8 Facts About Me (tagged by -hypnotized)

Thank you to -hypnotized for tagging me in this trend. I don’t interact with many people on AFF these days and the ones that I do have already been tagged. So if you read this blog post, I tag you!


Also these tags always intimidate me because I feel like I’m not that interesting. It’s a challenge to come up with something. But here are my eight facts anyway.


  • I hate musicals. I don’t know why but I just find it extremely irritating when they just burst out into song during an intense or emotional scene. I was recently reminded of this because I watched that new version of Aladdin for the first time yesterday and almost turned it off multiple times. There are a few exceptions to this. I love Bollywood movies, which are musicals almost all the time and I guess since I grew up with them I just know the music is inevitable. Or maybe because it’s tied in with our culture (there’s literally a song for everything). I like a few songs from The Phantom Opera. The old animated Disney classics and A Very Potter Musical and its sequels are pure forms of art. Other than that I dislike most of them. So on that note, I really don’t understand why people like Hamilton lol


  • When I was a freshman in high school my friend had started a game where the players would carry a sock (the socks were numbered) on their person. Each time you pulled a sock from someone you would get a point. The purpose of the game was to get as many socks throughout the day. At the end of each day, during the extra free period we had, we would keep score. I was the scorekeeper so it was my job to tally up the points. This game lasted only a week because players were permitted to literally do anything to get a sock, including getting into fights, parkour, harassment, etc. By the third day it felt like half the school was playing and it started getting dangerous. The principal tracked it down to me, my friend, and another friend that was in charge of getting more players. We got ISS for the day and detention for a week. The game was shut down and even though we tried to start it up again it didn’t catch on the second time. I still have that sock. 


  • I’m Indian but I hate mangoes. I can’t even drink mango Maaza. :( Also, while we’re talking about fruit related things, guava juice is the best. I cannot drink orange juice if it has pulp in it.


  • Despite the perception around it, being emo is NOT an aesthetic. I went through an emo phase in my teens. Yes, I listened to punk rock, screamo, post-hardcore music. I wore heavy eyeliner and wore all black and wrote depressing poetry. But I guess I’m still living through my emo days even if I don’t dress that way anymore. I’m a highly emotional person. I still relate to the subculture and I still listen to those genres. Some of my favorite bands are Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, etc.


  • I don’t know if any of you know one of the OG kpop YouTubers called MisterPopoTv. He is a Youtuber based in New York City that had a really popular series on YouTube called Strangers React to Kpop. Since then he has rebranded his channel several times and is now called OmniPoutenTV. I was lucky enough to randomly meet him in 2016 in a kpop album store. And he was the NICEST person off camera. KCON NY was a few days away from when I met him and I was just telling him how I was happy to see him because I wouldn’t be going to KCON (my brother’s high school graduation was literally on the same day and we don’t live anywhere near NYC). I think we talked about who was performing that year and he even let me take a selfie with him


  • I would probably be labeled as a bully or on AFF if I said what I was actually on my mind to some people. I don’t hate anyone but because of my personality I can be very blunt. Even when I’m speaking my natural tone comes off as rude to some people. Thankfully I have a lot of practice in communicating neutrally due to working in an office setting.


  • My first exposure to what fanfiction was had to be those stupid video stories on YouTube where they had the picture of the person, with brightly colored text over it with descriptions and dialouge. And there would be some random Taylor Swift song playing in the background.  I think the first pairing I ever “read/watched” fanfiction for was Hannah Montana and Jake Ryan.


  • I’m an accountant for a living. It took me 6 years to do my undergrad because I changed my major in my 4th year (what would have been my last year) but THANK GOD because an economics degree would have not made me happy. I’m slowly preparing to go back to school for a master's degree. I'm trying to decide between Finance and Health Management. 


Well this was fun. Hopefully you've learned something new about me with this tag :D

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