Changing My Username

I am extremely hurt and disappointed by the allegations that have come out about Kris. Since EXO's debut he's been my bias. My ultimate bias. So much so that I followed his career after his departure from the group and was a dedicated fan of his solo career. I had great admiration and respect for him and everything he stood for. My current username exists because I was forced to make a new account the day he left EXO and I was so determined to stan Kris for as long as he was showing the world his talents

Until now. Knowing the difference between right and wrong, having morals and sticking to them is much more important than affection for a celebrity. Not to mention this is personal. Someone I care about immensely has been through r*** and as***** and I see the struggles this person goes through on a daily basis in terms of mental health. I will never forgive or forget anyone that commits these disgusting acts.

For those of you who are not aware of the situation and want to know what's happened, please do the research on your own. I do not have the time to type it up to explain and plenty of news sites have articles out. 

As for me, I will always believe the victim's initial claim even if minimal evidence is provided. And it is for that reason, I refuse to support Wu Yifan's career unless he is proven innocent. My username will be infinitelyreyaxo from now on. I believe making that change is more personal and on brand for me.

This announcement is for anyone that reads my stories or has known me on AFF for the 7+ years I've been on this site. People know each other by username on here more than anything and I've been YifanForever for so long. This is me saying goodbye to that pseudonym. I am not plagiarizing my own stories, I am not leaving the site. I'm hoping that addressing this will help you guys get used to my new name.

Thank you for supporting my writing all these years. Here's to many more years to come! :D

P.S. I am working on improving my health and I will try get over my writer's block soon.

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