Treasure

I Love You - Treasure

Poison - GOT7


Losing You - Wonho

Put it On Ya - Jessi fting BM nafla

Helicopter - CLC

I’m in Trouble - NU’EST

Spit It Out - Solar

Black Mamba - aespa

Nostalgia - Drippin

More & More - Twice

9Lives - Hyolyn

2Ya2YaYo - Super Junior

Dun Dun - Everglow

Monster - Red Velvet Irene&Seulgi

La Di Da - Everglow

Lovesick Girls - Blackpink

Dolphin - Oh My Girl

Kidult - Seventeen

Wanna Be Myself - Mamamoo

Fantasia - Monsta X

Dessert - Hyo

Don’t Touch Me - Refund Sisters

Oblivate - Lovelyz


And here are my additions to the list. Some would have made it in my personal top 75 and some would have made it after. These are in no particular order but I just really loved them!


Love Me Harder- Woodz

90’s Love- NCT U

The Stealer- The Boyz

Moondance- Jeong Woong 

Maria- Hwasa

Oh My God- (G)I-DLE

She and Malibu- Zelo

Magnolia- TOO


Puma- TXT

Black Swan- BTS

Kazino- BIBI

So Beautiful- DPR Ian

Lit- LAY (Technically Chinese lol)


Summer Breeze- SF9

Asteroid- Pentagon

Wing- Park Ji Hoon

Temptations- BoA

Mayday- Victon

We Are Bulletproof: the Eternal- BTS

God’s Menu- Stray Kids

100 Ways- Jackson Wang

Fire- SF9

Regulus- ONEWE

Crossroads- GFRIEND

Light A Flame- Seventeen

Let’s Love- Suho

Dive- iKON

Rockstar- RAVI

Ridin’- NCT Dream

Love You More- Lay &

Pporappippam- Sunmi

Losing You- Wonho

Remember- Winner

The Crown- Super Junior

Automatic- Chancellor, Twfla, Babylon, Moon, BIBI, Jiselle

On Air- IllBOI, Jay Park, GRAY

Daechwita- Agust D

The Purge- Everyone on Jay Park’s payroll

Swoosh Flow- Changmo

Hop in- Mino ft. DPR Live


Again, if you want to check out Tri's additions, her list can be found here!

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